Friday, January 30, 2009

Tom English's ''Waves Of Abundance'' DVD

I just received a copy of fellow ''ZONER''Tommy English's DVD " Waves Of Abundance". What a great Aloha Surf Movie. The Sound Track has great music to match the surfing footage. There is plenty of Stand Up Paddle Surfing along with long boarding in both large and small surf. A segment of Rob Machado and Skip Frye doing what they do best. Leleo Kinimaka ripping up on the SUP making a statement. Even Tom E. is shown getting his fair share of waves. The California surfers are riding many types surfing vehicles and enjoying what life has to offer. Its about the Abundance of thought to have fun, live life which gives a person's mindset to be successful providing their own wealth and happiness.

Here is a trailer from Tom's site . Get a DVD,I know you'll like it.
I watched it twice back to back the same night..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ikaika Kalama and Friends.. SUP.. Winter 2009

Cool footage to share with you all...

Fun little loner session today..

Small fun little glassy,knee high waves at Palmetto Dunes. Rainy, misty, foggy just like a few days ago. A little solo session. Thanks to an early beach walker who took a few shots of me and emailing me. Ride and glide.. I took a few wave shots when I got out..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun little session this morning Foggy fun

Jamie, Jesse and I had fun Stand Up session in the left over NE wind swell. The foggy windless morning glassed off the unexpected knee-thigh weak waves. Its always great to share the a session with your friends. The fog lifted and rolled in several times. at one point the visibility was less than 50-60 yards. Here a a few pics. Tough conditions to shoot. The lens kept getting glazed over from the fog..




Jesse ''Ghost Rider'' thick fog

My Brothers Birthday Today

If you have been following 'Atlantic Paddle Surfing' know my brother just returned ''last Fri'' from Iraq after a year of fighting for our freedom. Just in time for his 42 nd trip around the Sun. He is home celebrating his Birthday today with his wife Andrea and family, Mom and Dad. I will be making a visit to Orlando Fl. in a week or two to hang with our Hero, a brother, a son, a husband,a friend and soldier Keith....We are proud of you......I will be packing the Stand Ups so Keith , my other brother Jason and I can head over to the beach and have a Brothers paddle session or two. The three of us together again. Its been in over two years, too long...That will be the highlight of February for me. See you guys soon.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

A pair of Quads comming to Hilton Head

Well Jamie and I decided to obtain a pair of C4 Sub Vectors. After my demo last week and the 1 hour enlightening session on the Sub Vector, I need to add one to the quiver. The board was so loose and stable that it was made for the larger paddle surfer. That session in Fl. reminded me of my 80's and 90's thruster days. Nice to revisit the past .. Due in next week. Jamie and I are stoked..
Here are some pic of the board from DW 's site and Todd Bradley's video of the Sub Vector..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jamie's first paddle MAPLE STICKS

Jamie created his first paddle and finished it last week. He paddled out with it the other day and used it for the entire session. The paddle worked well but I did notice it had way more flex than the fiberglass paddles and was kind of heavy. Hey its his first paddle. I think it looked great and was very functional.
Jamie's account of the paddle's production.
You have to begin... somewhere. I used #1 pine 1x4 material for the shaft and poplar for the blades. The handle is laid up with walnut. There is allot of shaping to do and lessons to be learned. Lesson #1 DO NOT USE PINE FOR SHAFT, IT LIKES TO CHANGE SHAPE. Paddle #2 will have a basswood shaft with some dark hardwood accents on the blade. I'm going to glass the blades about 6" up the shaft and heavily varnish the shaft and handle. So far it feels heavy so its grind, grind, grind till the thing lightens up. I did some shaping over the New Year holiday. Used a hand plane to round the shaft and a big round pad grinder with 80 grit resin disc for the blade shaping. The blade is still too thick but I'm liking the shape. I need to get to a vice for final shaping. Overall I'm pleased, I think it will be a practical paddle although it will probably be heavy due to the thickness of the shaft. I'm scared to take any more wood off because i want the paddle to last more than one session.

His ''Maple Sticks'' logo

First stages of the paddle. Glue up lumber

The blade in rough form
Sanded paddle taking shape
The blade and shaft sanded
Glue up 'T' handle with finger grooves

Oval sanded shaft with the paddle needing more shaping..
Back of the blade sanded

T handle

Shaped,Glassed and ready for use..

Jamie says' My first paddle worked now I'll pick better wood for #2

Monday, January 19, 2009

4 day Florida trip.

