Saturday, October 31, 2009

" Fenceline '' Great tune to a cool SUP footage

Sonny Esperanza with his White Plains Beach song "Fenceline".
Available @ iTunes, Amazon or Napster.
Fenceline - A Better Place CD
Music Video Production by KahiwaKiwi Media Productions

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SUP STORIES: Kainoa Beaupre 'Stand Up Project.'..

A little teaser of Kainoa on a 6-10 SUP

Here is the current topic of Kainoa Beaupre sharing with us his spirit of Stand Up Paddling.. Cool site bookmark it and watch it evolve...
Quote from The Stand Up Project site;
''Kainoa is one of the most dynamic stand up paddlers around. I have never seen anyone get such strange looks while walking down the beach with his board. But those stares turn to ones of awe when he paddles out and starts riding waves. A good person with a big heart and lots of passion for the sport. Kainoa is defiantly one of a kind''

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updated SUP used Board Prices on

Thought I'd pass along that we've updated our prices on our '09 SUP boards online. No more sale prices on New boards, but Mike actually dropped the prices on most of the Used boards.
Here's the latest:
Your chance to get a good deal on a flat water Stand Up Board..

Jimmy Lewis Distance 12'6" $1699 - $1399
Jimmy Lewis All-Around 11' $1549 - $895
Jimmy Lewis All-Around 10'6" $1549 - $895
C4 Holo-Holo 12' $1795 - $895
Yolo-Yak $995 - $695

Greg SmithDirector of ReservationsOutside Hilton Head 800.686.6996

These are the models offered
JL All-rounder

JL Distance

C4 Holo-holo

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little vid of today's SUP session...

I shot some Stand Up Paddle segments of my friends having a fun day at our Burke's Beach, Hilton Head It was thigh high fun with light NNE winds . Players; Scott Allen, Jamie Maples, Jesse Cadman, Greg Smith, and Perry Heartly.

Out playing in the wave

Fun Surf Sat.

Has some fun surf with the strong Easterly wind push.. Weather was warm felt like pre-summer. Tim took a few shot as well as Greg Smith.

A little right
Jamie going around the section

Left toward the folly
Cooper home from collage took advantage of the surf..
Lip hit coop'
Steep drop close out
Looking ahead for the rebound..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

C4 Sub Vector 9-3 , 9-6 , & 10-0 Comparison with C4's Todd Bradley

For all the C4 waterman Sub Vector fans, This is an interview I did with Todd Bradley over at the new C4 Waterman HQ on Coral Street. This video shows Todd explaining the difference between the original C4 9'3" Sub Vector and the new 9'6" and 10' Sub Vectors
Todd's Quote, ''The new C4 Sub Vector 9′6″ and '10-0" has a more progressive rocker for steeper, juicier waves. It’s also a bit thinner and narrower than the original 9′3″.

Thanks from


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Small but fun today..

Fun clean little surf . Jesse and I paddled out enjoying the morning.. Every once and a while a good fun wave would roll thru.. May not be big but its always fun. This is why we stand up here. Fills the gap waiting for real surf.. The warmer temps made today a lot better..
Jesse on a lefty
Same wave going by me..

One of the crisp fall walls of today..
Jesse trowing a turn
Took a pic going down the little wave
This one swung wide of Jesse and I

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Paddle surf footage from the Galapagos.

Want to share with tou all....
Some paddle surf footage from the Galapagos from Paddle Surf Hawaii.
Footage from the Paddle Surf Hawaii trip to the Galapagos.
. Thanks to Chris Aguilar from Soul Surf Media for grading...

Surfing the Galapagos from Morgan Hoesterey on Vimeo.

Outside Hilton Head Selling Experienced SUP Sale this weekend..

Outside Hilton Head is selling their experienced SUP's at a reduced price. Here is an updated selection of SUP Boards that will be on sale this weekend. Give them a call at 686-6996 or email us at for more info.

USED Jimmy Lewis Distance 12'6"
new $1699 used $1599
USED Jimmy Lewis All-Around 10'6"
new $1549 used$1095
USED Jimmy Lewis Distance 11'
new $1549 used $1095
NEW C4 Vortice Race 14'
new $1995 used $1799
USED C4 Holo-Holo 12'
new $1795 used $995
new $1525 used $1295
new $995 used $795

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a pretty morning

Thigh high NE angled swell developed overnight. Fun little waves ' in a wetsuit' with air temps at 49*f at 7 am The swell passes us and heads south giving us a refraction wave.... We'll have fun anyway..


