Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sam's First time Paddle Surfing

9 year old Sam Lesch experienced Paddle Surfing for the first time today. Showing interest after seeing paddle surfing, he made his mind up and today was the day to go for it.. We went to S. Forest Beach at low tide and slight offshore winds which made for calm flat conditions. Perfect for the fist voyage. With some basic instruction and safety concerns Sam was on the board and up paddling with in minutes. We headed offshore about 1/4 mile and paddled back and forth. We experienced a school of Dolphins twice. The first encounter they swam toward us and submerged under the boards . I felt the swish below us as one scooted bye.We were with in 6-8 feet of several surfacing dolphins. One swam so close and rolled on its side and checked out Sam. The look on Sam's face after encountering that moment of interaction with that one Sea mammal was priceless. Looked like they communicated for that one brief instant. I'm sure Sam was touched as was I. Was and honor to have paddled with Sam and I hope he will want to paddle again.

Thanks to Sam's Mom and Dad for trusting me with their son.

Some pics and video of Sam's first paddle

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Did a Paddle Surfing Demo for the Travel Channel

Yesterday I was invited to participate in a segment for the Travel Channel about Stand Up Paddle Surfing or Paddle Boarding on Hilton Head. ''A top five water adventures to do on Hilton Head'' Something like that. .I met with a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Hilton Head and the film crew of two to demo and share my passion of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. The host of the Travel Channel Chris Keener ( ) and camera woman filmed and shot video of the what's, whys and how's of Stand Up Paddle Surfing here on Hilton Head. We shot the video at Palmetto Bay Marina. After the 2 hour filming we all hopped on a boards and paddled for and hour to experience the love of the sport.. I told the camera woman in order to film and edit the shoot you will need to experience what Stand Up is all about. This will aid you while editing the shoot having Stand Up experience. Not only was she hooked, the host Chris was stoked too. I know they will be back for some more Paddle adventures. I hope I represented the sport of Paddle Surfing and Hilton Head Island well and looking forward to seeing the final segment. Will keep you posted ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fishing for Cobia F&B tournament

Tim and I fished with Tim's brother Rob and friend Lenny on Sean Broaddas boat
''Hungry Eyes'' The F& B tournament and 60 plus boats entered. We anchored in the rips and caught a lot of 2-3 ft sharks. When the tide shifted we headed offshore to clean water and sight cast for the elusive Cobia. At the 2 PR buoy we started to see Cobia and was able to snag a 25-30 pound 'er. Seen several more but the bite for us was slow. The winner of the tournament caught a 92 lb Cobia on a offshore reef which is a SC. state record. A Huge fish. Here are the pics of our trip. I may not have been on the water paddling but was on the water cleansing the mind and soul.. Enjoy and Mahalo to Tim and Sean
92 lbs fish larger than the girls in the background, Anna and Ella Brackett

baiting ,waiting for the bite

Tim after the Cobia hit the deck of the Hungry Eyes
Cobia in the deep blue
The Cobia, a torpedo looking fish
gaff the catch
One of many sharks, catch and release of course.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day weekend fun

This weekend was fun with waves in the am and pm high tide. The tail end of the Easterly blow last week kept the local swell with the lighter winds made for fun waves. Memorial day waves. The water warmed up and now we're back to the summer pattern. Here are a few pics from Sunday am session. Thanks to Tim Neil for getting up early to shoot some of the action. Have the F&B fishing tournament on Tuesday. Will be on the boat fishing with Tim and Sean. .

Little left wall ,
Jamie on a flatwater carve.Jesse on a Longboard
Jamie looking down the line..
Glen on a wedge ledge.
Cooper on a fun right in the trow-back 60's colored shorts..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, again big and Lumpy/ Dumpy

The 5th day of onshore winds due to the Low off of Fla. Gulf. We have 15-20 knot East winds generating sloppy lumpy surf. Watched a few paddle out to surf. The Urban boys , Pat Mills , Mike Powers (got a full on tube in a chunky right) and a few others battle the winds, slop and surf. All caught a few but had to work for it. Friday looks like a repeat of today.. All Waiting for the clean up session.
Lower tide and small
Two hours later with tide filled in. MESSY
Here is a story of a Georgia Stand Up Paddle boarder encounters an Alligator in the surf zone..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday's fun Waves on Hilton Head..

