Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharing the Sub Vectors and SUP'ing w/ Friends today...

We finally had some sort of waves today after the long dry spell. Had onshore flow that produced a choppy 2-4 ft mushy waves. Jamie and I paddled out with the sub vee's and John T, RuRu ,BA, Scott, Chris H. and Pat B exchanged the fun little waves. John hopped on the SV and loved the board. Whats not to like.. Chris and Pat surfed longboard and Scott, RuRu and BA catching waves on their stand ups. I played around with fin set ups again under the Sub Vector. 2+1 seems best in small waves but I did manage to catch a few pockets of power and the Quads 400's and 350's worked well.. Fun, Fun, Fun always..

JT on the SV
Ru Ru gliding bye...
JT on a speed run

Jamie laying down the rail on the Sub Vee

Scott A on a left
Glen Quad'ing it..

Scott A. w/ new paddle and always smiling

Chris Hughes on a left
Pat B. one of his many waves
Jamie Post re-entry floater on the Sub Vee

Hawaiian published ''Standup Paddle Mag''

I just received my copy of the first Hawaiian published Stand Up Paddle Mag,
Volume 1 number 1. by Reid Inouye from paddle core fitness. This first mag is an all Hawaiian issue covering the popularity of our sport. Printed on the same lines of the Hawaiian surf Mag. ''Water". The mag covers tips, places to paddle, a profile on Ikaiak Kalama and Iggy Harold, killer gallery of pics fitness tips and a pretty cool equipment guide. Pretty good mag and I'm sure it will grow with every issue. Now there are two US. Stand Up publications along with the 3-4 overseas SUP mags now.. All with in 2-3 years ...
For a subscription email,

Friday, February 27, 2009

Burks Beach happenings Friday morning 2/27/2009

A New 9'-8'' Sub Veactor ?

I saw this on the C4 Waterman site and wanted to share with you all..
''Photographer Dana Edmunds was at Makaha the other day shooting an ad for Maui Jims and saw this guy stand up paddle surfing on a C4 board. He said, "The guy was just ripping." Turns out it was team rider Greg Pavao on the prototype 9-8 Subvector. Yes, it's Dave Parmenter's now infamous 9-3... up-sized for bigger guys looking for a high performance short board. The prototype 9-8 Greg was riding was a poly custom by Dave, but in a few months the 9-8 Subvector with Boardworks T.E.C. (Therman Epoxy Compression) construction, like the majority of C4's you see in the water, will be available.''

I do remember when I was demoing the 9-3 Sub Vee in Fl. last month that Dave and Todd mentioned a couple of larger Sub Vectors were in the early stages of R & D.. Dave mentioned a 9'-8'' and a bit larger but thinner as length gets longer. I wonder what the dimensions are on this prototype. The problem with this great sport is there is too much ''CANDY'' out there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jamie's redo mosaic deck pad on the Bonga

Jamie stripped the old deck pad off of the Bonga, cleaned it up and re applied all my pad scraps I had to create a killer design on the board. I'm sure it took him 3-4 hours and a lot of elbow grease to strip the old pad off. The letter 'E ' is where you would stand and the foot placement on the outer pads will keep you in off the rail. Great job. This is one of the better, if not, best mosaic deck pad pattern I've seen. Mahalo Jamie. Lets get'R wet...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sub Vector Flat water Paddling.

I was pretty amazed at the fact that the C4 Sub Vector was a good board to flat water paddle. While hanging with my brother this past weekend we paddled in the river system and he used a SOS Big Red and I paddled the Sub Vee'. The board had great float and was pretty stable and comfortable to paddle 3-4 miles each day. At 9'-3'' and just under 29'' wide it was way more than functional on the water. The first day I paddled the 2+1 fin set up was under the board. I was surfing the small waves earlier and feel the 400's sides and 6.5 center keeps the board loose in those small waves.. The next day I put the quads in 400's and 350's . The board tracked better with the quad than the 2+1 fins. I would not use the board for racing or super long distance paddling, but for a leisurely paddle the board works great. Yawed straighter with the quads and planed well in the 2 hour paddle. I was able to surf the board in waist high waves in St. Augustine with the quad fin set up ,(400/350's) That helped control the speed and provides bite in the faster steeper waves. Still loose but controlled the turns and projected the down the line drive..Conclusion; 2+1 in small waves and Quad in the larger faster waves. That what I experienced this past weekend..