Quick brief Weather lesson for our fall/winter surf...

A LOW moving in the north east with tight isobars around the L.. (lines of equal pressure) The tighter the lines the stronger the winds. These winds from N to NE blow south over a 600-1000 mile fetch (or more) heading towards the SE coast of the US and Caribbean. The longer the fetch, the increased swell, period and duration of the waves on the beaches. This is why we get waves for us here and areas south and the Caribbean.. This is our winter wave pattern ...

So look for this scenario to set up thru the winter, see the buoy info in our area for wind, wave /period data and soon you can see a patterns develop and then you can expect when the waves will arrive. There are some weather links on the site to use as I do.. Thanks.... see you out there..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Outside Hilton Head ' SUP Saturday'

If you want to experience the thrill and joy of Stand Up paddling head over to the Shelter Cove Marina to be a part of SUP Saturday. Join Outside Hilton Head at Shelter Cove Marina for Local SUP Saturday's! From 10AM-3PM this Saturday, 10/17, you can try out any of our SUP Boards for just $5 ! No reservations necessary, just come on down to our kiosk.

It will be a great way to see what the SUP buzz is all about. Believe me you'll be enlightened and get hooked on Stand Up..

Here is how to get there or call,
Yolo Yaks

OHH. SUP Staff

How to Vids from Naish SUP Crew

Wanted to share some “How To SUP” Videos Available from Naish..
Dave Kalama and Ashley Baxter help share with us the correct method to accomplish the following techniques:
Determining Paddle Length
Picking Up the Board
Standing Up
Paddle Techniques
Turning Around
Laying Down
Landing on the Beach
The Rules of SUP
Getting Over White Water
Catching Your First Wave
Follow this link below to check out the latest videos:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday session What a great afternoon to be outside..

Another fun small day Paddle Surfing . Mid October and it felt like summer. Jesse was getting lots of waves as Scott, Eric, Tim and I paddled into our waves too. Was a great sharing waves with all friends.. OHANA at Burke's

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, paddle and surf = fun-day

This morning I had the honor to paddle with Annette Vann The California native loved SUP boarding was able pick it up easily in the stiff NE breeze and currents. She experinced the thrill of paddle boarding and she's hooked..........
..... Later after lunch we has some fun little waves roll thru in the thigh high size with some larger waves every now and then. Today I received my new replaced Kialoa Methane paddle today just in time for the tide and to hit the surf.. The paddle felt good in my hands again. Jamie paddled out as friend Chas who tried to paddle in the ocean but found it hard to balance in the rolling water and waves.. Paddled for 3 hours and took a few pics of Jamie and one of Chas on his longboard. My Kiaola paddle and PSH are a perfect match fueling my passion for now.
Annette Vann Paddling Broad Creek

''' Jamie on a fun left..
Chas getting going..

Left glide

In hand and under foot...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun little wave today

Was able to sneak out for and hour or so paddle after my busy work week. A little 2 ft knee-thigh high waves rolled thru with light NE wind. Awesome to get back in the surf.. Heard it got a little better after the tide started dropping. ''Cleansed the Soul''

Friday, October 9, 2009

C4 Stand-up paddleboard surfboard 9'0 Bat tail

Get this thing out of my garage. $599 takes it.
C4 Stand-up paddleboard surfboard 9'0 Bat tail
See the C4 site for board info;
Fellow North Carolina Stand Up Paddler and friend Dwight is selling one of his SUP boards.
Great deal
Here is his site contact him ASAP on this deal.
Dwight and Jacky Fisher, Contact: fishersfortblog at or phone
910-two nine seven - four five six seven.
Board in NC and will assist in shipping..
Wont last........

Monday, October 5, 2009

'' The man who has not given himself completely to the sun, wind and cold sting of the
waves will never know all the meanings of life''
''''Annette Kellerman ''''


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sam Paddled at Palmetto Bay

Received a call from 9 year old Sam Lesch wanting to go for a paddle today. Picked him and we headed to Palmetto Bay boat ramp for a mid afternoon paddle. We paddled over toward Wexford Locks and watched a dolphin follow us thru the cut. Sam did well and we just cruised around seeing lots of aquatic life. Great paddle with Sam.. Thanks Mom and Dad for allowing and trusting me with their son..

Looking at all the fish jump..