Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd Anniversary in Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Glen and my 1st SUP, JL 11'

I've been involved in Stand Up Paddle Surfing for 2 years today. April 30th, 2007, I purchased my first Stand Up Paddle Board. A gold colored 11 ft Jimmy Lewis all rounder with the wooden paddle. Went to a C4 paddle a month later. I can remember it took me three secluded sessions/ trials to actually stand and paddle. Back then there was no How to? on line ect.... not much info about the sport then. It was trial and error for me. Ever since I've been involved in Stand Up, my life has never been so great for my mind ,body and soul...
''Stand Up Paddle Surfing offers me great fulfillment. I use SUP to escape from the daily grind of life. I loose my self and find myself while paddling. Stand Up Paddle Surfing has offered me a great opportunity to meet and make great everlasting friends by sharing my passion of SUP. I have inherited a great responsibility participating in this board sport. Sharing my passion in a positive way by giving lessons, demo's and providing equipment for new participants to SUP. Environmental issues become personal by sharing the precious waters with all users and taking a ownership by keeping the aquatic playground clean. This is my passion and I plan to be Paddle Surfing for as long as I can. ''
Enjoy some pics of my early days of Stand Up .. Now I have a full quiver of boards/paddles and equipment to share my passion with all. MAHALO Glen

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dr. Wayne Johnson Paddled The Ocean

This evening I had the honor to paddle with Wayne Johnson,MD. from the
Hilton Head Health & Wellness Center

I met at his house and we paddled from the Folly/ Singleton Beach area. I even had to make an appointment to schedule this paddle session. Thanks to Karen 143.
(Wayne is a very busy Doctor with a great practice here on the island )...
The low tide made for easier water entry but the 10 knot onshore wind and 2 ft swell made for tough learning and paddling conditions for a first time ocean paddle. 'Dr. J' did really well and was up and paddling in 5 minutes. After a short time he found his balance and was able to enjoy the surroundings in the aquatic environment and witnessed an awesome sunset.. Wayne was a great patient and experienced paddle therapy first hand. He's hooked.. Next paddle with Wayne will be in Broad Creek to improve his technique and really enjoy the view from above the waterline.. Thanks Wayne for your time... Props to Mikey for a great dinner afterwards..
Great people and I'm honored to be friends with them.
Wayne, Your smile is my reward...

Video of Wayne paddling The Fixer'
Cloie Johnson and Sydney Seagers havin fun in the surf too..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TUESDAY ! Alright,.... Fun Surf again...

again today we had some fun waves with a light onshore wind. The waves had some power and alot of us were out there again today. Jamie is just getting the insane with the Sub Vector and I was laying down some great backside carves and rebounds in the foam ball. Jesse rode the SUP early then went to a longboard getting long rides. RuRu and B.A. were getting lots of waves on their SUP's. Friend Pat Mills was getting fun power pockets as well as others. Great session today... Took some pics and footage of the session. Here are some of the better moments and the music ''Tumbling Dice ' by the Stones is fitting for the last clip. Hee Hee....

Pat M.

Tumblin' Dice

Monday, April 27, 2009

SUNNY DAZE SURF FACTORY closing its retail shop.

SUNNY DAZE SURF FACTORY will be closing its doors of the retail shop on William Hilton Pky.. EVERYTHING MUST GO.. EVERYTHING !
All merchandise up to 75% off. Something for everyone.
Drop in and get it while its there.. There is only two to three weeks left..
Wish John good luck in his new endeavour.. Mahalo JT.

Fun waves on Monday ....Again...

A little choppy but the waves had some more power than Sunday. Jamie and I caught a lot of waves along with Ru Ru and many others surfing. Sharing the surf with all fellow Hilton Head Island Surfers is a gift we all should treasure.. ....Ohana... I took some footage of Jamie before the batteries crapped out.. Looks like more waves in Tuesday's forecast.
Jamie on a fun little peak..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday morning surprise

Tim called me this morning from Burke's Beach saying a small glassy knee to thigh high waves were gracing our beaches. Only a couple of guys were out. The little swell took us all by surprise. Karen and I were heading over to Hunting Island but we decided to catch a few waves after my long work week. Was great to get in the water again and surf. Cooper, RuRu and I were on Stand Ups and John T., Michael & Rusty were on the longboards. Tim took photos of the session. Was a fun little session that surprised us all.
After the waves Karen and I headed over to Hunting Island State Park to paddle the lagoon and get off the rock. Was an awesome day and ll return for another. Mahalo

Cooper on the SUP
Welcome to the Dark Side''

Todays video of Hunting Isle..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The fun session with the boys today....