Flat water paddling the two days with the 2+1 and Quad fin set ups.

the Sub Vee' looks small but it works..

Some fun little warm weather waves to glide and ride. A few waves were thigh high range and I was able to pump down the line and do some turns. Whats nice is the Sub Vector can catch these small waves easy..

Little lip hit . Did a some photo editing in ''old B&W format''

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Spoof on Hitlers Pre-con Surf Trip

This is a little funny spoof of a classic take-off on Hitler's ruined surf trip from Australia's Surfing life. Has a reference to Stand Up paddlers...Thanks to Perry Hartley sending me the link.. Enjoy...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jesse on the Sub Vector, First ride.

Jesse on My Sub Vector

I was out on my SubVector in the knee/thigh surf. Jesse paddled out on his longboard to catch a few waves. It was real tough to paddle in the mid tide and heavy West offshore winds at 20-25 knots. I got many rides on the Sub Vee and I'm starting to get the board wired. I decided to share the stoke and let Jesse try the board.Here are some pics of today and Jesse's little video. His first wave on the Sub Vector. I'll bet he will get one too. Stoked lad..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sub Vector? Hype or for Real

Wanted to share this article from Nate Burgoyne from his SUPSURF Mag site on posting an article on the the new SUB,
''The Sub Vector by C4'' , hype or for real.

I know of four to five SUP owners who have the SV and really like the board. I think the board performs great in our east coast waves. It has characteristics of stability, maneuverability small length and lightweight to combine a great board for the larger rider like myself. The SubVee's unique shape allows the rider to experience a new loose skate feel with control and responsiveness.

Nate's Article

According to Dave Parmenter this is “probably the most advanced high performance short SUP on the market.” He says, “It’s a very fast board. You want to be real careful there. Put away all the crockery and glassware because sonic booms do tend to break those things.” And according to Dave, “This is the board to connect your short board surfing into the stand up surfing.” Well, the other day I ran into Liam Wilmott up on the North Shore, and lo and behold he had a Sub-Vector in the truck. Fast forward about 20 minutes and I was giving it a couple test runs in surf that was about head high to see if the Sub-Vector hype is real or just a bunch of hot air.

When I first stepped on the board, I said to Liam, “I feel like I’m standing on a skateboard.” Having spent most of my high school days sidewalk surfing, it was a good feeling. Although it wasn’t as stable as I thought it would be, the average stand up paddle should have no problem balancing the board. It paddled easily and wave entry was smooth and controlled. On the wave, for me, the board responded quick and snappy. I’d shift my back foot, put it on rail, and, “Zoomp,” the board turned. After I making my first turn, I remember thinking, “That was easy. Where do I want to go next? I have so much wave left.” I never had the chance to really get the board racing down the line full speed, nor were there any bombs coming through that day, but on average waves, it was great. One final note: Probably the characteristic that stuck out to me most about the board was how controlled the board was coming off the whitewater. When a wave closes out, you have two choices 1) hit the whitewater for one final hit or 2) straighten out. Well, with the Sub-Vector you can hit the foam with confidence and know the board is going to stay under your feet. While I didn’t have extensive time on the board, my initial impression is. . . “believe the hype.”
Click here for more on the C4 Waterman 9'3" Sub-Vector. Thanks Nate for the article

Tom Carroll Stand Up slide show on a 9'-3'' PSH Ripper

Tom Carroll is one of my favorite surfers. The ''Bali High'' video at 17 years old to ASP Champ twice and top five for nine years, to the late take off at The Pipe Masters against Derek Ho, to a charging Stand Up Paddle Surfer today. In 1978 he immediately took a liking to the large powerful surf. Armed with heaps of raw courage, athleticism, and a stocky, muscular frame, Carroll redefined the parameters of radical surfing at Pipeline,Sunset Beach and waves around the world. He has no peers when it comes to critically late takeoffs on giant waves, and his North Shore performances remain the benchmark by which all others are measured.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Art and & Comics

I just wanted to share some Stand Up Paddle art and comics that have appeared around the global web. Thanks to all the artists who have created their impressions and shared their thoughts of Stand Up Paddle Surfing with us.. Mahalo ...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sub Vector Double Fisting.

