Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy ''HOLLOW' ween

There was some fun cleaner waves today as the NNE wind layed down an little to allow for smoother faces. Waves in the waist to shoulder. ( SFB ) Looks like a little bit of waves for next few day but get on it during the earlier part of incoming tide. Bottom sand has moved around developing a deep trough of making the waves not to break at full tide...

Yea, I know WETSUITS....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tower Beach SUP session today

Strong NE winds with 3-4 ft of swell so we headed to the toe of the Island at Tower Beach where it faces SSW and winds offshore. Heather, Jesse and I catch some fun thigh waist high CLEAN waves. Smaller, yes, than all the east facing beaches but a lot more manageable on the SUP. Below are some pics from this morning session..


Jesse walking back , Hightide erosion at South Beach..

Backside glide with Daufuskie in the background
Small little wedge
Power tail turn

Heather is all squishy head'n out..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paddle Social at Shelter Cove

We had a group of 20 or so paddlers show up for the SUP Social. Slowly growing. I know there are 30-40 more paddlers on the Island and Bluffton that paddle regularly that I know by name plus my hardcore SUP Surf Buds. Yes, life's commitments, work and family, ect, that prevents them from attending but we will get ya out there sometime.. .. its all about sharing our passion of Stand Up or Paddleboarding. We may have to do another paddle social on a Sunday(Nov) so more can show up. In early Dec we will show the movie ''ThatFirst Glide '' will keep you posted

The SUP Crew yesterday

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stand Up World Tour in Brasil

Video Teaser from Australia ...

Since we have no to small waves here is a little teaser for ya... looks SUP'er fun..


SUP Social Friday, Oct 28.. for the 2nd SUP Social! ...5-7 pm We'll be meeting at Outside Hilton Head check-in desk in Shelter Cove Marina, next to the Ship's Store and Ela's Grille (you can follow signs for both once you come in the entrance). We'll conclude the evening with food and drink at one of the great eateries on the marina. You're welcome to bring your own board and we'll also have several boards available. This event is FREE!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chris Bartee of ''Windswept Custom Paddles''

Meet Chris Bartee, designs custom wooden paddles. for Canoe SUP and OC .I've been testing one giving feed back on my thoughts allowing Chris to design paddles for a variety of applications Here is a brief, BIO and links to his site. Check it out..

Chris Bartee, the owner and craftsman of Windswept Custom Paddle, beautiful and unique wooden SUP paddles. I am a California native and a life-long surfer. When I came to live in Richmond Hill, GA the abundance of beautiful waterways helped push me further into Stand Up Paddling. I have been an avid woodworker for many years so it seemed natural to build myself a paddle, then another, and another... I had so much fun and they were so beautiful I continued to craft paddles and try to help spread the joy of Stand Up Paddling. A Wood paddle has its own life and story, it feels more natural on the water, and provides greater feedback to the paddler, especially on the many exciting flat-water playgrounds around the low-country. Try one yourself and find out why wood is so good!

The Paddles are generally constructed with mixtures of Aspen, Cedar, Paulownia, and Poplar; then finished with multiple coats of an "environmentally friendly" bio-resin epoxy. Handles are available as molded, round-over handles, or T-grip style handles. Blade sizes average 16.5" x 8"-8.5" or can be crafted to your preferred dimensions if desired. Shaft lengths are available in many sizes between 75" - 83" and can also be made to specific lengths upon request. Many variations of wood patterns are available within three general categories: Straight Stripes, Feather Patterns, and Angled Stripe patterns.
Paddles prices run between $235-$255, depending on wood blends and patterns, or custom orders are $265 (unless exotic woods, or highly detailed patterns are requested). or FB me if interested, check out the site too..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sea Pines Paddle from Calibogue Cay to Lawton Stables

Seppe and I went for a real Low Country paddle early this morning. Paddled way up the creek into Lawton Stables in Sea Pines. Moss covered oak trees overhung the narrow creek. Cool little peace of solitude. We went from open Sound to marsh creeks and narrow passages into the dense Low Country.. Awsome Sunday paddle..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waist high, clean SUP'er fun..

What a fun morning Paddling in the waist high waves. We had witnesses 4 to 5 different weather elements. Early was drizzle with lightning offshore, then heavy cloudiness moved in with the dense fog. Then the sun started burning thru the fog lighting up the low cloud layer. Just then the fog moved out as winds went west and blue sky looking like summer. Great morning share waves Ohana style..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tower Beach Beach Club session this morning

With the NNE winds this morning and large NE wind wave fetch we headed to the south end of the island. Tower Beach was fun with the chest high wedges. Then over to the Beach Club for the dropping tide. Waves 3 hours after tide.

Tower Beach with Daufuskie in the background

Beach Club floater, Jesse

Waist high at mid- dropping tide..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fuel Presents Lost Atlas Movie Premier on Hilton Head

When......Sunday, October 16 · 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Where................Park Plaza Cinema

This is the best Surf Film this year, all the hype, all the sickest surfers .Come pick up your ticket at the Fuel Ride Shop starting Monday the 10th for only $5.00, it will be $7.00 at the event. Show up early, because the first 25 people get something free.

Film Starts at 7:00 pm Sharp. Get your picture taken at the premier to be posted on the Ride shop page and wait there is more, there will also be a free raffle for more stuff after the movie too.

Trailer video clip

Friday, October 7, 2011

Downwinder with the Ohana

Seppe and I went for a long downwinder from Old Oyster Factory to Harbour Town 7-8 miles maybe. Has NE winds and out going tide so the trip was easy. Paddled the new 14 ft Ohana Boardworks model. Seemed stable and fast but we had current and wind with us. Great first voyage. Seppe and I switched board mid paddle to compair the two boards.

Seppe's race board nose

Looking fit Sep'

Sep on the Ohana

feels good

Mid paddle view

Damn big board

pretty light too.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hernando Beach to the Gulf of Mexico

Went for a paddle on the west coast of Florida in Hernando Beach. Many canals with beach homes and boat docks heading toward the Gulf of Mexico. Seen a home decorated with Halloween decor and had a skeleton looking over the the canal. Watched a shrimp boat run a ground and seen 4-5 airboats buzz me. . A different world than what I usually see. Good to get on the water and go for a cruise in clear water seeing the bottom and its ecosystem