Monday, August 31, 2009

Cooper Neil off to College

Great Surfer, artist, musician, good friend and all round great person, Cooper Neil off to Flagler College down in St. Augustine . Coop starts a new chapter of his life three hours south of here. We'll miss him here in the line up and around town but new friends and a fresh new start is always exciting.

Tim and Gail, your baby has moved on but remember the last 18 years you prepared him well with knowledge and wisdom giving him every opportunity available and he will succeed in life's travels. Being only three hours away and St. Augie having more frequency of surf, we'll still see him often.. Here is a few pics and Coops art.
Good Luck Coop ......Mahalo
Cooper's first day at St Augustine, got small surf..

Coop on the SUP

Cooper's Art work

River SUP Instruction

The popularity of Stand Up Paddle Surfing / Boarding another discipline has become White water River SUP.. Here is a short video instruction with Luke Hopkins from Stride SUP rapid river here on the coast but looks like fun and will have to try sometime..

The Basics;
When Stand Up Paddle boarding whitewater make sure to have a durable board that can hold up to the rocks and always where a helmet and a life jacket. The most important aspect of whitewater paddle boarding is maintaining forward speed with powerful forward strokes. This will help to keep you in control of your board and not the river.

River SUP Instruction with Luke Hopkins from Stride SUP from luke hopkins on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hunting Island Sunday

Pics are starting to surface from this past week of waves. These are from Tim's camera mounted on the tripod with a telephoto lens. Jesse and I are still reeling'' from this session.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Burke's Beach Video of Monday's left-over swell

We had the Bill Swell fade to knee -thigh left overs. Being a bit tired from the weeks worth of waves I decided to shoot some shots and video of the boys surfing and sup'ing. Here is the crew. Cooper, Frankie,RuRu, Ken, Micheal, Shea, Perry having fun. at least were not working..

Monday, August 24, 2009

'' Water shots '' Stand Up at Hunting Island Yesterday

Here are shots taken by Tim Neil's smaller 35 mm water camera. He swam out and caught some of the SUP action from our Hunting Island session yesterday...
What I love about Hunting Island;
''is its only an hour's drive but seems a world away.. ''
'''No million dollar homes, just a sub-tropical forest on the edge of the beach..'''
Sharing with a great friend...

look out !
Jesse backside charm
pocket drop
lookin' left, set rail, apply paddle and enjoy the ride
Jesse getting a rare front side left
What a wall

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stand Up at Hunting Island today....

Jesse, Brett, Tim and I headed to Hunting Island State Park for the day after Hurricane Bill passed bye our area yesterday. We were graced with 3-4 foot surf w/ offshore winds all morning. Jesse and I paddled as Brett and Tim surfed and took the pics and video. Mahalo to you two.. We surfed alone catching lots of waves. Here is some pics from today. The video of our session too . Can you guess the music on the video.? ... . Jesse was on the sub Vector and I on the PSH 9-6 waa. Both boards worked great and smiles were on all our faces after surfing.. This evening we all are suffering from ''Polynesian Paralysis'' after surfing and paddle surfing the last three days. Thanks ""BILL''''

Jesse on the many rights Hunting Isle style

A Speedy Left
Head high peak off the groin
Setting up for the rebound...

Tim's son Cooper yesterday at N.Forest Beach

Tim's pics are loaded on his Smugmug site below.. If you surfed Hilton Head this past swell, see if your there and order a print or two...

Video from Hunting Island today.. O --sooo much fun..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fellow SUP'er Tod ''Motopilot' Neiling at New Smyrna

Motopilot on his PSH at New Smyrna Beach this morning.. Thats some East Coast size !
Thanks for Sharing Tod

Friday, August 21, 2009


Fun waves this morning. Tim took a lot of shots and will be posting on his smug mug page later this weekend and talks of Tim creating a slide show disc of the surf happening this week. You may be on it..See him on line @ smugmug (below right) or at the Beach Break reserve a copy...
Was great to get back into the water with my replaced Kialoa Methane Paddle. Just in time for the waves... My PSH 9-6 waa fits my stand up paddle surfing genre and style...Seems it was made for me Jamie Jesse RuRu and Perry all had great rides on the Stand Ups . Total Fun... More pics to come...
Fun peaks up and down the beach, Me laying down a bottom turn

Top turn

Racing the section

Cooper, Tim's son, getting it on'
In the pocket eye down the line..
Jamie on a great left
Jesse left glide setting up for the rebound
Perry Hartley'' Nice right''
RuRu 's peak..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inlightened Chas Plasse to Paddle Surfing

Long time college friend, lacrosse player, fellow surfer, teacher, shaper and great dad, Chas Plasse went Paddle Surfing today for the first time. He was stoked and humbled by the fact how much of an impact Stand Up Paddle Surfing has to the mind, body and soul. Experiencing this is truly a gift. He'll be back for more..

Surf Report for this weekend.....

Southern States (Florida, Georgia, SC):

Today (Wednesday the 19th) conditions continue to be fairly small in the knee to waist high range, but tonight the first small to moderate pulse SE fills in from what was Tropical Depression Ana. Peaking Thursday morning this initial pulse of swell is looking to be around waist to chest high+ with 11-second periods. Thursday evening things back down again, holding in the knee to waist high+ range from ESE Friday. The big event is due to take place Saturday though, when surf a couple feet overhead and up to Double Over Head+ at stand out breaks fills in with 15-second periods thanks to Hurricane Bill. The swell is due to peak late Saturday holding through Sunday morning before backing off to the waist to chest high+ range next Monday. Note that the swell angle will be fairly E, with an ESE component leaving not much angle, this could cause a lot of close out sections with some extreme size and could be very dangerous, but most of the southern states will be getting decent sized surf for the weekend. Get on it early, history shows the most powerful part of the swell being the initial hit, and bring spare boards. Stay tuned...:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun little surf , beautiful morning...

Jesse , Perry Hartly and I paddled early sunrise this morning. Great sunrise as clouds offering spectacular colors and hues. The little knee thigh high surf rolled in as the tide dropped. Pre-warm up session before the Hurricane Bill sends us some swell later this week.

A little left on the PSH 9-6 waa
Jesse floater on the Sub Vee
Jesse foam turn
looking down the line
One of the bigger rights for today..
Perry on his last wave
Sunrise beauty..
Jesse working it...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Leleo Kinimaka describes the piviot turn

Want to share with you Leleo's explination why and how the piviot turn works for him as well as all of us.. Thanks to Stand Up Paddle Magazine

Turning from Standup Paddle Magazine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paddled two days in Fla St. Augustine

Went down to visit my brother in Orlando who entered the Criminal Justice Academy after finishing this past Feb. his 400 day tour in Iraq defending our freedom and serving this great country. Yesterday was his graduation from the police academy so I stopped down in St. Augustine for a paddle Mon and Today. Fun little clean waves and met some really cool fellow sup'ers. Here are pics from the local surf report there. Always fun on the Stand Up..
Most importantly it was an honor was to watch my brother receive his diploma and to support his cause in the Criminal Justice profession. I'm so proud of him. He's my hero..!!

Great little waves to play on with the Strand Up board

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun Saturday Burke's Beach 2-3 ft Waves

Fun surf here on the Right Coast of Hilton Head SC. That's why I SUP, even the small waves can be exciting and fun. That's what its all about !
Tim Neil, Surfing since the 60's, photographer , restaurant owner and great friend..
With his Skip Frye..
Tim Neil on his Skip Frye
Michael F.

Scott Allen
Tim S.

Down the line
Rusty backside
Tim S.