Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fishing for Cobia F&B tournament

Tim and I fished with Tim's brother Rob and friend Lenny on Sean Broaddas boat
''Hungry Eyes'' The F& B tournament and 60 plus boats entered. We anchored in the rips and caught a lot of 2-3 ft sharks. When the tide shifted we headed offshore to clean water and sight cast for the elusive Cobia. At the 2 PR buoy we started to see Cobia and was able to snag a 25-30 pound 'er. Seen several more but the bite for us was slow. The winner of the tournament caught a 92 lb Cobia on a offshore reef which is a SC. state record. A Huge fish. Here are the pics of our trip. I may not have been on the water paddling but was on the water cleansing the mind and soul.. Enjoy and Mahalo to Tim and Sean
92 lbs fish larger than the girls in the background, Anna and Ella Brackett

baiting ,waiting for the bite

Tim after the Cobia hit the deck of the Hungry Eyes
Cobia in the deep blue
The Cobia, a torpedo looking fish
gaff the catch
One of many sharks, catch and release of course.

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