Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last day of July, Fun little surf.

Went out for an early paddle today at Burke's Beach. New to Stand Up was Brian Craig, who was on his 12-1 ''Laird'' paddle board. This was his first day in the waves. He was able to catch a few and I'm sure he was stoked. We will see more of him in the surf in due time. Fellow 'SUP' bro and healed foot, Jamie Maples, was on his new Jimmy Lewis 10-0 Surf model SUP. He was catching the lots of little waves too. That board looked loose under his feet. Young Bayley Cashion's was out on a SunnyDaze 10-0 Longboard. He caught some fun little waves. He had a smile from ear to ear.. His stoke reminded me of how I felt when I was a little ''tadpole'' surfing catching waves.. ... Always a great time even in little waves. As long as your with your friends sharing the moment. That's what its all about.

Brian w/ his Laird SUP
Brian paddling for the wave.
Jamie w/ his new JL 10-0
Jamie backside on the JL
Bayley on the SD 10-0, ''At the right place at the right time.''
Bayley sharing the set w/ Jamie
Bayley, ''One stoked kid...''
The Burke's Beach morning crew. Jamie, Bayley and Glen

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