Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rainy ,windy, high tide chop waves this morning

The weather was angry this morning allowing for some wind whipped, rainy surf. A few moments it rained buckets that felt like pellets.The astronomical high tide and easterly wind was pushing water up on the dunes. There was lot of wood, trees, timbers, decks, foam, weed and crap floating in the surf. These super high tides are ''Natures filter" cleaning out the marshes of debris. I was able to snag a few good waves as well as Jamie ,Scott and John. We , four, were the only nuts out on the beach . Was well worth it..

Raining hard, sideways
in mid-top turn
Nice hip high wave

Stroking out punching thru the surf...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some great SUP footage...Enjoy

Here is some eye and ear candy of Makaha Stand Up Surfing to get us thru the flat Ocean here. C4 Waterman Ambassadors at Mel Puu's Makaha Contest 2009.. ENJOY

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today's Funky SUP Video

Had some fun surf today with the SSE winds overnight. The wind dropped off during the incoming tide allowing for some semi lumpy surf. Jamie, Jesse John T. and I along with a dozen other surfers reaped the rewards. Tim Neil shot the pics . Jesse's GoPro captured a few shots too. I Paddle surfed for a good 2&1/2 hours . STOKED....

John T 'aerial assault"

Jesse's wave shot by Tim ...

... A second later captured by the Go Pro ...

Pat LeMahaute Custom Race Stand Up Paddle Boards

Yesterday I was introduced to Pat LeMahaute who shapes custom RACE stand up paddle boards. LMShapes Pat's logo builds custom racing SUPs. Each board is designed to suit the racer's weight, height and stability requirements for proper drag profile and stability curves.
Pat LeMehaute started shaping sailboards in the late eighties. With an engineering degree, he brought a technical edge to sailboard design and cont ruction.Under the Berky Composites label, he produced both molded and custom sailboards using the most advanced composites techniques available. In the late 90's, many of the top World Cup competitors were racing on Berky Composites Sailboards.As the sailboard industry declined in the early 2000's, he shifted gears and got into boat building. The end result was a 38' trimaran which is currently day chartered in Hilton Head, SC.With over 20 years of shaping and composites experience, coupled with an extensive knowledge of hydrodynamics and computer aided design, Pat LeMehaute can fulfill the requirements of your next competitive SUP.
I had seen one of his boards and its unique shape that the nose displaces the water the bottom reduces drag and a recessed deck area the board just glides in the water. Kevlar glassing makes the 12ft board very light. Check it out, right here on Hilton Head ..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting out is always therapy...

Skipped out of work for an hour or so and was able to get out and paddle around the little knee high rollers. Grey skies, no wind, waves rolling in, on top of the SUP. ...Heaven

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jesse's first SUP video

Here is Jesse Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hilton Head Island's waves this past Sunday. Great video!.............

Monday, January 18, 2010

I just love Mornings on the Ocean

Paddled out in the am tide with a chest harness shooting video from that point of view. Cool perspective going down the line. Although the waves were small still fun. I needed to wear the camera yesterday in St. Augustine. Jesse took some video in yesterday's larger waves. Looking forward to seeing his footage. Having fun playing with the camera.. Next will be a better video editing program... Enjoy

My You tube version of the SUP chest view....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

St.Augustine session today...

Returning from the surf expo we stopped in St.Augustine for a session. Pat Burrell, Cooper, Jamie and I caught fun waves just as the strong winds went offshore and waves peaked before getting beat down. Jamie and I had to deal with the 15-20 knot winds outside on the stand ups as Cooper and Pat surfed the inside barrels. We all caught some great waves. I had two late take offs that the lip just crushed me letting me know.. ''just who is the boss''.. Was a great session after driving a few hours in anticipation of waves. ''Soothed the soul''.

Thanks to Tim Neil shooting from the shore we were able to relive the memories in digital j-peg. Visit Tim's site for those and many other great shots. Drop in and take a peak and see if he has a shot of you.. Order the pic, or make a T-shirt, mug ect.. Have that precious moment of you in action ..

Coop' in the slot.

Pat up on the north peak

Glen on an outside left ...

' O-no you Dont! '

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun Paddle today..

I was able to get out and paddle today. I followed a dolphin for 30-40 min and shot some video and pics w/ the camera. Unfortunately the video looks dark in the sunlight and the 270* view angle makes the dolphin look so far away. Tough to see. I watched the mammal surfacing 10-15 feet from my board still looks looks faraway. I followed him around the basin experimenting with the camera. I watched the dolphin tail whip a couple reds on the rock bank having his own seafood buffet. ..

Found a pic of the SUP demo pool at this years SURF EXPO in Orlando. The Sport of Stand Up Paddle is a featured highlight at the expo. Heading there tomorrow and Sat to see what new products are out there..

pic by Fox Lach

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Fishing..

Padlded fished yesterday afternoon. Temps 45*F, sunshine,low with incomming tide, great time. Caught one fish, a 12'-14' redfish . I had three good hits with a few moments of excitement. Lost them all but had one pull me around a little, Must of been a larger Red. Awesome day. Still playing with the GoPro camera, Enjoy ..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jamie SUP fishing today on 9-3 Sub Vector,

Jamie SUP fished by paddling his small 9-3 Sub Vector in the marsh trying for Reds or Trout. I'm sure he caught dinner. It was cold today ,Temps in the high 30's, brisk 10-15 knot N wind, current moving out of the spillway, numb toes, wish I was there too....
Jamie, A Waterman !

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Broad Creek Paddle with Russ T.

Finally had some calm winds to paddle in the warmth of the midday sun. Temps only reached up to 40*F allowing the opportunity to paddle. The NW winds subsided early being the perfect time to get out there before the forecasted S-SW winds picking up. Russ Tillman and I paddled the upper areas of Broad Creek during high tide. I used a chest harness to record the paddle. Water was clear at 47* F, sky so blue, marsh grass golden brown and not a soul around. Dress warm, hope not to get wet and have fun.. The two hour experience paddling with Russ was certainly a gift. Here is some video of our paddle.. ENJOY....

You tube version Had to do a new sound track due to PM Dawn's copyright laws.. Live and learn..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watersports Athlete Chuck Patterson..

Chuck Patterson is one of the most versatile athletes on the planet today. He charges and his adventures are amazing. Here is his blog site . You can read and follow his latest adventures. Since I got into using the GoPro camera, seeing Chuck's videos using the GoPro has me stoked on the camera.
Check it out...

Cortes Banks 100 miles out in the Pacific Ocean

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan 1st Stand Up Session

Jesse and I in the early morning having fun in the knee high surf. Forget the ''midnight ball'' in Times Square. Dawn patrol on the first day of the new year sharing it with a friend is my celebration for a Happy New Year. Small as is was, its fun and cleanses my soul.