Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sat sesh' at the POLES

Stopped off in Jax to catch a few waves at the Poles.  Stomach high plus in clan conditions. Was a good 4/5 hour session thru the tide change.  Some of the moments from the nose point of view.

Cool  effect of the water warping around the lens as you 
paddle back out for another wave . 

Friday, April 17, 2015

….perfect peelers yesterday….

Looked liked the crew was having a blast on the fun clean waves yesterday. 
Thanks to Sheryl for sharing the pics 

Jamie SUP'in around

Jesse doing tube time….I'm sure he shot pics too

Yea he did…Multi tasking 

Sean D in the slot

Jesse ..Sick lip bash 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jess Leedy, ..Extreme SUP Surfing 2

SAN DIEGO, California - Last summer we showed you a video of a stand up paddle surfer who blew our minds with the talent he showed in his video 'Extreme SUP Surfing.' This surfer has just released a sequel to this video titled 'Extreme SUP Surfing 2!' Take a look into the extreme SUP Surfing world of SUP Surfer, Jess Leedy.
Jess Leedy is definitely one who is pushing progressive SUP surfing to the next level. Riding an Infinity SUP andWerner Paddles, the footage includes sick barrels and wild wipeouts which nearly left Jess Leedy paralyzed due to a severe neck injury he sustained back in December after he hit bottom head first! Enjoy the video!