Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun little. Sat Surf.

We had a 2-3 ft wind wave develop yesterday and today the wind dropped off letting us have fun cleaner SUP waves. The sun was out, water 74*f , standing above the water line was summer like, especially for Oct 30th,.. Jamie, Giuseppe, Brooke,13 year old Will Urban and i had fun in the sun paddling.

Jamie in the speed pocket
A shoulder cutback

Seppe and Will
Giuseppe on one of his many waves13 year old Will Urban on my 9-6 PSH . This is the second time he's paddle surfed. Need to get him a SUP.
Waist high fun wave , Seppe
Will U. SUP glide..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

H2O Sports Experienced SUP's for sale..

H2O Sports Paddleboarding will selling off some of their used ''EXPERIENCED '' Stand Up Paddleboards that were used for the last six months of lessons. Great prices for these easy to learn and stand on paddleboards.,If you've been wanting a Paddleboard and don't want to spend a thousand plus dollars here is your chance to get into the sport inexpensively. Call H2O Sports 843-671-4386 or email for more info. First come first serve.
Yolo Original... 12 feet Long 31 1/2" Wide 4 3/4" Thick 30 lbs.Individually hand shaped, the Original Yolo was designed for all conditions. Constructed using high quality foam and epoxy, it’s just as at home at your favorite surf break as it is cruising a glassy lake or river. A very forgiving board to be enjoyed by novices as well as experienced riders. Includes 10" fin, traction pad, center carry handle well, front bungee system, Purple bottom
Entry Level 11’0’’ x 32’’This compact, balanced design suits either lightweights or heavier beginners with a genuine surfing rocker line and flat deck with volume out on the rail for stability. The low entry gets you into waves early for true surfing sensations off the tail. The rails are soft up front and sharp in the tail for smooth and powerful riding helped by pronounced V and a pintail for back-foot carving. Comes in High Resistance Skin (HRS) with Softdeck.
Used not perfect but have several more seasons of paddling adventure left..

SoFlo Paddle Board
Roto-molded constructed of hi-tech co-polymer materials making it extremely durable.
Designed with both front and rear rockers to improve maneuverability.
A large 7′ pad provides grip and comfort.
The 11" Curtis Hesselgrave designed Urethane fin (included) is unbreakable and removable.
Unique through hole handle allows you to lock up your board with a cable.
11′ long, 32" wide, 39 pounds
We have 5 of these entry level boards. (Yellow, Teal, Blue and two Army Camo colors )
$375.00 each

We also have experienced adjustable paddles for sale too. aluminium shaft and heavy duty high impact plastic blade'
$ 50.00 each


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sharing the passion of Paddling

We had some small 2-3 ft waves with some choppy conditions. Tim, Scott, Jerri W and I paddled as Everrett Gauthier took some shots before the tide came up. Then I took out Everett, the photographer, to experience paddleboarding. He got right up and really enjoyed paddleboarding and now I think he's hooked. So much so he wants to add a fishing pole to hook up fish now.
Great job Everett...

Early moring waves

Tim Santani

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon Paddle Point Comfort Creek

Shane Gould from Fuel
Karen SunsetTwilight mood at sunset
Karen at the Moon Rise over Point Comfort Creek
Moon Rise in the Low Country

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Paddler/Rippers.

Various clips paddling and playing around in tiny to small waves on the prototype Chambers Hull Paddler/Rippers. One board, many uses... So much fun!

Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Paddler/Rippers. One board = Big fun! from SUPA Minah Kine Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mid October ocean paddle..

Beautiful Sunday in mid October, Still feels like summer. Love it
Jebby Lesch

Megan, Kelly , Kristen

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday fun Surf w/ Friends

I made the semi finals of the SUP up in Charleston event scheduled for today.However I decided to stay here and not drive five hours and enjoy the fun surf with my friends. Below are some frame grabs of video shot . Jesse , Scott Giuseppe , Brooke and I sharing waves on the stand ups while good friends rode on their longboards and waveskis. What a great day..

Seppe on the 9-3 Sub Vector

Scott Backside
Jesse on my PSH
Up on the roof
Back on the Sub V

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Joe Hiller event, IOP in Charleston

Today I had the experience of my first paddle surfing competition up in Isle of Palms
in Charleston. The Joe Hiller Longboard and SUP event. I met some great folks, great competitors and the SSCESA put on an awesome showing. Arriving early, I was greeted with waist to head high surf for the event during high tide..
Unfortunately the Stand Up heats were run late in the event at LOW TIDE. : ( ...Its a shame paddle surfing is still looked upon as a secondary or afterthought event. So I was subject to paddle in the less than knee high non contestable waves.
Overall great learning experience...
....From lovin' it ....

ride and glide, Low Country , Low tide blues...

Thanks the support and pics Tim...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today's am session, ''The Jesse show.''..

Took some video of Jesse in the cool brisk early morning fun waves. He's got the break and his Sub Vector wired. I wish we had better lighting but as you all know, early morning Eastcoast photos always suffer from some sort of back lighting issue.. Enjoy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BBBrrrrrrr morning,, but fun..

Was a very cool 60' f air temp with water in the upper 70's .. We still have a little swell with waves in the thigh / waist high range. Perfect for Stand Up.. It was a killer sunrise with the low clouds refracting colors and the suns rays being redirected by those same clouds. Jesse sacrificed some ride time to snap a few pics, MA HALO Jesse..

My favorite shot,... Thanks Bro

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun little Sunday waves'.....

What a great Sunday afternoon. Left over little waves for SUP, dolphins jumping in the lineup, family on the beach, offshore winds. It all came together for a wonderful day... Jesse , Perry Giuseppe , John T, Will Urban and myself sharing some little peaks at Singleton Beach

Jesse in my face...

John and Kaya ''PEACE''

Seppe on his MANA

Perry on a nice little left hook..
Seppe on my PSH
1-2 shot of his gouging tail slide.. Jesse

Wil Urban . Should see him do stand up too...

John T, Nose ride glide..