Monday, December 29, 2008

Scott Allen on the SUP this morning

I convinced Scott to get on the Stand Up as we paddled out in the knee high surf so he can get use to his 10'-6'' JL board in the surf. Was a great sunrise and easy calm seas to practice stand up. Scott was able to get a couple dozen waves and figured out where to be on the board and react to the board's movement when being lifted on the wave. I'm glad he was on the stand up.

I always say; '' Be a King .. Stand Up'' ... Even though it was small, the Stand Ups can catch these small waves allowing us to have a great time.. and friends make it more special. Mahalo Scott. Thanks to Jamie. Today he took the pics as my camera shut down and stopped working.. Time for a new one..


What a sunrise at knee high

Scott, All Smiles when you catch waves..

Scott finding his groove

Scott on one of the many waves figuring it out..
One of my little rights Scott and I, '' together we ride'' sequence 1

second shot of that ride.. 2
Scott gliding bye on the inside , watch those fins..
Over 40, and lovin' life; Glen and Scott

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Stand Up waves on a foggy Sunday

Was foggy and calm early this Sunday at 7 am. Jamie, Jesse and I paddled out with the visibility less than 50 yards as the waves were knee to waist high . At one point you could not see the sand on the beach. Ghost riders again as you rode a wave out of sight.. RuRu and BA paddled out for some but left early.. Waves were super fun with the better waves early before the tide dropped and fog lifted. Here are some pics later in the session as the fog lifted. Most all the surfers left as the three of us continued to Paddle Surf for three hours. Great to share waves with my best friends...


Jesse ' a paddle Ghost' as Jamie outside.

Jesse on a smaller left over

Jamie on a little thigh high peeler...

Jesse on one of his long lefts to the Folly.. again...
Jamie cross stepping on a right roller

Jamie cranking it around ...' his back side attack'

Jesse carving it around back to the foam ball

Glen, dropping in on a soft glassy right

Glen, backside left and coming at you...

L. to R.

Glen , Jamie and Jesse and their ( Boy's Toys')

10'-3'' PSH, 10' Bonga & 10'-2''Danai Fish

Dont mess with the Paddle Surf Hawaii
RuRu's Peaches, chillin' on the beach..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why are SUP paddles angled...?

Talked to my younger brother during Christmas and I was showing, describing and telling him about all about my Stand Up Paddle Surfing. One of his many questions he asked is ; ''Why are the paddle blades angled like they were''. I think my explanation fell short to his ears, so here is a brief description why..
There are many reasons why the blade on a stand up paddle is angled. The main reason is with the blade angled forward from the shaft the front part of the stroke is more-effective thus making the stroke longer.
The longer the stroke the more efficient the stroke is. Another reason is that it prevents lifting water at stroke’s end which expends less energy making it easier to go through the water. Bent Shaft paddles deliver more of your effort to the water. You’ll go farther, faster, and with less effort. A straight-shaft paddle wastes effort lifting water at the end of the stroke; an angled paddle does not. From, paddle surf warehouse... Thanks guys
Here are some pics of shots I have showing the angled paddle in use..
Jesse on a thru stroke passed his body with angled blade still in a more vertical position to provide power

Pic of Nikki Gregg stroking to catch a wave as angled paddle enters water to providing a longer stroke and thrust to gain power matching the speed of the wave..

My mid stroke. It provides thrust allowing blade to load up water resistance for a longer paddle stroke in the water propelling me forward.

Jesse showing a 12* degree angle on his old wooden paddle.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..

Merry Christmas to all my friends and their families, all the fellow SUP'er and Surfers around the world and a special greetings to my Brother, KEITH, over in Iraq and all his fellow soldiers fighting for freedom.. Wishing you a safe and very joyous Holiday Season. Be safe and god bless...
I'm heading down to Florida to see my family and yes the SUP's are packed hoping Santa sends a little swell and we all get a session in.. See you all in a few days. Mahalo

Monday, December 22, 2008

9'-3'' Dave Parmenter's SUB Vector vid

To; Dwight(DW) from 'ncpaddlesurfer' and Jamie from 'watermanhiltonhead' ...Here is Dave's explanation of the C 4's 9'-3 SUB VECTOR model you guys are craving. To all that want this model, here you go. I can remember the model Dave shaped called 'The Stub Vector' Reading all about it in the early 90's.. Not only is Dave a great shaper but he writes great stories as well. I loved reading his articles in the Surf mags. Several articles do stand out too. Thanks Dave for fueling my surfing stoke for the last 15-20 years. Enjoy... Glen

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paddle Surf Hawaii Shaper/Designer Blane Chambers does stand up everyday ...

