Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Morning SUP fun

Jesse and I traded waves at Day  Break .. The Sun was playing peek a boo thru the clouds. We traded off board / camera catching waves and shooting pics. 

Jesse sliding tail and throwing buckets  on the 8-2 WP

Glen, little carve under the sunrise colors  ,''Thanks Jesse for the killer pic..''

Nice clean left 

the Paddle's point of view.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

small fun sunrise sunday..

Jesse and I paddled out in the perfect glassy surf this morning.Awesome sunrise , great colors, no one out but it was only 1-2 ft knee high.. Thats just one of the hundred reasons why we Stand Up.
and shared with friends, makes the any session epic.. We traded off taking pics. Here are a couple from early today. 

Jesse working the 8-2 WP giving it his stamp of approval ..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Paddle Surfed the 8-2 WP as 5 fin

Was able to really get a great idea how the new Starboard's Brushed Carbon 8-2 Wide Point worked with a fit fin by adding an FCS Fusion Plug in the center of the quad fin set up. Board worked great Had 4.5 in front, DT 3.5 in back and the FCS knubster in center. The board had drive and tracking menuverability but still rides high on the wave like Quads. It generated speed on the face and allowed for makable sections. Which I like.. The only draw back is I have to sit more inside where the wave peaks and is vertical. The short length of the board and my weight on the outer limits of floatation for this model prohibits me from gliding in to a wave from way outside where its flat. Maybe larger surf with more power will be different.  Overall ;happy with the new ride.. 

9-2 All Rounder Paddle Surf Hawaii's for sale.. $.650

This Paddle Surf Hawaii stand up paddle board is intended for both leisure paddling and performance surfing. This PSH 9-2 All-Arounder does it all well. Nose rides or off the tail snaps can be pulled in critical sections of the wave. Because of its stability you can also charge a lot bigger surf than you would normally think possible on a 9-2 with a full nose. This board holds rail turns at speed very well... Height: 9'2"....Width: 28 1/2"....Thickness: 4 1/2”    Fins: 2 + 1 or  Quad fin set ups ... 154 liters .. 
  This board is in great condition. some rail scuffs and paddle scuffs on rail. Paint and color in close to perfect condition. Board set up as a 2+ 1 fin set up .. Has yellow marble deck pad and tail patch. Great for our east coast surf and perfect for leisure paddling . Low rocker allows for great trim, speed and  glide on the waves .. Go Pro mount on nose,This board is a great performance Surf Stand Up ready to take you Stand Up Surfing to a new level.. Stable and floats persons up to 180 lbs

SOLD !!!!!!!
 Board in use 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Starboard 8-2 WP now a thruster

The new 2013 Starboard 8-2 Wide Point in Brushed Carbon is a quad fin set up. Having always surfing a 3 finned SUP or Surfboard I had to add a center fin to the quad. allowing more options. Twin fin, Tri fin, Quad, 5 fin or with trailer style fin.Endless possibilities.
 We installed ( with the help of Sunny Daze Surfboard shaper John Tolly) the fusion FCS plug in center.  We measured out center using other fin boxes as reference points, Once happy with location, with used the fusion jig and routed out the plug, and sanded area thru to carbon for installation of plug. We  inserted the fusion plug with epoxy and a couple of patches over insertion area.  Once set, we sanded the patch smooth in several steps. Once smooth and area ready for paint. I used flat white enamel spray paint to cover the parched area. Once dry we sanded and scotch bite the area and blended the paint  giving it the overall brushed look.  
Now we need to get some surf and explore the options of having multiple fin placements..  

Sanded and Painted  brushed look..
Plug with the hardened epoxy plug and patch..Getting ready for sanding..

Routering out the fin plug .. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Starboard 14' Coast Runner AST for sale

Up for adoption is a Starboard 14' Coast Runner. Its 28'' wide and very stable. AST epoxy construction and durable. Has recessed foot area lowering the paddler to the water line for added stability. Drain holes on foot area . Lower rocker with rounded nose for choppy waters. Great for down winders, long distance paddles , training, racing and leisure paddles . Great shape no dings almost new. 9 out of 10 conditions. Board ready for water. Spring is near get on the water early in the season................ call or email for info  .. will entertain offers but no low ballers........ eightfour3 -six eight four- 0 twohundred .. .........................

14’0” x 28” Race boards are versatile shapes, extremely fast and very comfortable at the same time. The perfect choice for winning long distance events or enjoying offshore paddle sessions.”

Manufacturer's Description: The 14'0" Race Coast Runner with flatter rocker is great for the swell found around the coast of mainland USA, Japan and Europe. The hulls are extremely quick to catch surf with, easy to use and probably the fastest ocean runners available. Link to the Starboard site above 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SUPreme Paddle Gear .. w/ Mark Colino

I will be supporting and sporting SUPreme Paddle Gear and will be placing an order for some of the Men's and Woman's UV rash guards  and light tops and bottom components..Coming this spring .. Contact me thru Atlantic Paddle Surfing or go to H2O Sports  Store in Harbour Town in Sea Pines Resort .. 843 -686- 5323   
  SUPreme the web link below to see products ..

SUPreme Paddle
Mark Colino showing the gear on display at the Jan. Expo .. Coming this spring..

Monday, February 11, 2013

STAND UP GUY .. The Documentary

This documentary is the amazing story of Shane Perrin's 340-mile paddle on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) down the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles in October 2011. Shane competed in the 6th annual Missouri River 340 ( and became the first person to attempt as well as first to complete the race on an SUP. This historic achievement contributed greatly to his rise to fame in the stand up paddling community, and it propelled him to accomplish further incredible feats on an SUP.
For more information about Shane and his current endeavors, visit

Friday, February 8, 2013

John with his new 12-6 Sprint BC

John Heidel and I went for a paddle a couple days ago after he scored his new 12-6 Spring Race board brushed carbon from Starboard.  The board weighed about 20 lbs . Glided pretty effortlessly piercing the water. John will be competing in some of the regional races this spring. 

As you can see at 25.5 inches wide and a scooped out well area thru the tail . Very stealthy looking The board was really stable for his needs.   So looks like he'll be training a lot getting ready for the races..  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Starboard 8-2 Wide Point Brushed Carbon

Just received the New 8-2 Wide Point  Brushed Carbon  from Starboard. I placed a X Trak deck pad on it last night. Floated the board in some chop and had plenty of stability but i was sinking the tail a bit. I will just have to wait for surf to really test out the boards capabilities. Will review the board as soon as waves com up... is the link to the board's description from Starboard.......