Friday, January 30, 2009

Tom English's ''Waves Of Abundance'' DVD

I just received a copy of fellow ''ZONER''Tommy English's DVD " Waves Of Abundance". What a great Aloha Surf Movie. The Sound Track has great music to match the surfing footage. There is plenty of Stand Up Paddle Surfing along with long boarding in both large and small surf. A segment of Rob Machado and Skip Frye doing what they do best. Leleo Kinimaka ripping up on the SUP making a statement. Even Tom E. is shown getting his fair share of waves. The California surfers are riding many types surfing vehicles and enjoying what life has to offer. Its about the Abundance of thought to have fun, live life which gives a person's mindset to be successful providing their own wealth and happiness.

Here is a trailer from Tom's site . Get a DVD,I know you'll like it.
I watched it twice back to back the same night..

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