Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun little clean surf today..

We has some fun little clean waves in the rain. thigh waist high on some sets but was great to get in the water. The new Starboard 8-10 wide pint seems to be working for me at the moment. The real test will be waves with size and shape. Its a very stable and loose board with a lot of maneuverability. Here are some of the first session with the GoPro on the nose. Seppe, Pat and Heather had fun in the drizzly clean surf..

New SUP Mag for Woman... SUPPIE

Look Out For 'SUPPIE' Magazine Late This Spring!! A SUP Magazine for the Ladies!


Inaugural Issue Slated for Spring 2012 ENCINITAS, CA, February 6, 2012 – Nikki Gregg, renowned stand-up paddle fitness advocate, has signed on as Editor-in-Chief of SUPPIE Magazine, debuting this Spring. Gregg, who inspires people worldwide through her top water instruction, will take the lead in sharing her personal and professional knowledge with women looking to enhance their own health and fitness through workouts emphasizing safety, technique and balance. SUPPIE Magazine will be a reflection of Nikki Gregg and others who have made sincere commitments to inspire women through fitness, health and an awareness of balance on the water,” says magazine publisher Reid Inouye. He adds, “The SUP market for the female 25-54 demographic has growing at a 100% pace over the last two years, and there is a need for authoritative, trustworthy information and guidance regarding both the overall lifestyle and consumer buying choices in it.”

Woman have been taking to SUP for a variety reasons and they are driving the growth of SUP. Its not just a sport but their '' lifestyle''...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

10' x 34'' Starboard Whopper.

We have this board if your looking to demo it. Wide stable and pretty loose on the wave. Made for the larger person who wants stability and maneuverability plus great just paddling it around on the waterways.. In AST construction. Hit me up if you'd like to try it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Starboard's Pro Ride 8'-0''

Check out the 2012 Connor Baxter 8'0" Pro Ride Starboard surfboard. Quad or 2+1 in the Silver construction

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1 st sessions on the new Starboard 8-10 WP model

We had some small little E swell late last evening and early this morning. 2-3 ft and pretty clean You had to be selective when the sets rolled thru due to the sand bottom was shallow so most of the waves dumped. If you caught the peaky shoulder you had some open face to work with. The 8-10 was stable for my husky frame,the narrow pulled in tail allowed the board to be very was maneuverable but the wide nose allowed for stability. I was able to gain speed in the turns so it seems fast on the wave face. More sessions will tell. Always fun ...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Team Rider for Starboard ....

Starboard SUP has graciously decided to sponsor me as part of their team rider/ambassador program. I will be riding some of the new 2012 models in the surf, race/touring and cruising.. I will be promoting their SUP products and sharing the passion of Stand Up. I will be on one of the Starboard models when I paddle so anyone wanting to try them, just ask? Starboard has 51 shapes and all have several types of construction from high end Carbon Fiber to three pricepoint epoxy layups, wood vaneer and soft top models ...

I will be on a 8-10 Wide Point Silver, 10' Whopper AST, and a 14' Race BC coast runner..


Here is the new fleet of Starboard SUP's we just received. H2O Sports is the new Starboard dealer so hit us up if your looking for a SUP model. We have a couple of demos so let me or H2O Sports to float a couple..

Here are the models that arrived today..

8-10 WP
14' Race BC Coast Runner
Brooke's 12 SUPer SUP/Windsurf crossover

11-2 Blend AST

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun Surf this Afternoon

We had some fun little surf late this afternoon. Wind were onshore and wave choppy then the clouds moved east as the winds followed. The offshores started and the surf cleaned up and the waves were thigh waist high making a fun session. Perry Jamie and I were out paddling along with Chris Black surfing sharing the long awaited waves. Good to catch a few in some decent surf.. Its been too long................

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paddle Social today.

We all met a Palmetto Bay Marina Boat launch and noticed the 10-25 knot NE winds so we decided transport crew and boards to Old Oyster Factory and do a 4-5 mile down winder. Was a great paddle, warm, overcast and we took are time just enjoying being on the water in mid Feb.
Paddle Social Crew today..

We will be doing another Paddle Social on Sun April 1st 3-5 pm at Old Oyster Factory.
''Paddle For a Purpose'' Then a little cocktail gathering at Scott's Fish Market at Shelter Cove. This will benefit Hospice of the Low Country and Hospice of Hernando in Fla. In memory of my Mom and anyone who would like to name a person in their memory.. Details will follow.. .

