Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stand Up at Hunting Island today....

Jesse, Brett, Tim and I headed to Hunting Island State Park for the day after Hurricane Bill passed bye our area yesterday. We were graced with 3-4 foot surf w/ offshore winds all morning. Jesse and I paddled as Brett and Tim surfed and took the pics and video. Mahalo to you two.. We surfed alone catching lots of waves. Here is some pics from today. The video of our session too . Can you guess the music on the video.? ... . Jesse was on the sub Vector and I on the PSH 9-6 waa. Both boards worked great and smiles were on all our faces after surfing.. This evening we all are suffering from ''Polynesian Paralysis'' after surfing and paddle surfing the last three days. Thanks ""BILL''''

Jesse on the many rights Hunting Isle style

A Speedy Left
Head high peak off the groin
Setting up for the rebound...

Tim's son Cooper yesterday at N.Forest Beach

Tim's pics are loaded on his Smugmug site below.. If you surfed Hilton Head this past swell, see if your there and order a print or two...

Video from Hunting Island today.. O --sooo much fun..

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