Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Full day of SUPing

John Tolly on a ''shin slapper''... this morning
John and Mick Cross Island Paddle at Broad Creek..
Mick practicing his 'Paddle Quick turn'' on the 12'-1'' Laird

Paddled this morning at Burke's Beach with John Tolly from ''Sunny Daze'' and Eric Ruhlin. The waves were pretty LAME but managed to glide on a few. John did late morning photo shoot for WHHI TV then after lunch we paddled Broad Creek from Palmetto Bay Marina with Mick Pullon. The three of us went for a 2-3 hr paddle. Then another demo in the evening.. Lots of paddling today. Looking forward to good sleep.. Pics of the day.... Cant wait for SURF..........

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