Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The More Things Change with Gerry Lopez

 Wanted to share with you all mt all-time favorite Surfer Gerry Lopez 

Thanks to Magicseaweed for the link 

Gerry Lopez surfed Uluwatu in 1974 when the lineup was as clear as the water and the Santosha living lulled many surfers into never wanting to leave. Those were the days...
Regular Bukit pilgrims will confirm that you can tell everything about how Bali has changed from looking at the development around Uluwatu and Padang. And returning after 40 years for a yoga retreat, how would Gerry respond to this bustling reality? 
The More Things Change, follows Lopez as he teaches yoga while rediscovering a region close to his heart. The vibe's always positive with Gerry and although the place has evolved dramatically, the people, waves and culture, that resonated with him in the first place, are all still there.
To celebrate the release of The More Things Change Patagonia have released a 100% recycled boardshort inspired by the camouflage patterns Gerry used to paint on his surfbaords at G-Land to reduce the searing glare of the Indonesian sun.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Few waves this playoff weekend

We received a long period swell in the 2 ft range and it coincided with warm temps, Not bad for January surf just needing booties, Fun with Buds.

Worse part was making the decision of which board to ride. 
Starboard 7-8 Hyper Nut or the 9-0 Pro