Blane with the Go Pro 3 camera aka..''The PSH Board Cam'' and music from the Talking Heads.
Thanks again Blane, for sharing some great views of Stand Up..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

76*F, sunny, light breeze on Dec 20th, TIME TO PADDLE

What a gorgeous day for Dec 20th, warm temps. at 76*f , sunny, light winds and so peaceful on the marsh. I was able to get off of work early and meet Karen for an afternoon Paddle. Today was a first for Karen as she wore no wetsuit or aquatic gear for our paddle. She has confidence and great balance now so the need for gear was not an issue. The water temp is 53*f though, so if you do fall and get wet it will be cold.. We paddled around the Shelter Cove basin, thru the high tide marsh to Broad Point and over to Long Cove. A 3-4 mile paddle. We saw lots of water fowl and occasional fish popping in the water.The marsh Spartina grass is a brown wheat color and turns a golden hue when the sun hits it.. Just another spectacular view of my playground during the winter..
Karen in the Basin waring sweats.

Paddling thru the '' Caution'' post for 3 pts..Karen giving the 143 hand sign
Glen in the Harbor w/ Scott's in the background..
Loading up after the 4 mile paddle.. Gotta' Smile

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Stand Up Paddle Surfing, United Kingdom

Thanks to Tim Mellors of the UK sharing some holiday spirit with the world combining their sense of humor, SUP passion and time of year.. Mahalo Tim..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold water SUP the past couple of days...

A few pics of Jamie and Glen from this past two days by Tim Neil..

Flat water carveGlen on a little speedy right

Jamie on a cranking backside bottom turn

Rail cranking, shaft bending, wave making Jamie..
Mellow take off on the textured wave..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Three Stand Up Paddle Sessions this morning...

The early Pics of Burkes Beach through Tim Neil's lens.
Glen on a mushy right
A flat walled mushburger.. (Notice the BS. chop)

Jamie on a fast bottom turn on the 10 JL

Scott Allen on a chest high left. sequence (1)
( 2) Great wave Scott
Jamie on along drawn out turn..
One of Jamie's long lefts reforming on the inside..
High line backside

Today the waves were super fun and I was lucky to Paddle Surf in three different locations. My first session was at Burke's Beach for two hours. Paddled with Jamie who was on fire today. He caught some of the better waves on his 10' JL SUP. He has one long left that he must of rode for 60-70 yards to the Folly.. Tim Neil was on the beach and took some pics but yet to see them. I has snagged several great waves early before any one was out at 7 am . Chris, Scott,Frankie, Eric S. and Jamie stroked out to get their session on.. Then I had some frustration mid session in the warble' 2 ft chop in the chest high waves.. I seemed to have a lack of wave choice and balance early in the foggy misty waves.. Pics above...
I decided to get out and check Palmetto Dunes area for a better breaking wave. The winds went calm and was greeted with waist high perfection. A friend; Chip a ''Sit on top Surfer'' from' Fishtales Charters' at Palmetto Dunes snapped these pics of me at the Beach House in PD. Fun little session to cleanse my soul after my humbling /tough session earlier. After an hour or so Paddle Surfing in PD, John Tolly left a message saying ''Its firing at the Folly Field, meet me..'' ..I headed over there to surf with another great friend too. I paddled out and we shared a several steep outgoing tide waves. On one of my lefts, I was able to get a little backside cover up on the SUP. John was slotted several times on his fish having a good ole' time..
I'm fortunate to have great people in my life to share the same passion as I do. The best holiday gift to receive.. Mahalo to all of you..
Palmetto Dunes SUP session on this mid morning Monday on Dec 15th.. Glassy and fun thru the high tide..

Chip took these shots from the sun deck up by the pavilion.