Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jet Blue photo ad

Participated in an ad campaign with the Chamber of Commerce marketing
''Jet Blue Airlines '' hoping to provide service to Hilton Head and Savannah airports. The shots were taken around Harbour Town in Sea Pines..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bonnie Swell, Friday am session

Whole lotta' fun , clean waist high waves with the light west winds. Thanks Bonnie for the Friday am session...Saturday, today's am waves were larger sets but was dumpy and closed-out with onshore winds. No pics due to the lack of quality waves. Still fun and waves for summer..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun little choppy summer surf..

Jesse and I paddled out at Singleton Beach avoiding the tourists invading our beaches. It was sunny, warm and clear water with lots of life below.. . Small summer surf with choppy onshore afternoon winds.. I was able to get up close to Jesse on some of the waves. They may look good up close and cropped but in reality look at the other pics to see what it really looked like. Always fun surfing with a friend. Would not trade it for anything. .. Mahalo

Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Paddleboarding demo Sat 1-4pm at H20Sports Harbour Town

FREE PADDLEBOARD LESSONS.... Saturday, July 17 from 1-4 pm. near the pier/beach side of Harbour Town at the base of the Light House is ''The third H20Sports Summer Paddleboarding Series'' Free Paddle board lessons, demo's , fitness clinics Races with music and games with food and spirits available.... Fun for all ...bring your friends and family... Come down ''get on board and walk on water'' at H20Sports.. See ya there..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stand Up Journal ,, Man of the Sport'' issue... behind the scenes..

Hear the "behind the scenes" story about Standup Journal's Sept. "Man of the Sport" issue

Sjuggerud, Dubock & Feeter stream live on The Sup Radio Show, THURSDAY, JULY 15th, 9a.m. Pac. Time

At 9a.m./PT, Noon/ET "The Sup Radio Show" hosted by Leslie Kolovich and Jeff Archer of YOLO boards devotes an entire hour to Standup Journal's "Fall 2010" issue.This Fall issue doesn't come out 'til Sept. 21, though some copies will be at Aug. and early Sept. trade shows."This is our biggest ish yet... by far!" says Journal publisher, Clay Feeter. "It was the issue that wouldn't die because so much is happening every day in sup, but we had to say 'no mas' and finally get to press."

The issue honors standup paddling's "Man of the Sport," "Women of the Year" and Junior of the Year" and offers a huge photo feature on the Sapinus, Tahiti World Tour event held last month.

Hear the Journal staff talk about the issue and how it all came together -- including some surprising insight on the sport from Laird, the issue's featured character.

Feeter also discusses the last minute addition of 20 pages, "after we thought the issue was already done," to make room for the blockbuster hit Sapinus World Tour turned contest in Tahiti.
It's all "LIVE" and streaming on your e-radio this Thursday, July 15th, including visuals listenters can follow along with at:

That's "The Sup Radio Show" with Leslie & Jeff,
THURSDAY, JULY 15th, 6a.m. Hawaii Time; 9a.m./PT; 11a.m./Central and noon/ET.
Here is the linlk to the 30 A radio SUP past shows and you can listen live when you click on the "Click here to listen to 30A Radio Show Live" top right corner..
Mahalo Clay and Steve at SU J, and to Jeff and Leslie at 30A Radio..

Two views of the same wave....

Tim from Beach Break Grill took a few shots of our last wave session a couple weeks ago as I had the GoPro camera on the board shooting video. Going tru the clips I found the segment and took a frame grab of my last ride at almost the same point of Tim's photo. I know because this was my last ride of the morning and Tim mentioned he got the last ride before exiting the water.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blane Chambers Stand Up Shaper.. Paddle Surf Hawaii

Cool website all about Stand Up paddle Boarding
Episodes with Blane Chambers of Paddle Surf Hawaii

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sharing Paddleboarding ...Yesterday's enlightened souls..

Just a few pics from some of my clients who experienced paddleboarding yesterday. We had great weather, light winds and smiling faces while walking on water...

Anna Brackett " Walking on water among the clouds"