Friday, February 27, 2009

A New 9'-8'' Sub Veactor ?

I saw this on the C4 Waterman site and wanted to share with you all..
''Photographer Dana Edmunds was at Makaha the other day shooting an ad for Maui Jims and saw this guy stand up paddle surfing on a C4 board. He said, "The guy was just ripping." Turns out it was team rider Greg Pavao on the prototype 9-8 Subvector. Yes, it's Dave Parmenter's now infamous 9-3... up-sized for bigger guys looking for a high performance short board. The prototype 9-8 Greg was riding was a poly custom by Dave, but in a few months the 9-8 Subvector with Boardworks T.E.C. (Therman Epoxy Compression) construction, like the majority of C4's you see in the water, will be available.''

I do remember when I was demoing the 9-3 Sub Vee in Fl. last month that Dave and Todd mentioned a couple of larger Sub Vectors were in the early stages of R & D.. Dave mentioned a 9'-8'' and a bit larger but thinner as length gets longer. I wonder what the dimensions are on this prototype. The problem with this great sport is there is too much ''CANDY'' out there.

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