Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally we have waves for the new Sub Vectors SUP w/ Friends

Today we received a little gift of small knee thigh waves after the wind blew hard onshore last night. Jamie Scott, RuRu, BA, and I had fun on the little clean surf. Jamie and I were all over the Sub Vectors . Even in the little waves the board work great, have float, wave catch ability and are very maneuverable. I feel these board have the same stability and float as boards a foot longer. Today was a tester for waves to come. These boards will elevate our Stand Up performance to another notch or two.. Looking forward to the Quads and see how they will work.. Here are some pics of today.. Great session with awesome friends even though we were missing a few in the water. We caught waves for you guys . The true locals were in the water with us. I must of seen several dozen Dolphins swimming and cruising about. Thaought of you Karen..'' Your AMAKUA'' .. .

Jamie on the Sunlight Sub Vector
Glen projecting off a bottom turn SV style

Scott Allen inside glide and his paddling is improving with every stroke
BA Weaver catching a few..on Big Red
RuRu Weaver on his Oxbow 10'
Jamie on a 'Glide Bye' shooting the inside.
Glen Sub Vee knee high left

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