Thursday, February 21, 2019

Foggy Fun Surf in the am

Felt soon good to get back in the water.. SUP'er foggy this morning and loved  surfing alone.. 
Couldn't see the the beach nor the sets outside.. Visibility was less than 100 feet  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Pete Savarese, SUP Paddler Profile

1)     Who are you?   Pete Savarese

2)     How did you start Paddle Boarding and why?    I started Paddleboarding as a hobby and as a part of growing up on Hilton Head Island but made it a daily activity when I joined up with H2O Sports and started leading tours.

3)     How long have you been Paddleboarding?   I've been paddleboarding for about 8 years now

4)     Where do you do the most paddling?   I do the most paddling with my job in Harbour Town but like to go on my own in and around Skull Creek

5)     Who do you paddle with? (, friends, club, ect..) ..   I mostly paddle with friends when I am not at work.

6)     What  type of Paddle Equipment do you use?  ( boards, paddles, gear )    I paddle Starboard SUP and have a very nice Kialoa Paddle!

7)     What do you like most about SUP ?    I love the physical side of SUP as it is a great work out and it really makes you use all your small little muscles used to balance that you typically forget to focus on when you are doing a traditional work out. I also love being out early on the water and either watching the sunrise from my board or seeing something happen in nature while Im on the water.

8)     An amazing experience or encounter while Paddleboarding?    One of my favorite memories was from this past summer. I was leading a tour for work and a Manatee swam past us. I thought it was super cool but then he turned around and put his nose right up on the back of my board for about 5 seconds and pushed me forward a bit. I was freaking out! And I got it all on film haha

9)     Your favorite non-paddling thing to do?    When I am not paddling I am either playing soccer or cooking. I love to do both and try to spend my time on the soccer pitch or learning a new recipe 

10)   Favorite after paddle grinds?    Italian 

11)   Dream vacation or surf trip?     I just did my dream vacation actually! I went to Hawaii for two weeks and was able to paddle and scuba dive in some of the most surreal landscape and water Ive ever seen. Can't wait to go back!

12)  Your occupation or what do you do for a living?    Work for H2O Sports as a Paddlboard and Kayak guide as well as a boat captain and I also coach soccer for a local high school

13)  Your hero(s) or person(s) who have had influence on your life.?       I am a big history guy and from the book Unbroken, Louis Zamperinie was an Olympic athlete and an American airman who's plane was shot down over the pacific and he survived for 47 days at sea then 2 years in a prison camp. He later returns to Japan  to forgive all the people who tortured him. He is the definition of an American Hero and a great inspiration to me.

14)   Thanks to...?     Massive thanks to Glen Barroncini who took me from a distinctly average paddler to someone who loves the sport and is out on the water all the time. Glen also has helped me tremendously with my job as a tour guide and is someone I rely heavily on in the paddleboard world. 
Thanks, Glen

Friday, January 25, 2019

Nice little wave

Fun little left over surf  from yesterday's strong onshore winds.  Nice long lines with the offshore winds at thigh high. Plenty of push for the 7-8 Hypernut.. The water is in the mid upper 50*f 's but the air tempature was at 40*F this morning.. Was great to get out there and catch a few tire John T and Kai..  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

SUP fish for Reds

Great afternoon to catch some fish of the SUP. Paddled out to a few spots but the one closer to home provided to be the best spot catching some broad shouldered Spot tail bass, AKA, redfish, red drum and a few Sea trout as well. All were released and unharmed.  Thanks to Starboard SUP for the great platform to stand on catching there beautiful fish.