Jamie Jesse and I had fun sharing the little clean waves and shooting some video. Just gotta love the fun waves with good friends. Paddle surfing makes these little waves soooooooooo' fun. Smile on my face.. Enjoy the show....

Fun little waves this morning after yesterday's storms.

Jamie Jesse and I paddled out before the sunrise and had fun on nthe 2-3 ft waves in the outgoing tide. I took some video of the session and took one pic of Jesse riding my Sub Vector. I have to work but will edit the video and post it later. Here is Jesse on one of his lefts.. Always fun to get some waves. Looks like it will go flat for a few days.. Mahalo

Sunday, April 19, 2009

SUP Jesse and Jamie today at Burke's

You Tube version

Jesse & Jamie Stand Up Heritage Sunday.

Jesse and Jamie paddled out in the weak knee high at best waves. They caught some rides and I'm sure they had smiles from ear to ear. Jessica paddled out with the boys too but had difficulty trying to catch these micro waves. Even with the waves so small I'd much rather watch my friends, shoot video and share their moments of Stand Up than watch PGA Golf that has invaded our little resort town.. Enjoy the little video.. Mahalo

Jesse Jamie SUP HHI Heritage Sunday from Glen Barroncini on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glad to get out for a quick paddle tonight..

I'd rather be doing this,....
...and this
..rather than this...

I have been really busy preparing food for the sky boxes at the PGA Golf event here on Hilton Head. Up early in the morning getting food over to the course before the golf starts. Today I was lucky to get off a bit early so I went for a paddle in Broad Creek . Was not too long but great for the mind and soul.. Paddle Surfing has healing properties for me.. Love it Mahalo

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Same Video of Jamie Maples on the Sub Vector but used Vimeo video site.

Jamie on the Sub Vector this past Saturday. I took some video with the new water camera and the 2gb memory card works well and makes the camera work much better. I'm editing the footage and trying Vimeo editing and uploading site..A friend said the Vimeo was better at uploading, viewing and editing service than U-tube. So I had to try it out. What do you all think? mahalo Glen

Stand Up Paddle Jamie from Glen Barroncini on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jamie's Stand Up video

Here is a little video I put together after getting the little video camera working.I took abut 12 segments of shooting video Jamie on his Sub Vector having fun in the clean 2-4 foot surf on Saturday. This new Laptop and its video editing software is pretty cool. Enjoy.. Jesse your next..

Saturday's pics of the waves.

Had a great Saturday Morning of waves. The SW wind blew hard Fri nite and we were graced with light W winds giving us waist high clean surf. Tim showed up to take pics and here are some of the results. Jamie and I paddled as my other bro's surfed to heir hearts content for the 3-4 hour session. This was one of the better days this spring. I took some video of Jamie, but I still have to edit it and will post it soon.
Today, Sunday we have strong NE winds with waves in the waist high size with a lot of chop. I watched Jesse get some long rides to the Folly. One waves he took off on was shoulder high. I blew it off not wanting to deal with the 2 foot chop on the 4 ft waves.. I'll go for a flat water paddle.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun little loner session this morning

Received the new paddle yesterday and was aching to get it wet. Woke up and was greeted to fun little waves this morning seeing knee to thigh high waves angled from the south. Fun surf early before the wind and dropping tide. Tim arrived to shoot a few pic. He upgraded to a 8 GB memory card for his Nikon . He said the shutter speed was a lot faster. The water seemed a little chilly than last week but it will only warm up very soon. I need to shed the suit.. Paddle worked well and had fun paddle surfing all alone..
Mahalo, Tim

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Replacement Kialoa Methane Paddle arrived today.

My replacement Paddle arrived today that was under warranty. Packed well and made it safe. Now I need to get it wet. Need waves, but a flat water paddle maybe in order..
Mahalo to Kialoa for standing by their products,honoring the guarantee and providing great customer service..
See Kialoa for the great products..

Cool Clouds and flat surf this morning..
The New'' Methane'' Paddle

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Video slide show of March at Burke's

Made a little slide show with my new laptop's video maker program. Still trying to figure out this windows vista and its programs . I added some music to the slide show, SRV's Scuttle Butten'.. Enjoy my first attempt. Mahalo

NCPADDLESURFER DW & Jackie Hawaiin Trip Video

Fellow blogger Dwight,'DW' during his trip to Hawaii with wife Jackie. filmed some of the waves they caught on their Stand Ups.Check out his blog for the update on his custom shaped distance Stand up paddle boards and whats happening 'Stand Up' wise around Carolina Beach, NC..

