Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sam's First time Paddle Surfing

9 year old Sam Lesch experienced Paddle Surfing for the first time today. Showing interest after seeing paddle surfing, he made his mind up and today was the day to go for it.. We went to S. Forest Beach at low tide and slight offshore winds which made for calm flat conditions. Perfect for the fist voyage. With some basic instruction and safety concerns Sam was on the board and up paddling with in minutes. We headed offshore about 1/4 mile and paddled back and forth. We experienced a school of Dolphins twice. The first encounter they swam toward us and submerged under the boards . I felt the swish below us as one scooted bye.We were with in 6-8 feet of several surfacing dolphins. One swam so close and rolled on its side and checked out Sam. The look on Sam's face after encountering that moment of interaction with that one Sea mammal was priceless. Looked like they communicated for that one brief instant. I'm sure Sam was touched as was I. Was and honor to have paddled with Sam and I hope he will want to paddle again.

Thanks to Sam's Mom and Dad for trusting me with their son.

Some pics and video of Sam's first paddle

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