Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Small left overs for Monday

Took shots again of John Heidel and Jesse on the SUP's and Scott and Michael F. surfing their longboards. Smaller surf, cooler temps and drizzle  that had filled in today.  Brrrrrr….and I was not in the water.. 
Time to get out of town.. See ya'll in a week or so.. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sweet surprise Sunday

I was just getting over the flu still not 100 %, so I decided to shoot from the beach. Jamie, Scott, Ricky & Brandon  were grabbing some fun waves. Jesse was shooting from the water then borrowed Jamie's SUP for a few waves.. Here are the moments from this morning..

You ever wonder how we get the killer water shots. Here is Jesse swimming on the inside shooting Jamie on a backside right today. The second photo below is Jesse's view of Jamie's wave  .. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Fun waves filled in as the huge Low off of New England. A strong N-NE swell headed south to the Florida and Caribbean. We were lucky to receive refraction swell and offshore winds. Tim Santini, Scott Allen, Ken Rioux, Jesse Cadman and I  got are groove on in the 3-4 ft waves...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Caitlin Lawson's ''SUNBURNT and SALTY ''Blog Yoga to improve your surfing..

"" Yoga and surfing complement one another quite well: both are super fun, they both require you to be completely present, and each time you roll out your mat or paddle out for a surf you tend to learn a little bit more about yourself. But aside from making you feel good, a consistent yoga practice can also make you a better surfer.Yoga, especially a Vinyasa style of yoga, is an amazing way for surfers to cross train:strengthening the core, building stamina, increasing lung capacity, sharpening coordination and creating flexibility. A regular yoga and meditation practice is also a powerful way for surfers to work through mental blocks, to restore their bodies after a tough session, and to help prevent injuries while out in the water "  Caitlin Lawson 

Here is the link to Caitlin's  Sunburnt and Salty  article on how Yoga will improve your surfing and in life.  
Caitlin originally  from Hilton Head now living in Puerto Rico. She is a RYT certifird Yoga instructor  teaching Yoga at her Sunburnt and Salty Yoga co. , surfing and giving surf lessons. Living a great life in the Caribbean. ….   Thank you Caitlin…..

Puerto Rico lo hace mejor!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter SUP at Mavericks

Couple of Standup Paddleboarder ride some big waves at Mavericks Surf break in Half Moon Bay, California.
Camera and Edit by Paul Topp http://www.paultopp.com