Sunday, April 29, 2012

Splashed two new Starboards today..

Heather, Karen and I went for a paddle mid Sunday  morning in Broad Creek out to Brams Point and over to Buck Island. Seen several Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and lots of sea life. Calm water light winds. Perfect for a paddle. Karen and I splashed two new Starboard SUP's  The Avanti and Big Easy AST white models.. Great float and easy glide to cruise around the Low Country..  
Heather and Karen
 Starboard point of view
 Karen and I ...
 Heather more Happy than ever.. 

 Glen's girls and Dolphin

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hunting Island with the Boy'z

We scored so fun waves today .  We loaded up the Tundra with all types of wave riding vehicles and trippin' we went. Waves were between waist high to head high during our 5-6 hour session. in the water little after 7 am and exited the water just after 1 pm.. Pat Burrell, Greg Richie, Jesse and I with RuRu, BA. Capt. Don and Perry met us there . Great day. Then we still had waves rolling thru tonight too in the thigh waist high .. 

 Jesse off the Lip on the 8-10
 Perry on his PSH
 Pat  on a nice right
 Greg Slotted 
 Walls all around me

A couple shots of the SUP session today with Jesse and I 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here is our wave maker this weekend the Low Spinning way off shore . Looks like Sat/ Sun waves. Visible loop link below..
I'm down in Florida with the HPH Hospice, Janet Ware and Leslie Taylor accepted our donation, ( $1835.00 ) the other half of the money raised from the Paddle for a Purpose , Paddle Social event this past April 1st. Thank you all for your generous Gifts and
I was told that every 1 thousand dollars donated supports and comforts a family and their patient for a week... ..Love you Mom..

Monday, April 16, 2012

SUP NOOSA Jason Bergstrom

Fellow SUP'er Jason Bergstrom Stand Up Paddle Surfing Noosa. Here is his comments for his experience ... Sounds like he's stoked.. Thanks for the vid..
'' I went 1st point and 2nd point. i like boiling point it sooo fun boiling point is 2nd point. the 3rd point is pretty crowed and it wind there but boiling point no wind at all and very smooth''

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paddle docking ..

Here is a shot of me doing lessons and the American Star Cruise lines docks off of Harbour Town
Looks like I'm directing the capt. where to drop anchor...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Starboard Coast Runner paddling

Karen and I She's on the Whopper and I on the Coast Runner
Logo shots , Starboard and Kialoa..
6 miler today..
Cruising around
Getting use to the Coast Runner

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Handed funds to Hospice.

Today, Hospice received the funds raised from my Paddle for a Purpose event..
Truly Humbled that it was so successful and we had a great turn out in our small paddle/surf community.. Thank you to all of you..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

View Pics from the Paddle For a Purpose event John Brackett Photography

Photo from Roddy's camera..

Click on the site above and use the password " aps '' in the private gallery to log on.. Click on the two views , On the water, or Scott's, to view all the shots John Brackett took of the event.. They are a view only but you can email him for a copy.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Some pics from yesterday's'' Paddle for a Purpose''..

What an amazing day. The ''Paddle for a Purpose'' event raised $ 3800 thats all being donated to Hospice of the Low Country and HPH Hospice in Hudson Fla. Over 70 paddlers were able to get out on the water and share their passion with many new comers to the sport. Lots of thanks goes to my Dad for his tireless support, encouragement and faith in me & my brothers and I am very lucky and proud to have such awesome parents I can emulate.. Darline from Hospice and her staff for their support and allowing me make this event possible.. H2O Sports and Outside Hilton Head making paddle boarding possible on Hilton Head.. To all the businesses who donated prizes and gifts for auction and raffle. I thank you.. Everyone who took time out of their life and showed support and donating for the Purpose.. The Biggest thanks and many MAHALOs got the Scott Allen and his great staff for allowing me to host the event at Scott's Fish Market.. He made it all possible.. Thanks Scott.
Here are some pics from yesterday.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paddle Event today.. Paddle for Purpose

Good Morning everyone. Event Forecast today.. Mostly Fun,''Perfect for Paddling'' with a chance of getting wet, while gliding across the water... Cooler in the evening with food & drink mixed with a few prizes surrounded by OHANA ..(our paddling family) ALL Benefiting Hospice
Paddle for a Purpose link

All are welcome Please stop by The Boat ramp next to the oyster factory on marshland road.
3-5:30 pm Then over to Scott's Fish Market at Shelter cove for some raffles, auction and food/drink 630 till 8:30 .. See you there