Friday, August 1, 2008

''Big Momma'' Board review I gave for Ke Nalu's Board Showcase.

The 12 footer ''East Coast Paddle Surfing'' Soft SUP
Bottom , PVC slick
Demoing the board in February High and Dry, Air temp, 73' Water temp 51'
5 year old and I, total weight 250 lbs
75 year old Dad' on the board

Board Name, Big Momma,

Manufacturer East Coast Paddle Surfing

Length 12 ft,Width 32”,Thickness 4 & 3/4, Weight 31 #

Intended use, Flat water paddle, Resort/Rental market

Weight range, up to 300 lbs

Target skill, Beginner- Advance

Reviewer Weight, 195lbs Reviewer

Skill, Adv intermediate

MSRP, $1500Options (pad, fins, etc. ) Pad and fins w/ board

Evaluator impressions; This board is a flat water paddler. EPS foam w/ layers of glass encased with foam deck. and PVC bottom. It features a soft top deck w/ soft non-slip padded area. This is very stiff ridged soft top board. Bottom is a hard PVC slick surface that is flat rail to rail which makes for a very stable board.
There is 4 ” of nose rocker and 4 & 1/2 ” tail rocker over the 12 ft length. The rails have a harder foam incorporated to resist paddle hits and to guide the paddle as it enters and exits the water for a full paddle stroke.
The board has a single box fin system and a flexie 11” long fin. The boards weight is just 30lbs but feels heavy due to its large thick rails, width and length. Seems a bit heavier immediately after use. Perhaps the soft top absorbs some water which increases the weight for few hours. There are four leash plugs down the center of the board. The middle two are Ideal for adding a loop to slip the paddle shaft through to hold the board on your side for easy transportation.
Performance: The board is very very stable. It makes paddle surfing easy. Beginners who never have been surfing or done any type of board sport can stand up and enjoy paddling. There is no rail to rail tipsiness and it glides easily too. I have had the board on 2 foot waves which the board catches way way outside and just cruises thru the sections. A little tough to turn the board . You have to be way on the tail and ease it around. I have a heavy back foot so I found it not to be a problem but others have had trouble. In chop or boat wake the board remains stable and recovers well.
The Soft material on the deck gives new paddlers a sense of security and safety–it’s just less intimidating. I use the board for first timers so they’re up and paddling right away. After they have a good sense of balance and feel comfortable standing up, I move them to a little less stable board. Its a great board for lessons, Demo’s and getting anyone out on an SUP. I also use it as a platform to fish off of.. I set up a milk crate for my fishing equipment, attach the box to the second leash plug and paddle to the fishing area. Its a great board for everyone. I’ve had two adults on the board (myself and a 128 lb lady) cruising around, well over 300lbs, and it floated fine. My dad at 75 years old, first time ever on any board, was up in 10 minutes paddling around. From 5 to 75 years of age its a great family fun board. Simple maintenance, no issues, and very durable.

Manufacturer comments, Our own line of soft top, ECPS paddle boards features super stability, user comfort and fun!
The Hot Mama is 32” wide x 12’ long. Can float up to 300 lbs. Stability and size make it the ideal board for rentals. They ( ECPS) have Two other sizes to, Big Daddy 14′ x 34” and Grommet at 10′ x 30 wide. Target market is Rentals and Resort use. Fun for the whole family..

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