Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last day of July, Fun little surf.

Went out for an early paddle today at Burke's Beach. New to Stand Up was Brian Craig, who was on his 12-1 ''Laird'' paddle board. This was his first day in the waves. He was able to catch a few and I'm sure he was stoked. We will see more of him in the surf in due time. Fellow 'SUP' bro and healed foot, Jamie Maples, was on his new Jimmy Lewis 10-0 Surf model SUP. He was catching the lots of little waves too. That board looked loose under his feet. Young Bayley Cashion's was out on a SunnyDaze 10-0 Longboard. He caught some fun little waves. He had a smile from ear to ear.. His stoke reminded me of how I felt when I was a little ''tadpole'' surfing catching waves.. ... Always a great time even in little waves. As long as your with your friends sharing the moment. That's what its all about.

Brian w/ his Laird SUP
Brian paddling for the wave.
Jamie w/ his new JL 10-0
Jamie backside on the JL
Bayley on the SD 10-0, ''At the right place at the right time.''
Bayley sharing the set w/ Jamie
Bayley, ''One stoked kid...''
The Burke's Beach morning crew. Jamie, Bayley and Glen

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunny Daze Surf Factory annual Sale

Sunny Daze Surf Shop will be having their Annual Back to School Sale and Tax Free weekend this week. The sale starts Monday and goes thru this Sunday, Aug. 3 rd. They will have everything you may need for your back to school clothing needs. Drop in the surf and skate area in the shop as well and take advantage of the great deals on boards and accessories. They can even get you on a Stand Up Paddle board too.

Stopping bye is a must. John, Jamie or Will will set you up to '' Satisfy your Soul'' on all your surfing, skating and clothing needs. Mahalo

When not in his shop or shaping boards, John can be found in the Slot..
John and daughter Kaya on the SOS Blue.. Her first surf

Jamie on the SUP this past Spring..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stand Up Paddling Ferry Wakes on the InterCoastal

Early today Jesse Cadman and I paddled out in to the Intercoastal Waterway for a leisurely paddle. We came across a sand bar at low tide and noticed boat wake waves peeling down the sand bar. We waited for one of the local ferry's to cruise bye and saw that the waves created by the boat's wake were at least knee to thigh high. The Daufuskie Ferry's, ''Swift Cat'' cruised bye three times and ''Clipper 1'' twice and threw a wave across the sand bar as it peeled for about 50- yards. The first two passes we needed to see the set up, the way the waves break and see which wave in the wake would be the one to paddle into.. We were at two different locations and paddle surfed the wake waves. Below are the only pics we have due to both wanting to paddle surf the waves. Thanks Jesse for sitting out one boat pass. I owe you one.. Thanks to the our friend ' The Capt.' behind the wheel of the ''SC'' for seeing us, knowing what we were up to and then piloting the vessel toward us creating the waves. I know you were stoked too. Now we know the set up and conditions, we will be on it again.

I have a pic of Jesse on a wake wave but its only a shin slapper and he told me not to post it.

I thought it was going to be a crabby day!

Jesse setting up for the wake.

Glen waiting for the incoming wake wave.

Fast quick turning for the wake waves as they jack up on the bar.

Missed the first wave but paddling on the second. Knee/ thigh high. Look at the first wave as it breaks on the sand bar.

Gliding on knee high wake wave....''We don't need no stinking' Ocean''

What a morning.. Paddling with a great friend.

Jesse was stoked as I was and seeing the potential , Its on now..

Our next adventure is Stand Up Paddle Surfing Tanker wakes..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Outside Hilton Head's Liz and Alex Paddle this morning

This morning I had the privilege to paddle with Liz Pacheco and Alex Koons. They both work for Outside Hilton Head working in the retail shops and guide kayak tours for the company. We met at 6:30 am for a sunrise paddle from Shelter Cove Marina. We paddled passed Long Cove to Broad Creek Marina and back at a leisurely pace. Both Liz and Alex were up standing, paddling and enjoying the view from 5 feet above the waterline in less than 10 minutes. I think they're both hooked on Stand Up and Alex is already scheming on how to purchase a board and paddle. Upon our return to the dock Alex and Liz were the envy of all their co-workers prepping for their day. I'm sure I will be receiving a call for another paddle very soon. Thank you Liz and Alex for sharing with me your personal stories, the beautiful sunrise and awesome paddle. Mahalo

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lauren Rule ''Outside Hilton Head'' Paddled today

Lauren approached me about an internship project for School she needs to complete. She has to create some type of program for the company and was interested in organizing a stand-up paddle board clinic for all of the guides at Outside Hilton Head. . I agreed to help her out but insisted that she experience Stand Up Paddle Surfing first before taking on her project. This way she would have first hand involvement on the sport and would understand the sport... So this afternoon we paddled out from Shelter Cove Marina. First I had her on large stable SUP to get use to standing and paddling. After a short time of gaining confidence, I had her paddle a smaller board ''the SOS Blue'' Piece of cake for her.. . The 2 &1/2 hour leisurely paddle was enjoyable. She's hooked and wants to paddle tomorrow. ''Lets Go'' I say.........Here are a few pic of Lauren cruising Shelter Cove Marina..
Smiling and stoked on Stand Up

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday SUP trip to Hunting Island South Carolina..

Jesse Cadman and I went over to Hunting Island this morning to get the last of the swell from the Hurricane/ tropical storm this past week. We had offshore conditions w/ 2 ft swell.. Was a great Stand Up Paddle surfing morning.. Friends Rufus (RU RU) and Barbara Anne ( B A) Weaver showed up and the four of us traded waves for 3-4 hours. Hunting Island State Park is only one hour away from Hilton Head but a world away from the tourists that invade our beaches in the summer..

I'd rather surf 2 foot waves w/only my friends , than surf 3-5 foot waves in a huge crowd.

Pics from today's adventure..

Had the save the best for last, me over and under.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New C4 adjustable Paddle '' Stendy ''

The new C4 adjustable Stand Up Paddle

This adjustable paddle makes life easy. Just twist the paddle and set the shaft to any length from 55" to 83" on the fly.

Shaft length can be set to anything from 55" to 83".
Fiberglass shaft, durable yet light,
Fiberglass blade
Smooth adjustment

retails for $289.99

I think I may have to pick up one or two for my lessons and demo's. This will help out not having to worry aboutif I have the right paddle length for the rider or having to load extra paddles.

Here is a video Todd Bradley from C4 Waterman showing off the new ''Stendy Paddle''