Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Glen on the 10'-3'' PSH

Here is a short video of me on the the 10'-3'' Paddle Surf Hawaii . Video was shot this morning at Burke's Beach. Fun little clean waves. I'm amazed at the size of this wave. It must of been a larger set wave today because the waves in my still pics of the ''breakfast crew'' were not this big.. Jill, Thanks for the video...

Fun glassy waves Tuesday morning

Fun knee high glassy waves fun on the Stand Up board. RuRu, BA, Nancy W, Jamie, Bayley, Scott and I were sharing the waves. Must of been a back ground swell. Don't know if it was the wave action from this past week or if TS Laura was sending a little bit of swell. Small but long lines. A few came in that were thigh at best..

.. Here is a link to Jamie's blog

Nancy and RuRu sharing a wave

Scott Allen on one of his waves, getting better on the SUP
Jamie the glide

BA on one of her waves
Bayley C. having fun
Bayley trying to drive the big 8' footer
Jamie on the a right slide
Keep lookin' Bayley

Monday, September 29, 2008

Some pics from Burkes Beach before and after the Kyle Sunday swell

Here are some pics of the this morning and Saturday morning between the ''Sunday Kyle one day swell''. Jamie, Bayley Cashion and I were out having fun on the clean waves. Bayley was on

my 9'-0'' sunny daze longboard and Jamie and I on the SUP's ...Photos taken by Bayley's mom Jill Cashion. Thanks for pics and documenting the sessions. Mahalo mom

Bayley on Short board
Bayley on the 9'-0'' gliding
Bayley in the pocket.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hunting Island session with Kyle Swell

Jesse and I headed over to Hunting Island to catch the morning high tide with a buoy readings of 4.6 at 11 sec east swell from Hurricane Kyle. The waves were waist to head high during the 4 hour session. The waves would peak up and reel fast for 30-40 yards along the shallow inside before the curtain fell. Super fast and hollow at times. Hunting Island lost a lot of beach front sand from the two Nor'easters a few weeks ago.
I was on the 10-3 and Jesse on the 10-2 fish. The boards worked great . Jesse broke his wooden paddle. Carbon Fiber will be Jesse's quiver soon. Here are some pics from this morning. The sunlight in the background made it tough to shoot.

Sunrise , Morning glory..
Jesse heading left
Glen in the pocket
Left speed run
Jesse on one of many fun lefts
Glen , backside charmJesse , head high

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Puerto Escondido Contest Pictures and video

Stand Up Paddle Surf a Firing Puerto Escondido "Mexican Pipeline"
A video of SUP 8-12 ft Mex pipe..

Scott Chandler and Chuck Patterson Puerto

Pics from www.supsurfmag.com

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heavy offshores with 3-4 ft surf from a Sub tropical low off the Carolina's

We were graced with some fun surf today. The winds were heavy off shore and had a swell from the Nor'easter which was from a sub tropical low off of the Carolina's. Today the off shores knocked down the swell a bit but was still fun. I went to Burke's Beach to shoot some pics . I had pulled a muscle in my back on Monday so today was the first real day it was feeling good so I decided I should still take it easy , a wise move.. Then Jesse' called, and said ''lets hit it". I lent him one of my boards and we headed over to the Dunes House in Palmetto Dunes for the last hour of daylight. Jesse's peer pressure and super clean waves, could not pass it up. I just had to go in.. It was super fun and easy on the SUP. Jesse got a little barrel and I caught some steep chest high lefts. My back felt good and loose. I'll be stiff tomorrow.. Mahalo to Jesse for getting this old man out for a session..

