Thursday, January 15, 2009

Headed to the Surf Expo In Orlando & SUP Central Fla.

Well its that time of year again to make the trip down to the Surf Expo to see all the new surf related goodies. This year, as like last year will be looking at the new Stand Up Paddle boards on the market. See some of the new items out this year and looking forward to the new C4's SUB Vector DW is all raving about. We will see if any other companies jump on board with a SUP line.

Talk to some friends and check out the Surf Culture vibe. Will also head over the the coast for a few sessions. Looks like a Sat/ Sun wave in the forecast. Rumor has it C4 will be doing a demo or two somewhere. Always fun to get off the Island and surf a different break. Tim Neil and I will head out early, me with my SUP's and Tim armed with his Nikon. We will bring a few boards and hope we score some surf. Looking forward to meeting Bill Eberwein from Hawaiian Salt Surfboard Company

Bill has started shaping Stand Ups and want to discuss designs,shapes and my thoughts on SUP.

See on Monday with some pics and story.. Mahalo Glen

Surf Expo, The Convention Center in Orlando

Bill E. at his craft..

Last year's trip. SUP scored some really fun waves.

A high line on the 10'-10'' SOS Blue

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