Monday, July 7, 2008

Jamie Maples, SUP'ing again after 5 long weeks.

Jamie paddle out Stand Up...
One of many waves for Jamie today ... Priceless

Da Foot.... Da Screws... ouch.... Young Bayley paddle out in the chop...
...............................Jamie Maples returns to the water and SUP'ing after a painful 4 weeks of rehab on a broken foot. Having an operation on his right foot having five screws and plate put in to help mend the bone, he's back in the water. Just under 4 weeks of the operation (July 10th ) he was able to hop along the shoreline and get on his board. We planned the night before to meet and get him out in the surf. I told Jamie I would be his ""BE-OTCH''' and cart the SUP and get him in and out of the water. As soon as he entered the surf he prone paddled to the outside the surf zone and was able to stand for a bit and paddle around in the little 1-2 ft surf. The instant smile on his face made his day and mine. It was a gift to me being able to share the experience of a friend knowing it made an great impact on Jamie, being able to get out on the water again after 5 weeks of suffering. There was pep in his step.. We shared a lot of waves. He sat on the board like '' a waveski'' for many waves. I saw one wave where he was in the pocket leaning in the wave getting shampoo'd by the foam. STOKED""" Looks like he will be back.. Thanks Jamie, glad I was there for you... Glen

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