Below are pics from Burke's. Jamie was all over the waves on his Bonga' SUP and my friends below were getting great rides surfing the fun waves.. Watched John Tolly get slotted on a perfect left barrel.. elevated the stoked factor.Fun Fun Fun

Jamie on a right

Open face right
This was a super fast wave for Jamie
Jamie , Little lip hit.
Pat Mills setting it up for his left

Billy Hughes
John Tolly on one of many
Shey S. sliding on a left
William Urbin movin' it down the line
James Urbin setting up for the lip hit

Monday, September 22, 2008

Laird Hamlton's ''Forces of Nature'' book and Interview

I was talking with a friend who mentioned she watched an interview with Laird Hamilton and his aquatic lifestyle and they showed Stand Up Paddle Surfing during the interview. After watching the news segment, she's interested in paddle surfing ...
Laird has a new book due out in Oct/Nov..
Laird Hamilton 'Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul' (And, of Course, Surfing)

(Amazon's editorial review of the book..)
With a superhero’s physique, a superhuman athlete/model wife, and the ocean as his office, Laird Hamilton’s charmed lifestyle is enviable.
Now, for the first time, he shares his secrets for living a perfectly balanced life. Force of Nature opens a window onto the unique physical regimens, mental strategies, and spiritual beliefs that has allowed Hamilton to do what he loves, while being surrounded by family and radiating peak health and fitness.
Hamilton shares his life-enhancing approach to constantly challenging oneself to improve in three distinct areas:
-body—Hamilton's comprehensive guide for fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehabilitation also includes his first-ever surf tutorial with specific how-to information about his sport
-mind—in this revealing look at the inner life of a world-class athlete, Hamilton talks about conquering fear, adversity, and negativity while embracing the promise of change that each new day holds-soul—from finding one's passion to traveling a less-trodden path, Hamilton invites readers to look inward, forging their own set of core spiritual beliefs that will literally determine the course of their lives
To elite athletes, blockbuster celebrities, and the rest of us, Laird Hamilton has proven to be the authority on performance and living as fully as possible. Now he shares his recipe for living in this highly anticipated book.
Surfing legend Laird Hamilton is going back to the roots of his sport by teaching and practicing stand up paddle surfing. Sandra Hughes reports from CBS

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun waves Sunday 9-21... The SUP ''ZONE''

Today was a great morning . We had waist to chest high waves with wind less that 10 knots out of the NNE, The usual crew was in the water Stand Up Paddling or surfing. Jamie, Jesse and I were on the SUP's just catching a lot of waves in the early afternoon 3 hour session. Several standout surfers just ripping it up in the fun waves; John T. was all over it., Billy.H, Chris B. , Chris H., Pat M. , Eric S. Mike P., Nancy and Gerry, Dane, The Urban boys, Jordon, Reggie, Scott A. Several others who's names escape me at the moment who got some fun waves.

The'' ZONE '' is a forum site about the sport of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. I'm often found here every day reading topics and adding comments.

It's a forum site on Stand Up Paddle Surfing called the


Welcome to Stand Up Zone. Whether you call it SUP, Beach Boy Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Stand Up Paddle, or just Stand Up, this is the spot. We hope you will help us make The Zone a friendly and informative home on the web for our exceptional sport.

It has a lot of great reads on various topics all about Stand UP Paddle Surfing. Check it out and surf it..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brian Vaughn ''Off the Hook Charters'' New to SUP

Capt. Brian Vaughn of ''Off The Hook Charters'' www.offthehookcharters.com gets into Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Acquiring a Danai 10'-2'' Fish, we paddled early this morning in the Shelter Cove Marina area to get some flat water time and to get use to the board and paddle. He's eager to get the board in the surf and catch waves. Today with the Nor'easter,he'll get his chance.. A family man, awesome surfer, fishing captain, artist and now Stand Up paddler. He's a great person and all about the adventure. Visit his charter site and his artwork at
Brian's new SUP
Pivot tuning in the basin
Marsh paddle outside the Marina
Capt.Vaughn at work..
Captain Brian Vaughn native of Hilton Head has been fishing the area for over 25 years. From a very early age he was taught fishing techniques and learned valuable skills from some of the Islands best fishing guides. He is very dedicated to making every trip a safe, productive and a memorable experience for his clients. He has been guiding for many years some of the best light tackle & fly fishing charters in South Carolina.
An artist as well as a fisherman, with a bachelors degree in fine art from the University of South Carolina. Vaughn specializes in the ancient art of Gyotaku (Japanese for fish print) where a real fish is caught and inked, then rubbed with rice paper leaving a detailed image of itself. It's a great option for every client to have there catch made into a unique piece of art to preserve there fishing memories.
Please view Capt./Artist Vaughn's Fish Prints at OriginalFishPrints.com