Friday, October 17, 2008

Karen Lesch Evening Moonrise paddle

Karen and I went for a paddle last night and below is Karen's explanation of the evening;
''As we paddled out of shelter cove harbour to the curious stares of tourists, the sky had streaks of clouds and we knew the sunset would be amazing. A gorgeous evening made better by the beauty of Broad Creek and nature itself. Heading toward Old Oyster Factory, fish were jumping, bait was running, birds flying, water lapping gently on our boards and all the while the sun fading and illuminating the clouds and water. I never cease to be amazed at the simple pleasure of just cruising along the top of the water being immersed in it all. It's a rush like no other!
We came upon the Oyster Factory and once again, tourist's heads turned. "What are you doing?" It was funny to see all the people eating dinner through the windows checking us out.
We came around the bends in the marsh and started to head back to Shelter Cove paddling through the shallow water passing a large muddy bed with herons and egrets hanging out. The sun was setting and making the water look pink.

We passed an older couple in a little boat who were out to watch the moonrise as well. It was getting a little darker now as we paddled west in the creek. Stars were starting to glimmer in the sky as the sun faded. As we paddled I saw car headlights on Marshland Road and marveled at the fact that as we were paddling thru serenity, some people were driving, stressing, thinking about their daily grind. Do they know we are out here? No.

Coming back into the Shelter Cove area, it was dark and a boat chugged by sort of scaring me as it was dark and they too probably did not know we were out there. I knew, however, I was in capable hands.

Waiting for the moon was almost torturous because we knew it would be phenomenal. Finally, we saw a little peek over the horizon of bright, bright orange. As orange as you'd ever seen. It came up fast and was like a big orange ball in the sky. We could see the reflection of it on the water and it was amazing. Harvest Moon.

Glen is right when he says this humbles you. How many times can you say "beauty", but it really takes your breath away.

As we paddled into shelter cove, guess what? Curious stares once again. Try it people! You'll love it as we do''

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