Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Florida SUP friend, Tod Mehling In Hawaii Video

Tod Mehling and his wife headed over to Hawaii last week to pic up and try some of the PSH Stand Ups during their little getaway vacation. Shown here with the 9'-6'' big boy ripper and demo'd the 9'-6'' big boy all rounder. Applying his mosaic pattern deck pad which took 4 hours. Haven't received the full report on the two boards but here is a little video to share with you all of Tod riding the boards over in Hawaii...

Tod w/ the 9-6 BB ripper Tod during his 4 hour mosaic deck pad application.

Monday, October 27, 2008

SUP pics thru Tim's Nikon shutter

Here are a few more shots Tim took of the fun little surf we had. I'm on a fun little right in the pocket ready to lay down a turn. Little takeoffs on the Stand Up's ''clean and green''
(In our case brown)
Again today the surf was fun and was plenty swell left. Jami Scott and I all over it..
Tim is a great photographer, even better friend and needs to download his million photos to a ''Smug Mug'' type photo service so he can reap the rewards of his efforts and passion. His shots are top notch and need to be seen and shared.

I'll go see him for lunch today and beat it in his brain.. Mahalo Tim.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tim Neil's shots of the am Session

Tim Neil was on the beach this morning and took a few shot of us on the SUP's. Here are some of the results when Tim looks through the lens.. Photographer at heart sharing his gift.....
Go see him at ''Beach Break Grill" for some great lunch grinds and an atmosphere full of ALOHA and STOKE... Mahalo Tim..

John Tolly ''Pelican Glide'' on the Kalama
Will on the borrowed Kalama and catching his first waves on the SUP..
Jamie floating over the lip on his Bonga..

Glen on the 10-3 PSH setting up for the ''down the line assault..''
"Low Country Beauty" Glen, shrimp boat, waves and sunny weather.
Jamie in the pocket w/ his re-designed C4 paddle

Sunrise SUP Session

Woke up to some fun knee to thigh high waves that were left over generated by the Nor' Easter earlier in the week. The wind was light offshore which made for some real pretty waves. The usual crew was in the water. Jamie, John , Ricky , Jordan, Wil all share waves as they peeled along the shoreline. Jamie , John Jessica and I were having a blast on our SUP's. Thanks to Karen L. for taking the shots this cold morning. Tim showed up taking photo's too. Will post them later.. Going for a mid-day Ocean paddle along the beach to the outer Islands...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Info on Shoulder impact while Paddling a SUP, By; CPT Nikki Gregg

Last year, the first summer SUPing w/ a paddle thats too long.. This year a proper sized paddle and free from shoulder pain.
Wanted to share with you all some info about the shoulders and their impact while paddling. When I started Stand Up over 18 months ago, I had some issues w/ my shoulders. I guess I improved my paddling technique and equipment and became stronger. Here is the 411 on shoulders.. 1st part in a series of future articles
By CPT Nikki Gregg , Thanks to Nate at ..

If you’ve been stand up paddling long enough, I’m willing to bet that your shoulders have felt sore at least once or twice and maybe even kept you out of the water for a few days to recover. Whether it’s a past injury that nags you, the wrong size paddle, bad technique, or a combination of each, it eventually sends you to the medicine cabinet (or the liquor cabinet) for some pain relief after a long session. The next few articles are designed to equip you with knowledge about your shoulders to help you keep them healthy, injury free, and out on the water paddling!
The shoulder contains three bones and three separate joints. Many muscles act at the shoulder as movers and/or stabilizers. The muscles have several functions depending on the shoulder’s angle during movement. Of special importance is the rotator cuff, which is made up of four muscles and their tendons originating from the scapula. These tendons help hold the “ball in the socket”, are important stabilizers, and help rotate the shoulder (glenohumeral joint).
Injuries to the shoulder occur for many reasons including acute injuries from sudden trauma such as dislocation, separation or fracture. However, the most common injuries tend to be chronic that can develop from the following:'
1. Prolonged raised position of the shoulders. Holding any muscle in one position too long can cause strain.
2. Repetitive movements and overuse.
3 .Doing too much too fast.

