Friday, August 15, 2008

A 10'-3'' Paddle Surf Hawaii added to Quiver

I had acquired a 10'-3'' Paddle Surf Hawaii (PSH) Molded Epoxy Stand Up board. I had applied the deck pad with a happy face tail stomp pad. Why? '' Paddle surfing makes me happy''.
The board's dimensions 10'-3" x 28-3/8"x 4-5/8" All Arounder model designed by
'Blane Chambers ' A flat deck across the full length with slight deck lift. All the rocker is in the bottom. 5&1/2 inches in nose and 4&1/4 in the tail area..All the thickness in middle where it needs to be for float but nose and tail foiled thin for performance.
Diamond tail with 2 + 1 fin set up. The Ferrari of Stand Ups
I had the opportunity to ride the little thigh high waved this morning. The board floated me high and dry, a little tipsy at first but was in tune in moments. I like the fact that when tipped on edge the rail recovers quick and easy . Catching waves was a breeze. I was stoked how easy the board turned and the great maneuverability on the waves. I like going back side now. It holds its edge and I'm able to redirect my tracking with ease. Cant wait to get on a larger wave..
Sorry no pics batteries were dead in the camera..

"" Have a nice Day''

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