Sunday, December 3, 2023

NE Florida Paddle at The Ichetuknee River

Hooked up with my brother Keith to paddle some fresh water springs  NE of Gainesville Fl. 
The Ichetuknee River and Ginnie Springs 
Great couple days paddling through these clear water springs and rivers. Manatees and divers exploring 
the deep water holes. Old Florida is beautiful with the cypress and longleaf 
pine forests. You can imagine what it was like to paddle down these rivers like the Native Americans did centuries ago. A walk back in time.  Wonderful state park to explore and reset.
Check out the Florida state park system.

Manatee feeding in the river
My bro and zi

On the river. 

Divers training in some of the deep water holes.


Late Nov. Surf

Able to snag a few wave just before thanksgiving. 
Humbled and grateful I can still surf at 59 years of age. 


Friday, May 26, 2023

A wave or 2 on the 9-0 x31 Infinity New Deal

Rick Lawson and  I paddled out to Honor our Friend, Jerre Weckhorst who passed 2 years ago on the 5/21/21 
Great surfer, travel partner, can build anything  and even a better person
 We all miss you Jerre


Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Sunday, Back at it

Just had my stitches removed and was great to get back into the water. A bit choppy with onshore wind but was awesome to glide across natures energy. I hopped on Uncle Ricky's 9-4 VESL board for a few waves.
 Large and stable, too much fin. need some smaller fins IMO.
Love the infinity 9-0 x 31 New Deal Great board for our lil waves here on Hilton Head. 
Enjoy and Aloha.

 Red VESL above and the Infinity 9-0 New Deal Below.

ENJOY   Y'all

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Infinity SUP. Wide Speed / New Deal

Infinity SUP 
7-11 x 30 Wide Speed
9-0 x31 New Deal

Great boards,  Two totally different shapes.
Wide Speed,  7-11 x 30 /115L
Traditional looking short board with the fuller pointed nose and wide squash tail. Beveled rails on the bottom for rail to rail transition. Double concave throughout tail mimicking Tri-hull design. Multiple fin boxes for your liking.  SUP-spension Tech carbon lightweight and solidly durable.
Flowing ride that is stable and fast.  'WIDE SPEED' 

New Deal 9-0x31 / 125L
Its performance style longboard shape with the thin rails and concave like short board characteristics. Performance shred machines. Fast, responsive and stable oriented SUP's. Has a single wing rounded pintail.  Incredibly light with the SUP-spension TECH durable construction. 2+1 Fin configuration 
My Go To Board here in HHI   SOOOO responsive.. LUV It

Check out these and the other insane Surf SUP's Infinity has to offer. 
"3 Striped mafia"



SOUL SUP Boga board demo

Bogaboard's 8-5 x 31x 4.25 123.9 liters, El Ocho , SUP surfing Hilton Head Island's 3-4 ft waves with SOUL SUP and Jiva Yoga Center

8 years ago. Enjoy

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Infinity New Deal 9-0 x 31

Having fun on the Infinity New Deal. 9-0 x 31 
 Great float for my 190# frame, really stable paddling out and piercing through the surf and on coming waves. The rounded pintail make the board loose and maneuverable. I have it set up as a 2 + 1 fin set up. The board is really light with its ''SUPspention teck '' carbon fiber technology.
Its a longboard type model with short board characteristics in a SUP model 
Im blown away at the exceptional maneuverability the board display. You're able to glide along early on the wave so you're ready to set up down the line. I live the fact you and bury the tail and drive the rail. 
Definitely a board to have in the quiver. Great for those 1-2 foot days but does excels in the head high plus too. I probably could step down to the next size smaller but being comfortable is key waiting for waves.

Here his the link to the New Deal and Infinity SUP products. 

Enjoy and stay In-Joy


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Infinity Wide Speed 7-11

Some pics on the new Infinity  7-11  Wide Speed. 
Great little board at 115 liters. Supports my weight at 185 lbs
Have it set up as a quad (med size) plus Nubster.  Loose and provides hold. Still getting use to the 
angled / or beveled rails on the bottom. They do allow rail to rail flow but standing waiting for waves its a tad tipsy. Still experimenting with different fin configurations. 
Why the 7-11?  I had ordered and received  the 8-2 Wide Speed at 125L and the squash tail on that board was way too wide. I could not get drive down the line and maneuvering the board it felt stiff.  Tried so many fin set up Thruster, 2+1, quads of different sizes and flexes and added center nubster. Could nor get it to move or flow.  Luckily I was sable to downsize to the 7-11 version at 30 wide. The tail was much smaller and was able to put the board where I wanted. Stability is a bit more challenging but it's so doable. 
Only had 6 sessions on the smaller Wide Speed. 
More to come... 

 Fun rights 

Speedy lefts.

Enjoy having the break to myself and surfing alone.

Its a floater!

First session on the board down in Cocoa Beach
Thanks to  Girard Middleton at 
SoBe Surf.  Aloha 


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Fun Summer waves

Started riding a Infinity 9-0 x 31 New Deal 
Fun longboard style sup. Wave catcher and stable at 126L
have it set as a 2+1 with center 6"TK Flex fin way forward on the box & 3.25 sides. 
Works for me.  Waiting for some sizable surf. Missed Earl swell . Was on the IR with stitches in my chest. 
Wear Sunscreen and sun protection.