Finishing up my session today and Jamie was down the beach taking pics and video.( see below post) so I carried his board up to the path too. The handle inserts make carrying the boards a little easier. I just wish the inserts were in the right spot so the board would be balanced. At 21 lbs they are really light boards so its pretty easy. Was a fun morning and I witnessed Jamie get a waist high left and just throw his Sub Vee' off the top getting 3/4's of the board over the lip and rebounding to the foam ball.. He paddled back out with a huge grin from ear to ear..
That's what its all about having fun !

Glen Baroncinni on the Sub Vee..vid by Jamie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally we have waves for the new Sub Vectors SUP w/ Friends

Today we received a little gift of small knee thigh waves after the wind blew hard onshore last night. Jamie Scott, RuRu, BA, and I had fun on the little clean surf. Jamie and I were all over the Sub Vectors . Even in the little waves the board work great, have float, wave catch ability and are very maneuverable. I feel these board have the same stability and float as boards a foot longer. Today was a tester for waves to come. These boards will elevate our Stand Up performance to another notch or two.. Looking forward to the Quads and see how they will work.. Here are some pics of today.. Great session with awesome friends even though we were missing a few in the water. We caught waves for you guys . The true locals were in the water with us. I must of seen several dozen Dolphins swimming and cruising about. Thaought of you Karen..'' Your AMAKUA'' .. .

Jamie on the Sunlight Sub Vector
Glen projecting off a bottom turn SV style

Scott Allen inside glide and his paddling is improving with every stroke
BA Weaver catching a few..on Big Red
RuRu Weaver on his Oxbow 10'
Jamie on a 'Glide Bye' shooting the inside.
Glen Sub Vee knee high left

Jamie On SV and Scott on JL SUP

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Paddle length for me..@ 78"

Yesterday I shortened my paddles to the recommended length. I had my paddles at almost 13''- 14'' inches . My first paddle was 84'' and used that for almost a year. Then I went to an 82'' length paddle which was still too long. Yesterday I cut them down and now I have them at 78'' . This really felt good and with the new paddle technique from Todd and Dave at C4, I feel a lot better and more efficient paddling . I went for a paddle this late afternoon and the new length, applied the new tips and I feel great. No strain on my shoulders and I was not reaching over my head and the board was planing instead of plowing. Karen also experienced some shoulder strain and soreness after paddles and again she was using my paddles so I also cut a paddle down for her too.

To shorten the shafts, I heated up the shafts near the T handle and I was able to twist off the handle as the epoxy broke free. I was able to clean up and sand the old epoxy from the T grip. I cut the shaft to correct length, prepped the area for the epoxy and re-applied the handle. Let it set overnight and I'm ready to go. I did this to all three of my paddles. Most Manufactures have their own size charts but the general rule would be 7-9 inches above your head. A little sorter for surfing due to your knees are constantly bent while riding waves.
Correct Length rule;
For Surf Paddling add 7''- 8” to your height to determine the correct paddle length.
For Touring/Cruising add up to10” to your height to determine the correct paddle length. Generally, stand up paddles are 7'' to 8" taller than your height. So if you are 6' select a 79"/80''. If you are 5'10 go with a 77"/78'' paddle as I did.
I think we solved the shoulder strain and we both will have more water time and longer distance paddles with out soreness. Will be a great upcomming season.

Look how tall the paddle is... Shot this past summer

Karen was also reaching over her head with the longer paddles.Now with the shorter paddle