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Starboard Toys on the the way ..

I have a few new Starboard SUP's being delivered on Mon/Tues ..1st is a 8'-10''x 32'' ''Wide Point'' in Silver model, a surf /wave model smaller but wide for stability...2nd ; 10' x 34 '' - Whopper in AST construction, a wide stable wave glider small choppy surf allowing maneuverability and stability and flat water paddling,:... 3rd is a 14' x 28 race model ''Coast Runner'' that has a flatter rocker for the long distance paddles..

Looking forward to getting on these new boards and experiencing the next chapter of my Standup Paddleboarding life..

H2O Sports will be dealer for Starboard SUP and will be carrying their product line. We are receiving some new SUP models for our rental / lesson fleet and store in Harbour Town . If you are interested in Starboard SUP's contact us for a demo .

Here is the Starboard product line.


8-10 Wide Point

10' Whopper

14' Race Coast Runner.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paddle Social this Saturday , Palmeto Bay Boat Landing ..10:30 am

Hey Local Sweepers,
Just a reminder that we're having another SUP Social on this Sat, 2/18 at 10:30. We will meet at the boat ramp under the Cross Island bridge, on the way to Palmetto Bay Marina. Hilton Head Island We'll be paddling out with the tide and back in with the tide, should be a nice paddle. If you need some boards contact social organizer Mark Wray at

Outside Hilton Head at (843) 686-6996

Pics from this past early winter's SUP Social

Da' Sweepers

Sunset Pro ,... Stand Up World Tour Vid..

The 2012 Sunset Beach Pro wraps up with epic conditions from the Quarterfinals to the Podium. Huge swells and wind conditions made the extended holding period worthwhile, with wave selection being a major factor in crowning this year's champion.Congrats to all the athletes that participated in the 2012 Sunset Beach Pro. It was a tight competition all around, with our top four competitors sweating it out till the very end. 1) Bonga Perkins ~ Hawaii, 2) Kai Lenny ~ Hawaii, 3) Peyo Lizarazu ~ France, 4) Ikaika Kalama ~ Hawaii

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Surf cam for Burke's, Folly Field and Westin Beaches

Hilton Head Vacation Rentals your guide to Homes and Villa Island wide have added a cam facing the ocean on one of their Ocean Front properties. The cameras and zoom south towards Burke's Singleton Beaches and North to the Westin Hotel to the point at Port Royal Sound and out to Jointer Banks.. Will add this to my site for quick viewing just above the Dunes cam ... Now we can see whats really going on.. Thanks to H.H. Vacation Rentals, 800Beach me for hosting the site..

Special thanks goes to Jesse Cadman and Mike Wood . So when you see them, Thank them for the visual access to the north end surf beaches, via the web...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wipe Out of the Day.....

Stand Up Paddling on the biggest stage with a thrilling ride until the curtain closes

and the show is over.. Now your '' Rollin' and Tumbling ''


Sanding the rails on our Molded 11' H2O Sports All-Ride models .

This is the second one in this production run . These will be used at Harbour Town and

South Beach this summer as part of the lesson fleet.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stand Up World Tour ,,,,Trials....

Stand Up World Tour going on at Sunset Beach Hawaii.Here is some action from the trials before the main event

Sunday, February 5, 2012

SUP fished again..

Jesse and I paddled over to the fishing area and was a bit slow until the ultimate fisherman came by and was showed us how to catch fish, the Dolphin. He tail slammed and rolled and came up two different times with fish in its mouth.. It was an "aquatic break dance" that we had the honor to witness just yards away... Humbling felling you experience after seeing nature at its best...Later as the tide started to move we started getting bites and a few fish on the lure. Smaller fish than yesterday but just as fun.. GOOD TIMES........Smile for the camera.. Catch and Release program for us...

Jesse all stoked..

SUP Fishing.. only thing better would be 3'-4' ft Surf...

Low Country SUP' RedFishing

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Fishing...

I paddle fished in shallow water off some of the local docks and was able to catch several sizable Redfish. My largest catch was 33 inches. All of the fish I caught was over 25'' easy. I had several that broke off or the lure was let go and one fish just ran toward the docks and I couldn't stop. Must have been pretty big and hid in the poles. Today reminded me of catching school Stripers up north. All fish were released for the next time.. Weather was perfect overcast ,light winds and warm 71* F temps ... Low Country fishing at its best..

Friday, February 3, 2012