Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two DANAI Boards Arrived

The pair together, nice colors
The bottom of the boards
Tried to show the double concave thru tail on ''Stinger Fish''
Concave thru nose on Glide Model
The tail areas on both boards. slight "V" on Glide model

The DANAI SUP's 10'-6'' ''Stinger Fish'' and the 11' '' Glide'' models arrived today. Applied the deck pads and will be ready for a morning paddle. Brief description of the boards.

**** Stinger Fish, 10'-6'' x 31'' x 4 &5/8 '' A pulled in nose w/ a single wing large wide swallow tail fish tail/ Quad plus 1 fin set up double barrel concave thru fin area. Flat in middle of board and sharp rails about 25 inches in tail to rolled 70-30 rails mid to nose. Really thick in middle have it set up as quad for the first session

****** Glide model, 11' X 29 X 4& 5/8'' 2+1 fin set-up . Single wing w/ a rounded pintail . A full nose w/ a concave thru nose on bottom. Slight rolled "V" in fin area and pretty flat in middle of board. Hard rails in tail area gradually rolling out thru mid to nose area. Thick in middle area of board w/a fair amount of nose and tail rocker. Applied the grooved deck pads that fit the shape of the boards. I know the boards are durable so we will see how they perform on the waves here.. Will post performance as see fits..

Pics w/ the pads applied.

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