Saturday, April 26, 2014

Whole bunch of lessons.

Had over 20 plus guests experience SUP and all of them are female paddle enthusiasts. Somehow I see a trend towards fitness and fun on the water and the ladies have it figured it out.. 
Whats not to love…..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jesse Jammin' at the Beach Club this morning.

Jesse solo sesh' this morning at the Beach Club just killing it on his 7-6 Stu Sharpe in the NE swell conditions.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15 Tax day, here is my return.. SURF

Some fun waist high waves for 30-40 min  before the SW winds picked up and chopped up the surface. 

Burn Fat and loose weigh with SUP

SUP is a great way for getting outdoors, interacting with nature and getting exercise. Nutrition and stress with Paddling. We all know getting outdoors  and paddling is a stress reliever  but in combination with proper nutrition will help burn fat and the result will be weight loss, 
 Great article about thin in Stand Up Journal Mag. 

In simple terms, Paddle and cut out Sugars and Carbs.

Here is the link  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

making our own

No Surf, no problem , make our own wave to surf and paddle.. A little harbor Town fun behind the new 22ft  Centurion Ski boat.. Kyle ( boat owner and Capt.) Jesse and I havin' fun.. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

getting out ...

With the incoming tide and knee high clean waves for a ride n' glide..I was lucky to get out for maybe an half hour before the strong 20 kt plus West  S West winds started cranking up pushing the front offshore and chopping up the waves to total crap.. 
The real highlight of today's session was the water warmed up dramatically. I would say the water temp was in the mid 60's F .. Spring has Sprung..

Friday, April 4, 2014

SUP'er Profile… Meet Ken Rioux..

Who Are you ?   
Ken Rioux Local outdoor enthusiast and Yoga Instructor

How did you start paddle boarding and Why? 
After being an avid surfer, I was introduced to Paddleboarding because of a knee problem and it enabled me to get back on the water.  4 years  ago 

Where do you do the most paddle boarding ?
 In "secret spots"on Hilton head where its is quiet and traffic is low

Who do you paddle with?
I usually paddle alone or with my dog but on other occasions teach paddleboard yoga and paddle with my wife and friends.

What type of paddle equipment do you use? 
Starboards are my preferred board and Kialoa Carbon Fiber is the preferred paddle.

What do you like about Paddle boarding? 
I love being on the water where life slows down and you can really observe our surrounding. It just feels good!

An amazing experience or encounter while paddle boarding  
While on a trip to Coast Rica my wife Jean and I went out in Garza Bay(secret spot) around a huge break in the surf to discover some Tortuga's in mateing season. Deep, Blue, clear water and mountains as far as the eye could see and not a motorboat or noise in our presence.

Your favorite non-paddle thing to do?
Vinyasa Yoga

Your favorite after paddle grinds? 
Hanging out somehwere quiet

Your dream vacation or surf trip?
Island Falls, Northern Maine on Pleasant Pond (another secret spot)

Your occupation  or what do you do for a living? 
Own a yoga studio with my wife Jean and teach Yoga.  Jiva Yoga Center..

Your hero or person (s) that have had an effluence on your life?
 My dog Liddey is my hero, she's never let me down. I am influenced by everyone that has the Aloha Spirit. That certainly includes my wife Jean.

Something people don't know about you and willing to share?
I would love to share, maybe we can hang out and talk sometime. No texting please:)

Last words  or thoughts you'd like to share? 
See you on "DA WATER"
Thanks to Glen Barroncini for setting us up with SUP!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Unexpected young local made an appearance

Had young calf, Atlantic Bottle-nose Dolphin,  make an unexpected appearance in front of our group today. The inquisitive dolphin played and swam with us as we paddled. Probably wondering what we were doing in is environment.
Hung out with us for awhile, ''I should of put him/or her on my payroll. ''