Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paddled the Sub Vector on the ocean this morning

Went for a early sunrise paddle this morning. I wanted to get the Sub Vector in the ocean. The buoys were showing a little wave and I was ''wishing'' it would be good enough for the Stand Up. It was really just shin to below knee high but real clean. I paddled anyway. The SV caught some little waves. A ride and glide type of day.. One I was able to bottom turn and feel the thrust from the board but nowhere to go setting up for the little little line.. I struggled a lot to catch the waves as the little humps rolled underneath me. I was joined by a pod of dolphins and two of the larger ones were catching waves. Their large tails would paddle so fast and would propel them thru the cresting waves. Turn around and do it again. One glided right passed the nose of my board. I guess they showed me what the real locals can do paddling into these waves. I was humbled to say the least.

The board reacted OK. Float, turning stability etc.. All good..The fins that were sent with the board are not worth using. Will have to tell Boardworks.. QUADS should of been sent. These small fins make the board 'yaw' when paddling. Like the board and need a real wave and new fins on order. Took some pics of the waves and dolphins but they were too fast for my camera.

What it really looked like...
Paddled on the inside

Great sunrise .. Life is good..
Up close peeler, remember its only ankle knee in size., looks great though
Nice little left I can picture Jamie and Jesse in the slot...

Me and my Sub Vee'

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