Tim Neil and I headed down to Central Florida for the Surf Expo to catch a few wave and get off the rock for a couple of days. Arrived on Friday afternoon with a small knee/thigh high swell . Paddle surfed in Cape Canaveral behind the jetties hiding from the NE winds where the huge Cruise ships depart. Met Bill Eberwein, a Surfboard Craftsman at ''Hawaiian Salt Surfboards'' to talk about new Stand Up designs he's starting to shape.
Sat we headed to the expo in Orlando. I visited with several Paddle and Stand Up companies. Todd,Dave and Chuck at C4, Meg and Dave at Kialoa, Dan and Mette at Warner paddles, Ricky Carroll at his booth,Ron House and Lopez shapes, Naish shapes and some smaller manufacturers . Was a quit show but great to see. Headed back for an afternoon session in Cocoa Beach ... That night we watched a Titan missile launch from the beach . Sunday we headed to Indianlantic Beach to meet the C4 gang for their Demo. Paddled the new C4 Sub Vector. What a great little Ferrari of Stand Up boards. Plenty of float and so loose. Rode it as a Quad and was unbelievably fast with great flow and control. That 2 hour session on that board could cost me a thousand plus $ .. See below below for slide show of the C4 demo.. Here are just some pics of the some 200 pic Tim shot on this trip..
Tim Neil took all the great shots. Visit his site at
The transition walk to SUP heaven.

Small SUP waves at the Cape.. Friday...
Knee high and always fun Cape Paddle Surf
A larger set came thru a few times..

Saturday at Cocoa beach in front of the hotel.. Little bit larger and less NE wind..
On boardwalk,thru the sea oats, over the sand to the waves that's where I'll be,,
A fun mushy left late on Saturday
Re direct to the inside
Dropping in on the fun NE wind Swell

Ignition some 10 miles away at the Kennedy Space Center.
The Rocket Up Up and away..

Sunday morning Sub Vector C4 demo. What a board..
Glen and the Sub Vector .. a new toy Maybe?..
Tim Neil: Surfing since the 60's, a Dad, Family man, Photographer, Restaurant owner and a great friend, Stoked on Life..

On the C4's 9'-3'' SubVector Demo with Dave and Todd, Indianlantic Beach ,Fl.

Teaser from Yesterday in Fla.

Here I am on the new C4 9'-3'' SUB Vector at the C4 Demo day in Indianlantic Beach.
The board was great, Floated me , its pretty stable, was loose and I was able to go way on the shoulder and still maintain speed thru the turn. Backside it just accelerated of the bottom turn and headed high on the wave gaining so much speed due to its Quad fin set up. Loved this new board. Will have more pics later.. Even better, I was able to trade waves withC4's Todd Bradley and Dave Parmenter. Here is the teaser.. Mahalo Glen .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Headed to the Surf Expo In Orlando & SUP Central Fla.

Well its that time of year again to make the trip down to the Surf Expo to see all the new surf related goodies. This year, as like last year will be looking at the new Stand Up Paddle boards on the market. See some of the new items out this year and looking forward to the new C4's SUB Vector DW is all raving about. We will see if any other companies jump on board with a SUP line.

Talk to some friends and check out the Surf Culture vibe. Will also head over the the coast for a few sessions. Looks like a Sat/ Sun wave in the forecast. Rumor has it C4 will be doing a demo or two somewhere. Always fun to get off the Island and surf a different break. Tim Neil and I will head out early, me with my SUP's and Tim armed with his Nikon. We will bring a few boards and hope we score some surf. Looking forward to meeting Bill Eberwein from Hawaiian Salt Surfboard Company

Bill has started shaping Stand Ups and want to discuss designs,shapes and my thoughts on SUP.

See on Monday with some pics and story.. Mahalo Glen

Surf Expo, The Convention Center in Orlando

Bill E. at his craft..

Last year's trip. SUP scored some really fun waves.

A high line on the 10'-10'' SOS Blue

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surprise waist high fun today...

We had a strong NE winds15-20 knots that blew all yesterday afternoon and over night with buoy's reading up to 7.2 feet with ENE swell readings.. Then at 5 am the winds went NW cleaning up the surf . A small local wind swell developed and I was greeted with clean waist high waves at first light. I was so amped to see fun surf and having my girlfriend Karen's old Christmas Tree I was disposing of , in the back of the truck I just had to share the gift of waves with two of my best friends. I made a call to get their ARSSES" here saying ""it was waist high and perfect for the Stand Ups"". I got in the water within minutes. In about 20 min and several long rides later, I was joined by Jamie and Jesse. We shared a super fun Stand Up session. Long lefts to the Folly and rippable right hand waves. Some sets were that came thru were chest high, easy..The air temp was 45'F , water 51*f but its always summer on the inside..
We paddled and exchanged waves for about two hours till the tide started dropping. I got out and took these pics of my Bro's, Jamie and Jesse.
Here is a quote from Jamie and what had to say about today...
'''Jessie, Glen and me immersed ourselves in God's ocean this morning, cleaning our hearts and renewing our spirits. After ripping one of the lined up waves I heard Glen shout: TUEESSDAAAAY! A call to God no doubt with thanksgiving. And what a Tuesday it will be with clean hearts and renewed spirits. Praise God...'''
Amen, Jamie..

Jamie and Jesse waiting for the one... of many

Jamie on the nose of the Bonga
Jesse gaining speed for the Folly
Jesse on the perfect little left
Jamie milking the inside
Jesse on the reverse leaner 'left
Jamie, Toes on the nose SUP way..
Jesse heading for the Folly again.. 100 yard ride

Jesse redirect

My Bro's
Jamie about to jam a turn...
Mind you these pics of Jamie and Jesse were taken on the dropping tide and all with-in 15 minutes of each other..