Any of these may cause inflammation to the shoulder which occurs when a muscle or tendon is stressed beyond its limit and causes microscopic tears. Inflammation is actually a normal part of the healing process. However, if the muscle or tendon is not given enough time to heal before it’s subjected to the same activity, inflammation can become chronic and cause progressive damage to the tissues.
Activities where you repeatedly raise the arms above the shoulders, such as surfing, swimming, and of course paddling, causes the head of the humerus, or ‘ball’, to slightly rotate up in the shoulder ‘socket’ and narrows the small space between the head of the humerus and the bony projection from the top of the shoulder blade (scapula) called the acromion process. This causes friction between the rotator cuff tendon and the acromion process which can develop into irritation and inflammation, better known as rotator cuff tendinitis or tendonosis.
Also, this movement can pinch the sub-acromial bursa, a sac containing a small amount of lubricating fluid, that lies under the roof of the shoulder and develop into shoulder bursitis. ‘Impingement Syndrome’ occurs when there is inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons and the bursa that surrounds the tendons.
Another cause of angst for your shoulders is a tear of the rotator cuff. More common in people over the age of forty, aging can cause degeneration in the tendons leaving them more susceptible to tearing. Advanced degeneration may lead to a tear during normal everyday activity. Acute tearing, although less common, can happen from lifting a heavy object above shoulder level overloading a tendon causing a tear or a sudden arm movement such as throwing.
If during or after stand up paddling you experience pain in the top outer part of the shoulder, or pain when lifting the arm above your shoulders (that may radiate to the elbow), along with pain while lying on the affected area, you need to address these problems or they will worsen. The next two articles will discuss the importance of strengthening and stretching your shoulders, along with specific exercises and stretches you can do to protect them. Also, you will get a personal trainer’s perspective on how to paddle efficiently with proper technique and posture as well as how to choose proper equipment. In the meantime, contact

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kialoa's Methane Paddle inspired by Blane Chambers

I received the new Kialoa Methane paddle last week and had the opportunity to paddle in the surf a few times and several flat water paddle using the new product. My overall response , I love this paddle. First impression is the smaller blade at 8'' wide . The cross woven/ unidirectional Carbon fiber in the shaft, that's round at the top and gradually tapers to oval at its blade. Its extremely light the paddle is at 23 oz at the 82 inch length, lighter than any paddle I have or tried. In the surf the the smaller light weight paddle works great. Its easy to handle and even with the smaller blade I have lots of power to glide to catch up to the wave. I've laid down and applied a lot of force on the shaft and it responds. The blade's features fit well in the wave while turning. Quick paddle starts are so easy no ''chug chug chug'' feel. Gets up and propels me, fast.. On flat water the light paddle and flex allows me to go for miles. Some of the the larger shafted paddle tend to numb my fingers but this smaller oval shaft I feel no strain. The Methane will be my go to paddle for all conditions.
Here is what Kialoa says about the paddle:
''...Inspired by Blane Chambers, (Paddle Surf Hawaii) this 8'' wide blade is perfect for quick starts and turns associated with maneuvering an SUP board in the surf. The smaller blade is also great in any conditions and beneficial for woman and kids..It Methane features their super strong carbon fiber, oval tapered shaft, a 10- degree of angle at the blade and features a unidirectional Ergo-T handle. Blade is 8'' x 16 1/2'' and the surface area 97 square inches. Kialoa provides a 1 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. . ''
visit or call Meg or Lisa at 541-382-5355

Looking down the shaft at angle and blade's bevel
Carbon fiber shaft
Methane in front of the 8&1/2'' Shaka Pu'u blade
The two, Methane and Pu'u

Friday, October 17, 2008

Karen Lesch Evening Moonrise paddle

Karen and I went for a paddle last night and below is Karen's explanation of the evening;
''As we paddled out of shelter cove harbour to the curious stares of tourists, the sky had streaks of clouds and we knew the sunset would be amazing. A gorgeous evening made better by the beauty of Broad Creek and nature itself. Heading toward Old Oyster Factory, fish were jumping, bait was running, birds flying, water lapping gently on our boards and all the while the sun fading and illuminating the clouds and water. I never cease to be amazed at the simple pleasure of just cruising along the top of the water being immersed in it all. It's a rush like no other!
We came upon the Oyster Factory and once again, tourist's heads turned. "What are you doing?" It was funny to see all the people eating dinner through the windows checking us out.
We came around the bends in the marsh and started to head back to Shelter Cove paddling through the shallow water passing a large muddy bed with herons and egrets hanging out. The sun was setting and making the water look pink.

We passed an older couple in a little boat who were out to watch the moonrise as well. It was getting a little darker now as we paddled west in the creek. Stars were starting to glimmer in the sky as the sun faded. As we paddled I saw car headlights on Marshland Road and marveled at the fact that as we were paddling thru serenity, some people were driving, stressing, thinking about their daily grind. Do they know we are out here? No.

