Saturday, August 30, 2008

2008 Duke's Ocean Fest , C4 Waterman Pt.1

Here is the you tube posting of part 1 on the 2008 Duke's Ocean Fest
great Hawaiian music and Stand Up footage of the early rounds.

Thanks to www. for the pic and tomestokes for the video..

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun, glassy, Stand Up waves again this Morning

There was fun glassy waves this morning. Knee to thigh high fun waves.. When your with friends there are no worries and the world gets put on hold..
Jamie cutback
Scott Allan on his first SUP wave
RuRu in the pocket
Scott getting it wired
Peaches the ''SUP Dog'', guarding the PSH
Water shot of Jamie dropping in..
Jamie on the left
Mans best friend RuRu and Peaches
Michael on a fun one
Barbra Anne, '' You go girl...''

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paddled with Scott Allan of Scott's Fish Market

Scott and I went for a late morning paddle in Broad Creek. We left from Palmetto Bay Marina and paddled for 2&1/2 miles . Scotts first real distance paddle. He's hooked. He'll add a Stand Up to his quiver now...

Scott owns and operates Scott's Fish Market in Shelter Cove. Hilton Head Islands' unique, semi fine dining premier harbor front seafood and steak family restaurant featuring quality hand-cut steaks and the freshest seafood available!
Located waterside in Palmetto Dunes at Shelter Cove Marina, Scott's Fish Market offers indoor and outdoor dining overlooking Shelter Cove Marina in a comfortable yet sophisticated First Class Harbor Atmosphere.
Visit Scott's for their delicious dining from Chef Anthony and his staff, from 4:30pm daily except Sundays. Take out available by calling 843-785-7575.
See Tony and The Hurricane Harry's Outside Bar also features refreshing cocktails, ice cold beer, wine and daily entertainment near the water and view the Tuesday fireworks in the summer.
So come in and enjoy our soothing and relaxing atmosphere.
Whether you visit us for a cocktail, appetizers or dinner, we look forward to seeing you here!

The many views of Scott's Fish Market

Fun knee/thigh high SUP waves this Morning

The little ESE swell still showing it self even w/ a dropping tide. RuRu, Barbara Anne, Mick and I paddled and had a fun little session. It only lasted an hour or so before the tide dropped too much for the waves to break. Was knee/thigh high little prefect peelers and glassy, very little wind. Always fun with paddling with your friends. I know the SSW winds will be on the afternoon high tide.. Could be fun..

RuRu gliding bye....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Skull Creek Paddle and High Tide Paddle Surf session

Jesse and I had a full day of paddling. In the morning we paddled all over Skull Creek. Found a couple of points that hold little boat wake waves. The Ferry cruised by a few times and Jesse was able to snag a wave as it peeled down the shoals. Paddled by Hudson's Docks thru the fleet of Shrimp boats. ''Forest Gump'' flash back...Headed over to the shoals for a couple more ferry wakes but tide and direction for wake paddling all wrong.. After lunch we headed to Burke's for a Paddle Surf Session. There was a 2 ft ESE swell that was shadowed by the 10 knot SW winds. Fun thigh high choppy waves with 3/4 wave sets at 5 minute wait. Little sections for rebounding and re-form rides to the inside. Always fun on the SUP.. Awesome day with a great friend....

Jesse on the first wake wave in Skull Creek
Just Draggin'
Left over wake wave, This point closed out toward the end..
''Forest Gump''' That's my boat, ''Jen-naaay''
The scene of more to come...
Thigh high fun on the PSH
Paddle - Paddle - Paddle
Jesse on the inside all the way to the Folly..
Ready for the reform
Outside, paddling down the line..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First attempt at a SUP slide show.

A new program that downloaded for the water camera that creates, plays and records slide shows and videos. I was bored tonight so this is my first attempt at it. So here it goes. The SUP riders are my friends and I from my past posts. Some newer pics and oldies. I think it will work. Have to work on the speed of the slides. I can always delete the post if doesnt work. It was created in Quick Time format. If I have success this maybe a new way to post group pics.. Thanks, Glen

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tim Neil's SUP pic's from Yesterday.

Tim from BEACH BREAK GRILL took a number of pic from yesterday's SUP session. Below, here they are. Jamie, Eric, Jesse and myself..
Go see Tim at the BBG' for great Cuban and Pannini type sandwiches, Hot Plate of fresh Fish(Mahi/ Grouper) ,Chicken fish taco and great burritos all served w/ beans and rice and many hot sauces to complete the meal. The Mahogany Reef Bar is a great way to meet,greet and tell you surf and fish stories. After fishing,surfing,whatever, just come and grab the
taste of ALOHA..... Thanks Tim..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8-19 , Tuesday Stand Up Crew

The tropical storm 'Fay' comes ashore in lower Florida. Here in SC. we're receiving the feeder bands from the storm with East-North East winds . The on- shore winds provide a small local 2-3 foot swell. Choppy conditions. Fun but challenging. We had Eric Ruhlin, Jamie Maples, Jesse Cadman and Glen B. on the stand up crew.. As always fun w/ friends no matter the conditions. Tim Neil from ''Beach Break Grill'' showed up w/ his camera and took some great shots of our little SUP session. Tim's pics below.. Mahalo Tim
Glen on the 10-3 PSH
.... looking ahead for the section to build..
Eric on his JL 11',... getting better every session...
Jesse re-direction on the left w/ his 10-2'' fish
Jamie on the JL 10-0' bottom turn for the connection..
The Breakfast Stand Up Crew Club.. Jesse, Glen, Eric, Jamie Jamie in the little power pocket
Jesse power racing the lip..
Eric extracting every bit of the wave 'on the inside'

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Pre- TS "FAY" Waist high waves. today..

We had some great clean thigh to waist high waves today. Five minute wait between sets of 3-4 waves... Only four of us out early. 6:30am to 8am was the best incoming push. I was on the 10'-3'' PSH , Jamie was on the 10'-0'' JL 'surf' SUP and Eric was on the JL 11' . Scott from Scott's Fish Market was surfing his Rusty Longboard. We all traded waves for the hour & half session. I was getting the PSH wired and I'm there and Jamie was all over the lefts. Eric was gliding down the line and Scott had these long, long rides. What a great session. Now kids out surfing. Why? School started today.. John, Pat, Eric S. Billy paddled out at high tide to close out the morning waves They also scored fun clean waves... . No action pics, everyone wanted to be in the water... Can't blame them.... As was I

Samples of the waves..