Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Harvest Full Moon Paddle

It was 5:45 pm,I was at work and Jesse left me a message saying; '' lets go for a paddle''. That's all I needed to hear , I was out of there. We only had about 1/2 hour left of daylight but we set off for our 3-4 mile paddle from Shelter Cove Marina and headed toward the upper areas of Broad Creek. Not a breath of wind and the water was a sheet of glass. The bait fish and shrimp breaking the surface and leaving soft gentile wakes with no particular direction. A fisherman's dream ...We paddled up into the channel and headed northeast. The sun was setting in the west illuminating a brilliant orange glow that faded a light blue to a blueish purple hue toward the east. As the sun faded in the west now looking east we can see the a firey orange ball rise from the upper area of the creek. The moon was so huge and bright that you can see the shades of craters detailed on the surface. Looked like a ball of cheddar cheese. Was truly an amazing experience being out on the water with limited light and your hearing senses heightened due to limited vision. Paddling in the dark with low light is a must. One would think that your stability and balance is put to a test. seemed easy and almost too comfortable. Will be a must do in the near future. Thanks Jesse for fueling the stoke and is an honor being a great friend.. Mahalo
Jesse at sunset... Broad Creek

Dusk in the water

Outside the Shelter Cove marina Long after the setting sun
This is what life is all about

Full on darkness with the moon over Jesse's shoulder

Nothing like getting ''Mooned''

Paddling under the cover of darkness

Jesse paddled over to the ''Dark Side..''

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