Friday, February 22, 2013

Paddle Surfed the 8-2 WP as 5 fin

Was able to really get a great idea how the new Starboard's Brushed Carbon 8-2 Wide Point worked with a fit fin by adding an FCS Fusion Plug in the center of the quad fin set up. Board worked great Had 4.5 in front, DT 3.5 in back and the FCS knubster in center. The board had drive and tracking menuverability but still rides high on the wave like Quads. It generated speed on the face and allowed for makable sections. Which I like.. The only draw back is I have to sit more inside where the wave peaks and is vertical. The short length of the board and my weight on the outer limits of floatation for this model prohibits me from gliding in to a wave from way outside where its flat. Maybe larger surf with more power will be different.  Overall ;happy with the new ride.. 

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