Jesse, Scott and I surfed South Forest Beach. Entered the water at low tide with still stomach high waves 3-4 hours later the tide filled in and so did the size of the surf. The winds increased and open ocean water flooded our beaches. We had fun drops and great lefts and short punchy rights. No shots but I tool a few before we went in and as I left the beach. Took a shoot of Jesse on a body board drop knee on an inside wave. I scored a lot of waves on the Sub Vector and was getting better waves today than yesterday. Great to be out with friends sharing waves.
Low tide at waist high , we're in
Same spot with a filled in high tide and stormy looking.
Still looks fun but choppy-windy out there

Jesse drop knee in the jumbled chop..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stormy Monday

Today we had a North Easterly fetch develop last night and the waves increased to stomach chest high. The side shore current ripping down the beach in the 15-20 knot winds. The choppy conditions made it tough to Stand Up. I know the little video does not show the 2-3 ft chop in the 3-4 ft wind swell. I went out at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront hoping the wind was a little sheltered than Burke's but it was getting stormy as the day progressed. With the heavy winds and 57* F temps I had to put on a fullsuit. Water was toast but air was cold. I tried to talk Jamie into the water but he had to work. He took the shots today standing in the rain and sideways wind. I was able to get a few big drops and down the line on a few but the waves were all jumbled and the chop was difficult added with the strong winds made it challenging to paddle. Was soooo' stoked to get waves but man did have to work for it..

Yesterday a few of us were chased out of the water by lighting on two occasions. The second time a flash bolt landed just up the beach 1000 yards maybe... I was on a little right handed wave when I saw the flash and heard crackle BOOM! instantly. I was Out of there. Nothing like a Fried Paddler on a stick..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kainoa McGee Takes on Pipeline

Here is some cool footage of Kainoa McGee Stand Up Paddling at Pipe.

Kainoa McGee is no stranger to Pipeline. He has conquered it on everything from a bodyboard to a surfboard. Now he is taking it up a notch by surfing it on a stand up paddle board. The Paddle Project was on hand for this insane sequence of Kainoa McGee bodyboarding then stand up surfing Pipeline. Shot and Edited by Soul Surf Media ( for The Paddle Project (

Kainoa McGee Takes on Pipeline: The Paddle Project from Soul Surf Media on Vimeo.

Local Note, This is why we're getting a small 3 ft swell the last few days . A big middle Atlantic Low east of Bermuda spinning away

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie

Had the honor to spend the day fishing with Jamie Maples. Not only was it a great day but it was his Birthday and his friend Rex and I spent they day looking for Cobia in Port Royal Sound. We spent 10-11 hours, two tidal swings and experienced a cool front pass bye with shifting winds from WNW to NE stirring up the waters. We had an amazing day watching bait and sea life all around us but the elusive Cobia did not like the several baits we had. We caught several sharks , Spanish and a huge 100-150 lb ray. The Ray had to be 6/7 feet across the wingspan.
Even though we did not catch a Cobia hanging with Jamie on his Birthday was a great gift.
If I'm sharing waves paddle surfing or fishing (two of Jamie's passions) its a learning experience to watch a great waterman do his thing.
Thanks Jamie for all life's lessons.
Happy Birthday Bruddah

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day......

To all the Mom's out there Happy Mother's Day. A very Special shout out to my Mom; Marjorie Barroncini, Sister n law Debra, Karen Lesch and all my friends who are Moms that have touched my life and to my friend's Moms. A mother's day quote dedicated to you...

''Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and Love has guided me and gave me wings to fly..'' We love you.....

Here is a video of the last two days. Fun little waves for all of us to enjoy...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Scott Allen and I SUP sunrise fun.....

Scott Allen and I paddled in some weak knee - thigh high fun clean waves. Not much wind ,pretty sunrise and with only 3-4 of us out made for a mellow vibe. Lots of dolphin in the water ,bait snapping around and I'm sure the " men in the grey suits'' are below. Took some vid pics that came out alright..Still learning. Great to get on the water with the long work week behind and ahead of me. Great to get water in the gills. I felt like a fish out of water flopping around on a boat deck ..When I work for 10/12- 14 hours a day for a few days, I go nuts and get grumpy . I need balance in my day; some work and some water ... Harmony .......This morning a great gift to receive and share.... Mahalo

Monday, May 4, 2009

Broad Creek paddle with Russ Tillman & his JL 12-6

Today I paddled with Russ Tillman who just purchased a Jimmy Lewis Distance 12'-6'' model. We met at the Oyster Factory and paddled just shy of Broad Creek Marina, a 4-5 mile paddle.. Was a great paddle early in the morning. We witnessed many dolphins and water life, birds turtles and bait fish, during our paddle.. We watched a set /pod of dolphins breach feed along the shallows. Pretty amazing to see. Russ paddled the new board and his paddling technique has improved since starting last fall. Met him on an outrigger canoe but now he's hooked on Stand Up Paddle Surfing...

A little Vid of today, Mahalo