Coming back into the Shelter Cove area, it was dark and a boat chugged by sort of scaring me as it was dark and they too probably did not know we were out there. I knew, however, I was in capable hands.

Waiting for the moon was almost torturous because we knew it would be phenomenal. Finally, we saw a little peek over the horizon of bright, bright orange. As orange as you'd ever seen. It came up fast and was like a big orange ball in the sky. We could see the reflection of it on the water and it was amazing. Harvest Moon.

Glen is right when he says this humbles you. How many times can you say "beauty", but it really takes your breath away.

As we paddled into shelter cove, guess what? Curious stares once again. Try it people! You'll love it as we do''

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Harvest Full Moon Paddle

It was 5:45 pm,I was at work and Jesse left me a message saying; '' lets go for a paddle''. That's all I needed to hear , I was out of there. We only had about 1/2 hour left of daylight but we set off for our 3-4 mile paddle from Shelter Cove Marina and headed toward the upper areas of Broad Creek. Not a breath of wind and the water was a sheet of glass. The bait fish and shrimp breaking the surface and leaving soft gentile wakes with no particular direction. A fisherman's dream ...We paddled up into the channel and headed northeast. The sun was setting in the west illuminating a brilliant orange glow that faded a light blue to a blueish purple hue toward the east. As the sun faded in the west now looking east we can see the a firey orange ball rise from the upper area of the creek. The moon was so huge and bright that you can see the shades of craters detailed on the surface. Looked like a ball of cheddar cheese. Was truly an amazing experience being out on the water with limited light and your hearing senses heightened due to limited vision. Paddling in the dark with low light is a must. One would think that your stability and balance is put to a test. seemed easy and almost too comfortable. Will be a must do in the near future. Thanks Jesse for fueling the stoke and is an honor being a great friend.. Mahalo
Jesse at sunset... Broad Creek

Dusk in the water

Outside the Shelter Cove marina Long after the setting sun
This is what life is all about

Full on darkness with the moon over Jesse's shoulder

Nothing like getting ''Mooned''

Paddling under the cover of darkness

Jesse paddled over to the ''Dark Side..''

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jesse out on the SUP again

Jesse was able to go out and paddle today. 2 &1/2 weeks after breaking his nose and having surgery. He had the splint removed the other day so having had cabin fever for his re-coop time he and I were able to paddle in the back waters of Broad Creek. After surfing the am tide we experienced an awesome late morning cruise and pleasant paddling conditions. Thanks Jesse. Glad your back on the water.

Jesse under the wildlife , was almost pooped' on by the waterfoul. Looked like a flushing toilet when the birds tried to protect their lone tree.
cool sights when paddling in the marsh..
the board's point of view

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nor'easter waves this morning Fun on SUP

This morning we has some waist- chest high waves in North East winds and wave conditions . Kind of tough and challenging doing a solo Stand Up paddle session. Caught many waves but the 2 ft surface chop and 15-20 knot winds made for a tiring session. In the afternoon session the winds blew much stronger. I ended up prone surfing and almost forgot what that was like. Received some sarcastic comments from my fellow surfers. Even in the sloppy, lumpy, dumpy conditions I had fun..

Perry Hartley the newest SUP rider on Hilton Head. He picked up a 10-3 x28 x4.4 Danai model. Will have another enlightened paddler in the line-up soon..

Looking forward to paddle with my good friend Jesse tomorrow. His first outing after breaking his nose and having surgery.. Will be good to get in the water again and share the SUP experience.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bonga SUP at Haleiwa Video

Jamie, I know you have the 10' SUP Bonga model so here is a video of the board in action on some fun Hawaiian waves. The board looks loose on those Hawaiian waves as you are on our waves..

Jamie jammin' on the Bonga Model last week

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coast Guard considers SUP's Vessels

This means when I paddle like this in the creeks, rivers and sounds WE may have to wear a CG approved type 4 PFD vest.. like being on a boat.
1 U.S.C.&3 states that "The word 'vessel' includes every description of watercraft or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on water." Given the answers to the questions above and the definition of the word "Vessel" in the US Code, when utilized beyond the narrow limits of a swimming, surfing, or bathing area, a paddle board is a vessel subject to regulations administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. This was recognized on October 3, 2008



Above is the news flash. What this means is when paddling in a non-surf related/ swimming area a PFD may have to be worn. But in some instances a Big Red Surf rescue paddle board w/ a big white X considered is a PFD.. Who knows what will become of this new ruling and issue. I'm still going to paddle , my board is a PFD and I will wear a leash attached to the PFD for safety now...

This is the SurfZone link to a discussion forum on the subject.