Thursday, September 27, 2012

SUP Fishing for Reds

No Waves.. Go Fishing....Caught several Red Drum and one Trout.. Lost two large reds. They peeled of line and screamed my reel. I couldn't stop them when they took off thru the poles.. Great afternoon fishing off the SUP... Sorry all fish I catch go back in the water.. Catch and Release Program for me..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2013 Starboard ASAP 's

Soft Top with Hard Bottom Technology:

Single Wood stringers introduced overall stiffness. Wood half-­deck provides extra impact resistance on the deck. Extra strong bottom glass composite material provides longevity and low maintenance. Full EVA deck for a soft, comfortable touch. The EVA is grooved in the most important areas.
High density EVA around the rails for increased impact resistance. This high density EVA has been further toughened through a thermoform process which increases the surface density. The Soft sponge tail bumper further increases safety aspects. The US center fin box and FCS compatible side fin option makes the ASAP offering an absolute value winner.
  • The 12’0″x33″ is best suited for all around cruising and touring.
  • The 11’2″ x 30″ is the ul2mate flat water to wave cross-­‐over.
  • The 10’0″x34″ is best suited for all around paddling and wave riding.
  • The 9’0″x 30″ will get you out ripping in the waves.
  • The 7’7″ x 26.5″ will get your kids into the waves or you into surfing.

Key Selling Points:

  • Extra strong bottom laminate
  • Full size deck pad
  • Thermoformed rails and tail bumper for safety
  • Same great service and warranty
  • Best value

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jesse Cadman paddles to Tybee Island from Hilton Head

Jesse, Seppi and I, decided to go for a morning paddle over to Daufuskie Island crossing Calibogue Sound paralleling  Daufuskie. As we approached the Melrose area behind the sand bars mid Daufuskie way out front, Jesse sees the Tybee Island Lighthouse and puts his head down and paddles toward Georga. Seppi and I were checking out the sand bar as Jesse puts distance between us. Knowing I will not catch up, I paddle back to Harbour Town and hop in the center console heading over to Tybee looking for Jesse lending support for his crossing. I found him close to Tybee Roads in front of the Jetty  as a huge freighter crosses his path sending large swells from its wake..  He crossed the Savannah Channel among  turbulent currents and moving tide heading towards the lighthouse. I wait for him just outside the shallows as he completes the journey. A  Light House to Light House Paddle.. He paddled 12 plus miles navigating  the bars, shoals and currents.   
Below is Jesse's  quote and a his photos from today.. A well deserved Beer, or Two

''Paddled this morning from the Harbour Town Lighthouse (Hilton Head Island, SC) to the Tybee Lighthouse (Tybee Island, GA). Time for a cold beer''  : ) 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starboard SUP Coco Beach, Florida

Team Starboard SUP takes to the Warm Waters of Coco Beach, FL Directly after the 2012 Orlando Surf Expo! Zane Schweitzer, Sean Poynter, Annabel Anderson, Dan Gavere & the rest of the Team having some fun in the Warm waters of Coco Beach Florida!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Had Lessons with the local Dolphins

Had a couple of lessons today and my local friends showed up to say hello to some of my paddlers. Here is a view of the Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin looking toward the Lighthouse in Harbour Town, standing on top of the Starboard's Big Easy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wide Point working in the 2 ft surf..

Fun glassy 2ft surf today. Starboard's 8-10 Wide Point Brushed Carbon works great in the small weak surf. Playing with small fins so I'm able to release the tail at times but still holds drive thru the bottom turn thrusting down the line.. Fun Fun fun

'' I live to surf ''

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nadine Sunday Pics...

Here are some pics from Sunday's Session. Thanks to TS Nadine over 1,000 Miles away that still sent us a ground swell of  3ft at 14 sec.. All the pics from Jesse Cadman  and the  GoPro. He was  sitting inside taking shots as we surfed on bye... Was a great 3-4 hour session..
Thanks Bruddah

 Scott Allen on his 8-10  SUP
 Jesse Cadman in front of the camera, floating above the lip on my 8-10 WP
 Glen backside carve on the 8-10 WP
 Billy Hughes slotted 
 John Tolly looking for a cheater 5 as Jamie Maples about to throw one off the lip
 John T squeaking in there..
JT taking a'' curtain call''

Monday, September 17, 2012

fun little Nadine Swell rolling thru....

