Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nicole Nicole Nicole, Thank you.....

We had some of the better surf with TS Nicole passing bye. NW winds glassed off the 3-5 ft local storm surf from yesterday and the result was surf better than the two peak hurricane swells that we had two weeks ago. Below are some pics that Tim Neil shot in the 12 pm hour. See his pics from today and some from Igor on his Smug Mug site. There were some nice shots.
Today was one of my best sessions on a SUP with several outstanding rides. I know all the other surfers out there today had outstandung rides too.
He's got Earl, Igor and Nicole gallery's. Check it out...

Jamie on his Naish 9-3

Glen trying the new surf 9-6 Fanatic
Pat L in his New 9-6 Surf Fanatic

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go Pro on my new PSH 9-6 WR

I finally attached a base plate to the nose of my PSH 9-6 Wide Ripper. Today we had some waist high waves as TS Nicole approached our waters. Winds were sideways offshore and waves were building but weak. I had some steep pockets but most of the flat waves rolled thru making for slow rides.. I took some frame grabs of the video. The overcast and gloomy Sky's made it look like winter. Still fun, fun, fun...

Neat perspective with the water being shot between the rails of the board
One of the better waves..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little clean waves, Perfect for Stand Up .....

Fun little left over waves that glassed off with the N winds after yesterdays SE big blow. Scott, Giuseppe , Pat, Brooke, Jesse and Glen getting some fun little waves along with others we all had an awesome time... Perfect for Stand Up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Everett Gauthier Jr Photos on Disc

Everett will be producing discs of all the surfing action that went on at Burkes Beach the past two swells. He has made one as a sample but it's a time consuming project. This will be a projectin the making and when completed I will announce when , where and how to get a copy.
He thought it would be cool to document the past September's wave action and pass it on to all the local crew.
Jamie M. Lip service

Scott A. paddling in to the sunrise glow

Sample Disc cover and Everett on the beach sharing the love..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Igor Swell this past, Monday Morning GoPro view

Fun clean waist high waves as the tide drops this past Monday morning. Hurricane Igor spinning in the North Atlantic sent us five days of fun waves . We all surfed and paddled hard some days having morning and late afternoon sessions. Igor was one of the better swell makers for us here on Hilton Head.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last full day of summer, Post Igor swell

Always fun surf when your with friends, no matter how good or lousy the surf conditions are..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Everett Gauthier Jr Paddleboarding pics from this morning.....

Everatt Gauthier has been taking shots of everyone surfing and having fun. He has been posting the HIS pics on FaceBook making us all look like Hawaiian Kings. When you see him on the beach you better shake his hand and thank Everett for standing on the beach for hours taking those shots. Thank you Everett.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today at Singleton Beach Igor waves

Just all kind of fun ,..Jesse, on the Sub Vector, Guiseppe on his 10 Naish Mana and Glen on the PSH 9-6 WR sharing the waves at Singleton Beach. Surf till you drop then suffer Polynesian paralysis at night..

H-Cane Igor late yesterday and am today session

Alot of the pics were taken by Everett Gauthier Jr who loves taking pictures is Now retired and living the good life. . If you see him on the beach say Hi..

Yesterday we had some fun surf with the swell from Igor sending us waves. Unfortunately we here in the ''armpit of the Atlantic''. The South Carolina a Georgia coastline receives small surf due to the continental shelf being so far away, extreme tidal flow and the offshore shallow sandbars that dissipate our surf. However, we are stoked as anyone else who love the sport of surfing and padldebording . When is on we get it no matter how big or small. We have a great group of surfers that all share the love of being in the water. OHANA .. We truly are lucky..