Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday SUP trip to Hunting Island South Carolina..

Jesse Cadman and I went over to Hunting Island this morning to get the last of the swell from the Hurricane/ tropical storm this past week. We had offshore conditions w/ 2 ft swell.. Was a great Stand Up Paddle surfing morning.. Friends Rufus (RU RU) and Barbara Anne ( B A) Weaver showed up and the four of us traded waves for 3-4 hours. Hunting Island State Park is only one hour away from Hilton Head but a world away from the tourists that invade our beaches in the summer..

I'd rather surf 2 foot waves w/only my friends , than surf 3-5 foot waves in a huge crowd.

Pics from today's adventure..

Had the save the best for last, me over and under.

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