Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Paddle length for me..@ 78"

Yesterday I shortened my paddles to the recommended length. I had my paddles at almost 13''- 14'' inches . My first paddle was 84'' and used that for almost a year. Then I went to an 82'' length paddle which was still too long. Yesterday I cut them down and now I have them at 78'' . This really felt good and with the new paddle technique from Todd and Dave at C4, I feel a lot better and more efficient paddling . I went for a paddle this late afternoon and the new length, applied the new tips and I feel great. No strain on my shoulders and I was not reaching over my head and the board was planing instead of plowing. Karen also experienced some shoulder strain and soreness after paddles and again she was using my paddles so I also cut a paddle down for her too.

To shorten the shafts, I heated up the shafts near the T handle and I was able to twist off the handle as the epoxy broke free. I was able to clean up and sand the old epoxy from the T grip. I cut the shaft to correct length, prepped the area for the epoxy and re-applied the handle. Let it set overnight and I'm ready to go. I did this to all three of my paddles. Most Manufactures have their own size charts but the general rule would be 7-9 inches above your head. A little sorter for surfing due to your knees are constantly bent while riding waves.
Correct Length rule;
For Surf Paddling add 7''- 8” to your height to determine the correct paddle length.
For Touring/Cruising add up to10” to your height to determine the correct paddle length. Generally, stand up paddles are 7'' to 8" taller than your height. So if you are 6' select a 79"/80''. If you are 5'10 go with a 77"/78'' paddle as I did.
I think we solved the shoulder strain and we both will have more water time and longer distance paddles with out soreness. Will be a great upcomming season.

Look how tall the paddle is... Shot this past summer

Karen was also reaching over her head with the longer paddles.Now with the shorter paddle

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