Side note: I know i went to NC State, but big congratulations and props go to Carolina for winning the NCAA Championship.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Small this morning in windy mushy slop

Looked this morning hoping for a few waves to paddle into. But was greeted with windy slop. overcast dark gray sky's with some lighter areas where the sun may want to get thru.. The light drizzle and winds did not help either.. The tide was backing out by and hour or so..Gonna head back home and work on some of my broken paddles and try to reassemble the 4 broken paddles and make one or two that can be functional for flatwater. Have to work later today gotta make a living.. We will see what Tuesday bring us..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wide Nose or Pointy Nose SUP ?? HMmmmmm

Weighing the Challenges of a Pointy Nosed Stand Up Paddle Board
Whether it’s stand up paddling or prone paddle surfing, trying new board shapes is a never-ending adventure. Switching up your equipment from time to time will improve your skills and help form you into a well rounded surfer. That’s said, it’s always an eye-opener when moving from a wide nosed board to a pointy nosed stand up paddle board. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the challenges of moving to a pointy nosed board First, let’s understand how wide nosed boards behave in the water. Then, we can understand how a pulled in nose differs in the water. On a wide nosed stand up paddle board, the nose is extremely predictable. It adds volume and side to side stability to the board as it relentlessly stays afloat. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a stand up paddle board to take off on a wave only to have the nose of the board bury itself below the surface of the water then quickly resurface allowing the rider to finish the wave with style.
A wide nose is definitely more stable and forgiving in the surf. Not only is great in the turbulent waters that are often found just before dropping in on a wave, but you can basically just stick the nose of your board somewhere in the vicinity of the take off zone and let the movement of the wave swing the nose where it needs to be to catch a wave. So long as you’re sort of in the vicinity, you’ve got a good chance for a successful take off. Now, let’s talk about a pulled in pointy nose. First off all, with less volume in the nose, a pointy stand up paddle board is generally more side to side tippy as well as from front to back. On the wave, less volume in the nose means the board is not able to correct itself like a wide nose does. If you start tipping to one side, you’re going to keep tipping until you plant you paddle and push yourself back up. That auto-correction that you had before is not longer there. When the nose starts to go under, it’s probably not coming back out, and you’re diving for pearls. Additionally, when taking off on a wave, you can’t just stick your pointy nose in the take off zone and hope for the best. The center of your board has to be in the take off zone to make the drop. That’s right, instead of being able to stick your nose in the critical take off area, you have to put your whole body in there. That usually means later take-offs, more wipe outs, and more of getting caught inside, but the reward is worth it. A pointy nosed board is going to be extremely fast and usually more responsive. So, in a nutshell, wide nosed boards are generally more stable, self correcting, and forgiving. Pointy nosed stand up boards are faster, more maneuverable, and less forgiving. With a wide nose board, you can usually focus your energy where the nose is pointed, while on a pulled in nosed board, what matters is where your body is. It’s always a challenge moving to a board with a pulled in nose, however with a couple surf sessions, some flat water training, and the observation of good technique, you will quickly progress and soon enough that tippy little board will become your friend in all conditions.
Article by, Stand Up Paddle Magazine Thanks Nate

A sample of the two designs in the nose

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snapped a Kialoa 'Methane' Paddle

This past Sunday I had snapped the shaft of my Kialoa Paddle. I was paddling into a stiff 15 knot wind putting a lot of strain and stress on the shaft keeping my position in the line up then I heard crackle then snap. I was kind of bummed but I ran home to get another paddle. I was not gonna let a snapped paddle ruin my day..
'''Never Let A Break Spoil Your Break''' ....Kialoa
On Monday, I called and emailed Kialoa describing my situation and their response was; Just ship that paddle back to us and we will send you another replacement paddle. They honored the one year warranty. Here is their reply;

Hi Glen,
Sorry to hear about that. Even though you couldn't’t see a weak spot, there had to be a weakened spot on the shaft that finally gave way while you were paddling. It happens to the best of them. I am ccing Amy here on this so that she can run you through the Return Authorization process. We will warranty this paddle for you.
Hope you’re having some warm sunny weather.
Aloha, Meg
I packed the paddle up express mailed the paddle to Bend, Or. Now I'll wait for the replacement paddle. STOKED...... Dave and Meg Chun (owners) their customer service staff Lisa and Amy and all others that make Kialoa a great company and represent and support this sport in a professional positive and passionate manner. I being in the hospitality and service oriented industry where guest satisfaction is #1 priority, therefore I greatly appreciate when other companies provide and implement that practice..
Mahalo to Kialoa...