Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kialoa's Methane Paddle inspired by Blane Chambers

I received the new Kialoa Methane paddle last week and had the opportunity to paddle in the surf a few times and several flat water paddle using the new product. My overall response , I love this paddle. First impression is the smaller blade at 8'' wide . The cross woven/ unidirectional Carbon fiber in the shaft, that's round at the top and gradually tapers to oval at its blade. Its extremely light the paddle is at 23 oz at the 82 inch length, lighter than any paddle I have or tried. In the surf the the smaller light weight paddle works great. Its easy to handle and even with the smaller blade I have lots of power to glide to catch up to the wave. I've laid down and applied a lot of force on the shaft and it responds. The blade's features fit well in the wave while turning. Quick paddle starts are so easy no ''chug chug chug'' feel. Gets up and propels me, fast.. On flat water the light paddle and flex allows me to go for miles. Some of the the larger shafted paddle tend to numb my fingers but this smaller oval shaft I feel no strain. The Methane will be my go to paddle for all conditions.
Here is what Kialoa says about the paddle:
''...Inspired by Blane Chambers, (Paddle Surf Hawaii) this 8'' wide blade is perfect for quick starts and turns associated with maneuvering an SUP board in the surf. The smaller blade is also great in any conditions and beneficial for woman and kids..It Methane features their super strong carbon fiber, oval tapered shaft, a 10- degree of angle at the blade and features a unidirectional Ergo-T handle. Blade is 8'' x 16 1/2'' and the surface area 97 square inches. Kialoa provides a 1 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. . ''
visit or call Meg or Lisa at 541-382-5355

Looking down the shaft at angle and blade's bevel
Carbon fiber shaft
Methane in front of the 8&1/2'' Shaka Pu'u blade
The two, Methane and Pu'u

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