The second day of a long long period swell from Hurricane / TS Nadine . ....3 ft at 14 sec makes for some waist high waves.. even if there is some lithe onshore winds.. 
... the paddle cam  point of view....

 Scott and I on our Starboard 8-10 Wide Points ,..Brushed Carbon 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sean Poynter Current # 1 Stand Up World Tour.

The world's #1 Stand Up Paddle Surfer, Sean Poynter, talks about how he reached his goal. At age 23, Sean has already reached the pinnacle of his career by using specific self-help techniques. And, in this interview, he shares them with you, along with how he handled a major setback to his career to arrive at where he is today. Interviewed by Stan Cottle/CCOM, Inc.; surfing footage courtesy Waterman League, LLC. Sean rides Starboards with FCS fins.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trident Performance Web Site

Starboard and Trident Sports used some of my go pro pics taken in St. Augustine last weeks Leslie Swell.. I was on the 8-10 WP BC model 
If your looking for some Great Stand Up Boards for all your needs check out the Stand Up Paddle boards on the website and see all the Starboard Models..

My 15 seconds of fame..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 Memory

God Bless America and to those who Protect it and to those who Serve..
In Memory  of all 9-11 victims and their families

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 Sec shot sequence of a fun Florida left ...

Fun surf still down here in Fla. Here is a fun left.. A 5 pic sequence, shot every 2 seconds one of the many  lefts .  
Sleeping good at night  suffering from Polynesian Paralysis ......

Friday, September 7, 2012

Morning at St Augustine Glassy and Perfect

What a great morning ..  3-4 ft glassy waves. Surfed a spot called Mary's st. access ramp. 100 yard long lefts. Sets broke way outside and peeled trru the inside. Met Cooper Neil and surfed with him yesterday and today..  The 8-10 Wide Point BC was a magic sled..  I put smaller side bites and woke up the board.. Loved it..Pole Cam with the GoPro   .... 

 Here is 'Coop' on one of the sets ....

View from the car park ... Waves still breaking after 12:30  pm

Thursday, September 6, 2012

St. Augustine Birthday Waves....

I know it maybe selfish to be in St. Augustine catching some really clean 3-4 ft waves but celebrating   my Birthday surfing is a must and annual tradition in my life... I do miss my friends and wish they were with me..  but they are always in my heart. ..MISSED YOU GUYS... The waves were super clean and when the sets came in, being on the stand up allowed me to catch the walls way outside and carve and S turn all the way thru the inside watching the wave set up for a speed runs and turned on the lip.... 

 I had seen a Shrimp Boat passing bye so I had to get a pic of that behind me.. . Again another tradition on my birthday doing Stand Up.. I have pics of me SUP'n on waves with a Shrimp Trawler in the background..  the last  five years.

 It takes a special person  to walk on water... 

8:30 am as tide starts filling in. PERFECT..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Few more from Today,, TS Leslie

Shots taken by Margret Hiedel..  . She was on the beach with her husband, John who was also paddling at Burke's Beach..Here a few from her camera....

Throwing one up on the roof..
 John on a nice left
 Speed Blurrrrrrr...
 Rebound of the close out..

Fun Waist high Surf, w/ the Paddle Cam

Today we had some smaller sets from TS Leslie . Seemed smaller today but less wind. Long wait between the few sets.. I clamped the GoPro on the paddle and snagged a few waves. A different perspective than the nose of the board. Was a lot easier to manipulate the camera as waves came in.  
Down to Floride for a few days. Hitting St.Augustine for a day or so then Surf Expo to see the Starboard/ SUPreme line. See y'all later . Have fun with the waves here I'll be down there surfing' it up 

 I remember this on, I buried the outside rail and ate it.. too..

 Dragging the camera along the back of the wave  

8-10 WP Brushed Carbon , Worked good , Still have the tweak the fin set up some..