Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cobia on the SUP Central Fla..

I was emailed this link from a friend of mine knowing I fish from my SUP too. From the Florida Sportsman mag forum site of a SUP fisherman catching a Cobia fishing on top of a Stand Up off of Cocoa Beach, Fl.... That would be a great fight and he has a great fishing set up on his SUP..
Jamie this is for you bro...

''One of the guys from Oceansports World in south Cocoa Beach has been fishing from a standup paddleboard recently. He scored this weekend with a nice cobia on a live mullet just off the beach in front of the shop. Check out his rig. Good job, Chesnee

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SUP ''The Wedge'' Newport, Ca.

Standup paddleboarders Bryce and TJ Saeman charge 'The Wedge' on July 24, 2009. Despite being their first time at the notoriously dangerous surf spot on paddleboards, the brothers dazzled the crowd and the world.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday's Summer Fun

Had some left over swell from the easterly push. West winds made the waves clean and fun. Smiles on all our faces...
Had my paddle fly out of my truck two nights ago.
I watched it get crushed by several Minivans full of tour-ons with a hamburger boxes on their roof. Painful to see a $300 Kialoa paddle in two pieces beat to shreds.. Bummed yes, but yesterday and today's 3-4 hour session cured the bitterness

John on my SUP

Paddling back out for more..
Paddle placement is key...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun pics of the recent swell

Here is yesterday. Today the waves were bigger and cleaner so no shots were taken, everyone wanted to be in the water... SURF !!!!!!


Glen Hard carve...
Buddy Jamie lip service
Clean and Green

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tim's pic from the morning ..

Mahalo Tim for the pics
Glen power turn
Jesse focused on the prize

Jamie looking for the lip

Nose ride glide Coop'

Cooper Neil fun right

Small Easterly swell arrives SUP all day..

Some Stand Up pics from tonight and early this morning. Jamie, Jesse RuRu, Scott and I paddled our to our hearts content. 3-4 hours in the morning and 3 hours this evening.. Lots of waves happy smiling faces and ''Polynesian Paralysis'' tonight..Forecast for waves again tomorrow and we get to do it all over again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Down South SUP Blues this morning

Fun little waves this morning. The rain blew thru and cleaned up the knee thigh surf.. Fun with friends as always. Scott on his new 9-6 PSH and Jesse lovin' the Sub Vector. RuRu and BA out getting lots of waves. I on my PSH as John getting some set waves on the longboard. We all witnessed a full arcing rainbow and a waterspout but that did not show in the pic..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grey's Reef Buoy back on line...

The Grey's Reef buoy is back on line after being ripped from its mooring this past May during the 4 day Nor' Easter. I and I'm sure all waterman in the SE use this buoy for their needs. It provides a lot of data needed to predict weather and waves for our local marine waters.
Why ? to predict waves so we get days like this....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scott's New PSH 9-6 WA

Early this morning Scott and I demoed the new PSH 9-6 'Wide all rounder'
We just paddled in the basin as Shelter Cove to see how it floats. (No waves this morning due to out going tide) Scott at 180 and me 192 it floated us each with no problem. The 29 3/8'' width of the board and its length of 9'-6'' with its thickness of 4 5/8 '' its seems small under feet but has plenty stability and buoyancy. The board seemed to glide and plane well when paddling. The tail was able to spin on the dime doing a heel-kick turn. The board is set up as a two plus one fin set up using future boxes. 375's side bites and a 7'' center fin in a box. The swallow tail is pulled in the last 18'' of the board from being wide. The full nose will allow nose rides and wave trim. The bottom is flat where you stand with "V" in the tail to a double barrel concave with a nice blend of rocker nose to tail. The real test will be in the waves. We will see how it surfs and handles East coast chop. Later this upcoming week waves are build. Scott is one happy stoked little boy with this board...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, small and clean 'A Fun Day'

The crew at Burke's on Stand Ups, Longboard and Shortboard having fun.. ''Saltwater therapy to ''Lively up yourself''

Jessica caught some waves on the SUP, She had the biggest smile today, which equates to the most fun.. Glad I was there to catch a few on film..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun Today / Saturday on the SUP

Jamie and I had fun Paddle Surfing the today in the thigh high surf. Bunch of friends out surfing as well, all experiencing saltwater therapy. Healed for a little while...

Slide show of Jamie and I on the SUP's, John on his new SD superlight epoxy 9'-0'' and Lil Bayley on the shortboard. There is even a shot on me on a Scott's longboard, paddleless..OMG

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Small semi choppy waves this morning ..but fun

Small little waves as the NE wind picked up making for a light choppy waves. Fun morning session with friends. Jamie, Scott, Tim Santini, Michael F. and I cleansing our souls. The Thunder moved in fast chasing us out of the water. Was able to get a few shots before the exodus
Scott gliding
Tim on a small left
Jamie rebounding his Bonga on the lil' surf
Scott early entry
Tim on one of the bigger waves today.
Bonga working goooood.. Jamie
Jamie and Micheal share the wave

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Outside Hilton Head SUP specials..

Outside Hilton Head is currently having a special on some of its SUP equipment. Below are some of the specials being offered from the retail store located at Shelter Cove in the Piggly Wiggly shopping center. Stop by or give them a call. They have a broad line of boards and paddles. You can also order a specific model from C4, Jimmy Lewis or Yolo.
Used Special C4 C-MAC ATB 10'6" reg. $1525 used $1295

Brand new boards available:

Jimmy Lewis Distance 12'6" $1699.00
C4 Vortice Race 14' $1995.00
C4 Holoholo 12' $1795.00
YOLO Yak $995.00
Paddles in-stock:

Werner Spanker (Carbon) $339.00
Werner Carve $259.00
Werner Advantage $259.00
C4 Stendy $290.00
Aquabound $159.00

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun waves tonight, Jesse on the Sub Vector

We had some fun knee-thigh high waves with Jesse and I on the SUP's and only a couple of surfers out. Waves were bumpy but somewhat glassy for a while. Took some video of Jesse on his new, my old Sub Vector. We are foaming at the mouth for some real surf.. Tropical storm systems soon..

Christian and Paul at PB , first time paddle

Today I paddled with Karen's brother Christian Czaplewski and his friend Paul Butson from Cocoa Fl. Both first timers to SUP so we paddled from Palmetto Boat launch up broad creek and back. Both were up and paddling in a few minutes. We had seen bait fish,dolphins and many aquatic birds paddling along the marsh. Christian and Paul were stoked on the paddle and want to go again.
Who wouldn't ?

Under the Cross Island
Birds, birds, birds

Fining Dolphin....
Wexford cut
Channel to the Wexford locks
Paul taking it all in..
Christian & Paul , Hawaiian Kings for the moment.