Monday, May 18, 2009

Stormy Monday

Today we had a North Easterly fetch develop last night and the waves increased to stomach chest high. The side shore current ripping down the beach in the 15-20 knot winds. The choppy conditions made it tough to Stand Up. I know the little video does not show the 2-3 ft chop in the 3-4 ft wind swell. I went out at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront hoping the wind was a little sheltered than Burke's but it was getting stormy as the day progressed. With the heavy winds and 57* F temps I had to put on a fullsuit. Water was toast but air was cold. I tried to talk Jamie into the water but he had to work. He took the shots today standing in the rain and sideways wind. I was able to get a few big drops and down the line on a few but the waves were all jumbled and the chop was difficult added with the strong winds made it challenging to paddle. Was soooo' stoked to get waves but man did have to work for it..

Yesterday a few of us were chased out of the water by lighting on two occasions. The second time a flash bolt landed just up the beach 1000 yards maybe... I was on a little right handed wave when I saw the flash and heard crackle BOOM! instantly. I was Out of there. Nothing like a Fried Paddler on a stick..

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