Friday, February 17, 2012

New Starboard Toys on the the way ..

I have a few new Starboard SUP's being delivered on Mon/Tues ..1st is a 8'-10''x 32'' ''Wide Point'' in Silver model, a surf /wave model smaller but wide for stability...2nd ; 10' x 34 '' - Whopper in AST construction, a wide stable wave glider small choppy surf allowing maneuverability and stability and flat water paddling,:... 3rd is a 14' x 28 race model ''Coast Runner'' that has a flatter rocker for the long distance paddles..

Looking forward to getting on these new boards and experiencing the next chapter of my Standup Paddleboarding life..

H2O Sports will be dealer for Starboard SUP and will be carrying their product line. We are receiving some new SUP models for our rental / lesson fleet and store in Harbour Town . If you are interested in Starboard SUP's contact us for a demo .

Here is the Starboard product line.


8-10 Wide Point

10' Whopper

14' Race Coast Runner.

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