Thursday, September 4, 2008

Smaller waves today, Broke paddle and Duke Oceanfest video Pt 2

Again there were some waves today, Smaller as the NE winds died and the Hanna storm was disorganized a few days ago.Still waist high to one or two chest high sets rolled thru.. Still SUP'd w/ Jamie, Mick and RuRu and all my surfing friends.. No pics today.. Sorry...
The worst part of today was breaking my Pohaku CF paddle near the shaft-blade area. Was bottom turning on a wave and leaning on the shaft pretty hard then it popped, face plant on the shaft and blade cutting my face and bruising my wrist and ribs.. Cleaned the cut out and pulled a piece of carbon fiber splinter from the wound.. All good. Need to get another paddle.. Now we are under a TS watch for Friday as Hanna moves northward... I'm sure the surf will get larger and winds will blow.. Saturday may be the day w/ possible offshore winds..

Here is Pt 2 Video of the 2008 Duke OceanFest.. Enjoy..,,

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